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2506 cheleq khay'lek from 2505; properly, smoothness (of the tongue); also an allotment:--flattery, inheritance, part, X partake, portion.

2507 Cheleq khay'-lek the same as 2506; portion; Chelek, an Israelite:--Helek.
2513 chelqah khel-kaw' feminine of 2506; properly, smoothness; figuratively, flattery; also an allotment:--field, flattering(-ry), ground, parcel, part, piece of land (ground), plat, portion, slippery place, smooth (thing).
2518 Chilqiyah khil-kee-yaw' or Chilqiyahuw {khil-kee-yaw'-hoo}'from 2506 and 3050; portion of Jah; {Chilhijah, the name of eight Israelites:-- Hillkiah.