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74 'Abner ab-nare' or (fully) nAbiyner {ab-ee-nare'}; from 1 and 5216; father of light (i.e. enlightening); Abner, an Israelite:--Abner.

4501 mnowrah men-o-raw' or mnorah {men-o-raw'}; feminine of 4500 (in the original sense of 5216); a chandelier:--candlestick.
5135 nuwr noor (Aramaic) from an unused root (corresponding to that of 5216) meaning to shine; fire:--fiery, fire.
5214 niyr neer a root probably identical with that of 5216, through the idea of the gleam of a fresh furrow; to till the soil:--break up.
5216 niyr neer or nir {neer}; also neyr {nare}; or ner {nare}; or (feminine) nerah {nay-raw'}; from a primitive root (see 5214; 5135) properly, meaning to glisten; a lamp (i.e. the burner) or light (literally or figuratively):--candle, lamp, light.
5369 Ner nare the same as 5216; lamp; Ner, an Israelite:--Ner.
5374 Neriyah nay-ree-yaw' or Neriyahuw {nay-ree-yaw'-hoo}; from 5216 and 3050; light of Jah; Nerijah, an Israelite:--Neriah.
8574 tannuwr tan-noor' from 5216; a fire-pot:--furnace, oven.