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2706 choq khoke from 2710; an enactment; hence, an appointment (of time, space, quantity, labor or usage):--appointed, bound, commandment, convenient, custom, decree(-d), due, law, measure, X necessary, ordinance(- nary), portion, set time, statute, task.

2710 chaqaq khaw-kak' a primitive root; properly, to hack, i.e. engrave (Judges 5:14, to be a scribe simply); by implication, to enact (laws being cut in stone or metal tablets in primitive times) or (gen.) prescribe:--appoint, decree, governor, grave, lawgiver, note, pourtray, print, set.
2711 cheqeq khay'-kek from 2710; an enactment, a resolution:--decree, thought.
2712 Chuqqog Khook-koke' or (fully) Chuwqoq {khoo-koke'}; from 2710; appointed; Chukkok or Chukok, a place in Palestine:--Hukkok, Hukok.