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68 'eben eh'-ben from the root of 1129 through the meaning to build; a stone:--+ carbuncle, + mason, + plummet, (chalk-, hail-, head-, sling-)stone(-ny), (divers) weight(-s).

69 'eben eh'-ben (Aramaic) corresponding to 68:--stone.
70 'oben o'ben from the same as 68; a pair of stones (only dual); a potter's wheel or a midwife's stool (consisting alike of two horizontal disks with a support between):--wheel, stool.
71 'Abanah ab-aw-naw' perhaps feminine of 68; stony; Abanah, a river near Damascus:--Abana. Compare 549.
72 'Eben ha-`ezer eh'-ben haw-e'-zer from 68 and 5828 with the article inserted; stone of the help; Eben-ha-Ezer, a place in Palestine:--Ebenezer.
4482 men mane from an unused root meaning to apportion; a part; hence, a musical chord (as parted into strings):--in (the same) (Psalm 68:23), stringed instrument (Psalm 150:4), whereby (Psalm 45:8 (defective plural)).