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994 biy bee perhaps from 1158 (in the sense of asking); properly, a request; used only adverbially (always with "my Lord"); Oh that!; with leave, or if it please:--alas, O, oh.

1156 b`a' beh-aw' (Aramaic) or b ah (Aramaic) {beh-aw'}; corresponding to 1158; to seek or ask:--ask, desire, make (petition), pray, request, seek.
1158 ba`ah baw-aw' a primitive root; to gush over, i.e. to swell; (figuratively) to desire earnestly; by implication to ask:--cause, inquire, seek up, swell out.
1164 b`iy beh-ee' from 1158; a prayer:--grave.
1533 Gilboa` ghil-bo'-ah from 1530 and 1158; fountain of ebullition; Gilboa, a mountain of Palestine:--Gilboa.