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493 'Elna`am el-nah'-am from 410 and 5276; God (is his) delight; Elnaam, an Israelite:--Elnaam.

4516 man`am man-am' from 5276; a delicacy:--dainty.
5273 na`iym naw-eem' from 5276; delightful (objective or subjective, literal or figurative):--pleasant(-ure), sweet.
5276 na`em naw-ame' a primitive root; to be agreeable (literally or figuratively):--pass in beauty, be delight, be pleasant, be sweet.
5277 Na`am nah'-am from 5276; pleasure; Naam, an Israelite:--Naam.
5278 no`am no'-am from 5276; agreeableness, i.e. delight, suitableness, splendor or grace:--beauty, pleasant(-ness).
5282 na`aman nah-am-awn' from 5276; pleasantness (plural as concrete):--pleasant.