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2353 chuwr khoor from 2357; white linen:--white.

2354 Chuwr khoor the same as 2353 or 2352; Chur, the name of four Israelites and one Midianite:--Hur.
2355 chowr khore the same as 2353; white linen:--network. Compare 2715.
2359 Chuwriy khoo-ree' probably from 2353; linen-worker; Churi, an Israelite:--Huri.
2361 Chuwram khoo-rawm' probably from 2353; whiteness, i.e. noble; Churam, the name of an Israelite and two Syrians:--Huram. Compare 2438.
2751 choriy kho-ree' from the same as 2353; white bread:--white.
5991 `Ammiychuwr am-mee-khoor' from 5971 and 2353; people of nobility; Ammichur, a Syrian prince:--Ammihud (from the margin).
8473 tachara' takh-ar-aw' from 2734 in the original sense of 2352 or 2353; a linen corslet (as white or hollow):--habergeon.