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251 'ach awkh a primitive word; a brother (used in the widest sense of literal relationship and metaphorical affinity or resemblance (like 1)):--another, brother(-ly); kindred, like, other. Compare also the proper names beginning with "Ah-" or "Ahi-".

252 'ach akh (Aramaic) corresponding to 251:--brother.
256 'Ach'ab akh-awb' once (by contraction) oEchab (Jer. 29:22) {ekh- awb'}; from 251 and 1; brother (i.e. friend) of (his) father; Achab, the name of a king of Israel and of a prophet at Babylon:--Ahab.
257 'Achban akh-bawn' from 251 and 995; brother (i.e. possessor) of understanding; Achban, an Israelite:--Ahban.
264 'achavah akh-av-aw' from 251; fraternity:--brotherhood.
265 'Achowach akh-o'-akh by reduplication from 251; brotherly; Achoach, an Israelite:--Ahoah.
267 'Achuwmay akh-oo-mah'-ee perhaps from 251 and 4325; brother (i.e. neighbour) of water; Achumai, an Israelite:--Ahumai.
269 'achowth aw-khoth' irregular feminine of 251; a sister (used very widely (like 250), literally and figuratively):--(an-)other, sister, together.
277 'Achiy akh-ee' from 251; brotherly; Achi, the name of two Israelites:--Ahi.
279 'Achiyam akh-ee-awm' from 251 and 517; brother of the mother (i.e. uncle); Achiam, an Israelite:--Ahiam.
281 'Achiyah akh-ee-yaw or (prolonged) pAchiyahuw {akh-ee-yaw'-hoo}; from 251 and 3050; brother (i.e. worshipper) of Jah; Achijah, the name of nine Israelites:--Ahiah, Ahijah.
282 'Achiyhuwd akh-ee-hood' from 251 and 1935; brother (i.e. possessor) of renown; Achihud, an Israelite:--Ahihud.
283 'Achyow akh-yo' prolonged from 251; brotherly; Achio, the name of three Israelites:--Ahio.
284 'Achiychud akh-ee-khood' from 251 and 2330; brother of a riddle (i.e. mysterious); Achichud, an Israelite:--Ahihud.
285 'Achiytuwb akh-ee-toob' from 251 and 2898; brother of goodness; Achitub, the name of several priests:--Ahitub.
286 'Achiyluwd akh-ee-lood' from 251 and 3205; brother of one born; Achilud, an Israelite:--Ahilud.
287 'Achiymowth akh-ee-moth' from 251 and 4191; brother of death; Achimoth, an Israelite:--Ahimoth.
288 'Achiymelek akh-ee-meh'-lek from 251 and 4428; brother of (the) king; Achimelek, the name of an Israelite and of a Hittite:--Ahimelech.
289 'Achiyman akh-ee-man' or mAchiyman {akh-ee-mawn'}; from 251 and 4480; brother of a portion (i.e. gift); Achiman, the name of an Anakite and of an Israelite:--Ahiman.
290 'Achiyma`ats akh-ee-mah'-ats from 251 and the equivalent of 4619; brother of anger; Achimaats, the name of three Israelites:--Ahimaaz.
291 'Achyan akh-yawn' from 251; brotherly; Achjan, an Israelite:--Ahian.
292 'Achiynadab akh-ee-naw-dawb' from 251 and 5068; brother of liberality; Achinadab, an Israelite:--Ahinadab.
293 'Achiyno`am akh-ee-no'-am from 251 and 5278; brother of pleasantness; Achinoam, the name of two Israelitesses:--Ahinoam.
294 'Achiycamak akh-ee-saw-mawk' from 251 and 5564; brother of support; Achisamak, an Israelite:--Ahisamach.
295 'Achiy`ezer akh-ee-eh'-zer from 251 and 5828; brother of help; Achiezer, the name of two Israelites:--Ahiezer.
296 'Achiyqam akh-ee-kawm' from 251 and 6965; brother of rising (i.e. high); Achikam, an Israelite:--Ahikam.
297 'Achiyram akh-ee-rawm' from 251 and 7311; brother of height (i.e. high); Achiram, an Israelite:--Ahiram.
299 'Achiyra` akh-ee-rah' from 251 and 7451; brother of wrong; Achira, an Israelite:--Ahira.
300 'Achiyshachar akh-ee-shakh'-ar from 251 and 7837; brother of (the) dawn; Achishachar, an Israelite:--Ahishar.
301 'Achiyshar akh-ee-shawr' from 251 and 7891; brother of (the) singer; Achishar, an Israelite:--Ahishar.
302 'Achiythophel akh-ee-tho'-fel from 251 and 8602; brother of folly; Achithophel, an Israelite:--Ahithophel.
315 'Achrach akh-rakh' from 310 and 251; after (his) brother: Achrach, an Israelite:--Aharah.
1121 ben bane from 1129; a son (as a builder of the family name), in the widest sense (of literal and figurative relationship, including grandson, subject, nation, quality or condition, etc., (like 1, 251, etc.)):--+ afflicted, age, (Ahoh-) (Ammon-) (Hachmon-) (Lev-)ite, (anoint-)ed one, appointed to, (+) arrow, (Assyr-) (Babylon-) (Egypt-) (Grec-)ian, one born, bough, branch, breed, + (young) bullock, + (young) calf, X came up in, child, colt, X common, X corn, daughter, X of first, + firstborn, foal, + very fruitful, + postage, X in, + kid, + lamb, (+) man, meet, + mighty, + nephew, old, (+) people, + rebel, + robber, X servant born, X soldier, son, + spark, + steward, + stranger, X surely, them of, + tumultuous one, + valiant(-est), whelp, worthy, young (one), youth.
3098 Yow'ach yo-awkh' from 3068 and 251; Jehovah-brothered; Joach, the name of four Israelites:--Joah.