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There are two ways to access the online Sabbath meetings. 

1) Directly on this web site! Just click here and you are in!

2) Download the below program. This program will greatly enhance your experience in the chat room. With it, the scripture quotes are in red, you can play music in the room and much more.

Since June of 1997, we have been holding a Sabbath meeting on an IRC Network and now also on this website. Our meetings are at a place on the internet where people can meet and "typechat" to each other. It may sound a little boring at first, but it is very very edifying for many. There is a scripture program in the chat room that lets you quote the scriptures and do a search (like a Strong's Concordance only better). 

The meetings are held in the Channel entitled #1MESSIAH. To access IRC you can go here or if you would like to enjoy the full benefits of chatting with colors, playing sound files, etc you download a program called Mirc follow one of these links:

Download Mirc for Windows by clicking here, then run/install the file that you downloaded. This will install the Mirc program. Once you install it, you will see a screen that looks like this:


Uncheck the "Run Mirc help" as I have done in the above graphic. Then click "Finish". This will run the program automatically. You will then come to a window that looks like this:



 Uncheck the little checkmark in the lower left hand corner of the window. This program is shareware. If you like it, you are supposed to purchase it after 30 days ($20). Click out the X at the upper right hand corner of this window to close it out.

Next, you will see a window that looks like this:

setup.gif (4114 bytes)


For your Full Name and email address you can put anything you want, no need to tell the world this information. For your nickname, you can choose anything you like. I put the words "Pickone" there just for the sake of this tutorial. Whatever you place in the "Nickname" box is what you will be called when you chat and this is the name that everyone will see. 

Don't choose common names like John or Sue because they are probably already taken. If you want to use your real first name, choose something like BrJohn for SisSue. These are less likely to be taken. For an alternative, put in a nickname that is very unlikely to be in use by others in case the one you have chosen is taken. Make sure you put a checkmark where it says "Invisible mode". Then click the "Add" button near the top of this window.

Your dialogue box will now look like this:


identd.gif (3902 bytes)


Now fill in the information so that it appears identical to what I have in the above graphic, except for the Port(s) put 7777 instead of 7000. Then Click "OK". After you click "OK", click the "Options" menu on the left hand column of the window:


Now, make your box look identical to the one shown above then click "Identd"



Checkmark the "Enable Ident Server" then where it says "User ID" just put your nickname in that box. Then click the plus mark where you see if it isn't already. This will expand the branch so that you can see the "Perform" menu. Click on the words "Perform" to get to this next box. choose . Next you will come to a screen that looks like this:


enter.gif (4792 bytes)


Make your box match the one I have above by checkmarking the "On connect, perform these commands" and placing /join #1MESSIAH in the box below that. This will make it easier to connect to the chat room next time. Now you may go back to the first box by clicking the words "Connect" just under the words "Category" in the above screen. This will take you back to this screen again:


setup.gif (4114 bytes)


Click where it says "Connect to IRC server". You will then see some text scrolling and you will come to this screen:



Just uncheck where it says "Pop up folder on connect" and click "OK". You will then see the chat dialog box that looks like this:



This is the chat room where you can chat with others on the network. From this point on, you will only need to start the Mirc program and you will automatically be transported to this room. If you get a message from Watchman like you see above saying "Hello (yourname), the chat room is currently empty. Feel free to stay..etc" then there aren't any other people in the chat room. Watchman keeps the room open when nobody else is present or available. The best time to visit the room is on the Sabbath day or other days between 8-10pm Eastern Time Zone.  

That's it! You can now type talk with anyone else in the world for free and enjoy the fellowship and meetings that are held there. If you join at a time other than the 9pm Eastern ET on Friday evenings then it could be that nobody is in the channel except for Watchman the channel manager. Watchman is a program that  is useful for quoting scriptures on demand and helping to manage the meetings.

It is my hope that these meetings will continue to help edify the body of Messiah and particularly those who have trouble finding fellowship. Hope to see you there. If you have any questions on how to connect, just email me by clicking here or if you are able, join the chat room by using the web page by clicking here.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Where is the scripture program and how do I use it?

If you want to quote a scripture, just type something into the message box like +Gen 1:1 and press enter. If you do this, Watchman will quote Genesis 1:1 for you.

2. Will I have to go through these steps every time I want to join the chat room?

No, I wrote this tutorial in such a way so that all you will need to do is run the program (Click Start, Programs then Mirc) and you will automatically be taken to the chat room.

3. What is the little @ symbol next to some of the names?

This indicates the user has the ability to silence potential abusers who may venture into the room. Watchman will silence anyone who uses profanity and can silence anyone who harasses others.

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