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1100 bliya`al bel-e-yah'-al from 1097 and 3276; without profit, worthlessness; by extension, destruction, wickedness (often in connection with 376, 802, 1121, etc.):--Belial, evil, naughty, ungodly (men), wicked.

3132 Yow`e'lah yo-ay-law' perhaps feminine active participle of 3276; furthermore; Joelah, an Israelite:--Joelah.
3276 ya`al yaw-al' a primitive root; properly, to ascend; figuratively, to be valuable (objectively: useful, subjectively: benefited):--X at all, set forward, can do good, (be, have) profit, (able).
3277 ya`el yaw-ale' from 3276; an ibex (as climbing):--wild goat.
3279 Ya`ala' yah-al-aw' or Yaaalah {yah-al-aw'}; the same as 3280 or direct from 3276; Jaala or Jaalah, one of the Nethinim:--Jaala, Jaalah.