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1130 Ben-Hadad ben-had-ad' from 1121 and 1908; son of Hadad; Ben-Hadad, the name of several Syrian kings:--Ben-hadad.

1908 Hadad had-ad' probably of foreign origin (Compare 111); Hadad, the name of an idol, and of several kings of Edom:--Hadad.
1909 Hadad`ezer had-ad-eh'-zer from 1908 and 5828; Hadad (is his) help; Hadadezer, a Syrian king:--Hadadezer. Compare 1928.
1910 Hadadrimmown had-ad-rim-mone' from 1908 and 7417; Hadad-Rimmon, a place in Palestine:--Hadad-rimmon.
1928 Hadar`ezer had-ar-eh'-zer from 1924 and 5828; Hadar (i.e. Hadad, 1908) is his help; Hadarezer (i.e. Hadadezer, 1909), a Syrian king:--Hadarezer.