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09/05/2015 - "How to Observe the Fall Feast Days"

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David Scholet
02 Sep 2016, 07:30
Could you please explain why your fall feast days are about a month before messianic congregations (recognized in October). Thanks.
David Hannes
02 Sep 2016, 16:00
Brethren in Israel declared that the barley would be aviv for the wave offering in March. This information conflicted with the Karaites who said it was not going to be aviv and declared a leap year. It was obviously spring in Israel and where we live in Missouri, which just a few degrees north of Israel.

I do not speak for Eliyah, this is just my take. We decided to go with our brethren's reports. That's why we are a month different than many others.

Sally Volk
11 Sep 2016, 22:15
I know that the rest of the world really celebrates a month later with the Jewish calendar. We did much research on this, and we believe that you are right in the dates. Just curious as to why most are going the Jewish way?

Shabbat Shalom,

Sally Volk
Abdullah Mujahiddin
13 Sep 2016, 16:37
Hi,I would like to attend the feast of tabernacle but cannot afford travel room and board. I was praying there was a way I could be accommodated so that I may attend. My email is up to date my phone number is 216-507-2991 thank you look forward to hearing back from you.
Mandela P Thomas
22 Sep 2017, 18:28
i am will in be part of the feast of tabernacle and having some Bible on the true translate of Yahweh word form hebrew to english
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