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6983 qowsh koshe a primitive root; to bend; used only as denominative for 3369, to set a trap:--lay a snare.

6984 quwshayahuw koo-shaw-yaw'-hoo from the passive participle of 6983 and 3050; entrapped of Jah; Kushajah, an Israelite:--Kushaiah.
7027 Qiysh keesh from 6983; a bow; Kish, the name of five Israelites:--Kish.
7028 Qiyshown kee-shone' from 6983; winding; Kishon, a river of Palestine:--Kishon, Kison.
7029 Qiyshiy kee-shee' from 6983; bowed; Kishi, an Israelite:--Kishi.
7198 qesheth keh'-sheth from 7185 in the original sense (of 6983) of bending: a bow, for shooting (hence, figuratively, strength) or the iris:--X arch(-er), + arrow, bow((-man, -shot)).