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1212 Btsal'el bets-al-ale' probably from 6738 and 410 with a prepositional prefix; in (the) shadow (i.e. protection) of God; Betsalel, the name of two Israelites:--Bezaleel.

6738 tsel tsale from 6751; shade, whether literal or figurative:--defence, shade(-ow).
6741 Tsillah tsil-law' feminine of 6738; Tsillah, an antediluvian woman:--Zillah.
6757 tsalmaveth tsal-maw'-veth from 6738 and 4194; shade of death, i.e. the grave (figuratively, calamity):--shadow of death.
6759 Tsalmunna` tsal-moon-naw' from 6738 and 4513; shade has been denied; Tsalmunna, a Midianite:--Zalmunna.
6766 Tseltsach tsel-tsakh' from 6738 and 6703; clear shade; Tseltsach, a place in Palestine:--Zelzah.
6769 Tsillthay tsil-leth-ah'-ee from the feminine of 6738; shady; Tsillethai, the name of two Israelites:--Zilthai.