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Product Name: Styrofoam cups/plates

Unclean Ingredient: Zinc Stearate

Unclean animal found in ingredient: Pig

Company Phone Number: 800-248-5960

Company Website: Visit Website

Why this product is unclean: According to a letter from the the manufacturer:

\"With specific respect to the retention of “Kosher” or “Halal” status of foods and beverages served in our polystyrene products, please consider the following:

Dart utilizes processing aids known as “release
agents” in the manufacture of our polystyrene
products. Release agents are present in minuscule
amounts, to allow the product to be “released”
from the molds used to form the container. Almost
all zinc stearate (C36H70O4Zn), the release agent
used by Dart, and other fatty acid products are
ultimately derived from animal fat or “tallow”.

Since it does have kosher concerns, it would appear that the animal fat would come from pork.

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