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417. anemos an'-em-os from the base of 109; wind; (plural) by implication, (the four) quarters (of the earth):--wind.

1093. ge ghay contracted from a primary word; soil; by extension a region, or the solid part or the whole of the terrene globe (including the occupants in each application):--country, earth(-ly), ground, land, world.
1577. ekklesia ek-klay-see'-ah from a compound of 1537 and a derivative of 2564; a calling out, i.e. (concretely) a popular meeting, especially a religious congregation (Jewish synagogue, or Christian community of members on earth or saints in heaven or both):--assembly, church.
1919. epigeios ep-ig'-i-os from 1909 and 1093; worldly (physically or morally):--earthly, in earth, terrestrial.
2709. katachthonios kat-akh-thon'-ee-os from 2596 and chthon (the ground); subterranean, i.e. infernal (belonging to the world of departed spirits):--under the earth.
3584. xeros xay-ros' from the base of 3582 (through the idea of scorching); arid; by implication, shrunken, earth (as opposed to water):--dry land, withered.
3625. oikoumene oy-kou-men'-ay feminine participle present passive of 3611 (as noun, by implication, of 1093); land, i.e. the (terrene part of the) globe; specially, the Roman empire:--earth, world.
3749. ostrakinos os-tra'-kin-os from ostrakon ("oyster") (a tile, i.e. terra cotta); earthen-ware, i.e. clayey; by implication, frail:--of earth, earthen.
4663. skolex sko'-lakes of uncertain derivation; a grub, maggot or earth-worm:--worm.
4750. stoma stom'-a probably strengthened from a presumed derivative of the base of 5114; the mouth (as if a gash in the face); by implication, language (and its relations); figuratively, an opening (in the earth); specially, the front or edge (of a weapon):--edge, face, mouth.
5088. tikto tik'-to a strengthened form of a primary teko tek'-o (which is used only as alternate in certain tenses); to produce (from seed, as a mother, a plant, the earth, etc.), literally or figuratively:--bear, be born, bring forth, be delivered, be in travail.
5452. phuteuo foot-yoo'-o from a derivative of 5453; to set out in the earth, i.e. implant; figuratively, to instil doctrine:--plant.