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279 'Achiyam akh-ee-awm' from 251 and 517; brother of the mother (i.e. uncle); Achiam, an Israelite:--Ahiam.

517 'em ame a primitive word; a mother (as the bond of the family); in a wide sense (both literally and figuratively (like 1):--dam, mother, X parting.
520 'ammah am-maw' prolonged from 517; properly, a mother (i.e. unit of measure, or the fore-arm (below the elbow), i.e. a cubit; also a door-base (as a bond of the entrance):--cubit, + hundred (by exchange for 3967), measure, post.
523 'ummah oom-maw' from the same as 517; a collection, i.e. community of persons:--nation, people.
538 'Amam am-awm' from 517; gathering-spot; Amam, a place in Palestine:--Amam.