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1835 Dan dawn from 1777; judge; Dan, one of the sons of Jacob; also the tribe descended from him, and its territory; likewise a place in Palestine colonized by them:--Dan.

1839 Daniy daw-nee' patronymically from 1835; a Danite (often collectively) or descendants (or inhabitants) of Dan:--Danites, of Dan.
1840 Daniye'l daw-nee-yale' in Ezekiel it is: Daniel {daw-nee-ale'}; from 1835 and 410; judge of God; Daniel or Danijel, the name of two Israelites:--Daniel.
1842 Dan Ya`an dawn yah'-an from 1835 and (apparently) 3282; judge of purpose; Dan-Jaan, a place in Palestine:--Dan-jaan.
4265 Machaneh-Dan makh-an-ay'-dawn from 4264 and 1835; camp of Dan; Machaneh-Dan, a place in Palestine:--Mahaneh-dan.