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173 'Oholiybamah o''-hol-ee-baw-maw' from 168 and 1116; tent of (the) height; Oholibamah, a wife of Esau:--Aholibamah.

1116 bamah bam-maw' from an unused root (meaning to be high); an elevation:--height, high place, wave.
1117 Bamah baw-maw' the same as 1116; Bamah, a place in Palestine:--Bamah. See also 1120.
1120 Bamowth baw-moth' plural of 1116; heights; or (fully) Bamowth Bahal {baw-moth' bah'-al}; from the same and 1168; heights of Baal; Bamoth or Bamoth-Baal, a place East of the Jordan:--Bamoth, Bamoth-baal.
1181 Ba`aley Bamowth bah-al-ay' baw-moth' from the plural of 1168 and the plural of 1116; Baals of (the) heights; Baale-Bamoth, a place East of the Jordan:--lords of the high places.