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3607 kala' kaw-law' a primitive root; to restrict, by act (hold back or in) or word (prohibit):--finish, forbid, keep (back), refrain, restrain, retain, shut up, be stayed, withhold.

3608 kele' keh'-leh from 3607; a prison:--prison. Compare 3610, 3628.
3609 Kil'ab kil-awb' apparently from 3607 and 1; restraint of (his) father; Kilab, an Israelite:--Chileab.
3628 kliy' kel-ee' or kluw1 {kel-oo'}; from 3607 (Compare 3608); a prison:--prison. 1
4356 mikla'ah mik-law-aw' or miklah {mik-law'}; from 3607; a pen (for flocks):--((sheep-))fold. Compare 4357.