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4976 mattan mat-tawn' from 5414; a present:--gift, to give, reward.

4977 Mattan mat-tawn' the same as 4976; Mattan, the name of a priest of Baal, and of an Israelite:--Mattan.
4979 mattanah mat-taw-naw' feminine of 4976; a present; specifically (in a good sense), a sacrificial offering, (in a bad sense) a bribe:--gift.
4982 Mattnay mat-ten-ah'ee from 4976; liberal; Mattenai, the name of three Israelites:--Mattenai.
4983 Mattanyah mat-tan-yaw' or Mattanyahuw {mat-tan-yaw'-hoo}; from 4976 and 3050; gift of Jah; Mattanjah, the name of ten Israelites:--Mattaniah.
4991 mattath mat-tawth' feminine of 4976 abbreviated form; a present:--gift.