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07/07/2012 Sabbath Meeting Transcript

"Identity Theft. What is Your Identity?"

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EliYah's message:

A couple of weeks ago I talked about who Yahweh is, who Yahushua is, and what all they offer us. I also shared about what salvation is. Now I want to talk about who we are. I feel a very important question to ask ourselves is 'who are we?' How do we identify ourselves? What is our identity in Messiah?

I think we realize at some point that we have an enemy out there seeking to become our identity. We have an enemy out there who is seeking to conform us to his image and to steal us from the Father's hand. He only comes to steal, to kill, and to destroy. we have an identity thief among us.

He has been working very hard since the garden of Eden to steal, to kill, and to destroy.

So that is our topic for today: Identity Theft. What is Your Identity?

With whom do you Identify, and what does that mean to you, in the real world, on a day to day basis? What does that mean? Do we fundamentally want to be known as His disciples in all circumstances? Do we identify with Him even when under pressure? We all have an innate thing with us that we identify ourselves with something.

will either worship the creature or we will worship the Creator. Everything has an object or a person with whom we identify, whether it's a creature or whether it is the Creator of all things. A major tool of the enemy is to get us to identify with the world, rather with Messiah. We can say we identify ourselves with the Messiah.

But then there is this pulling, this force seeking to cause us to want to be like the world. We have to check ourselves in this, and I'm not just talking about how we seem on the outside. The external, yes, is often a reflection of what is on the inside, but I am mostly focused today on the heart.

It is about our affections, the things that impress us.

It is about the things that we really enjoy and believe we have the freedom to enjoy. If we are watching a movie, we will notice that the producers of the movie have an identity that they want to impress us with. Most of the movies out there today speak to the heart of the world. What movie would speak to the things of Messiah? Not very many.

So we should not delight in the things that speak of the spirit of the world. What does this culture actually promote? Of course, it is going to promote worldliness. That is what it is going to exalt. The people, the shows, the things that most of the world identifies with. The movies, the clothing, the sports figures, entertainment figures.

In the midst of this crooked and perverse generation, are we embarrassed by the Messiah living in us? Do we prefer the company of mature believers who challenge us, or do we settle in the company of weak believers, or, Yahweh forbid, unbelievers? Who are our heroes, and why are they our heroes? What kinds of songs do we sing, and why do we sing them?

What kind of entertainment do we love and does our heart rejoice about? What is our first response when someone reads Torah, when someone reads Scripture to you? What is the response in your heart? Is bracing to defend yourselves, or is it a hear that is ready to be corrected?

When we hear the world and we hear the words we speak, do the words we speak sound a whole lot like the words that are spoken in the world today? Or are the words we speak as the oracles of Elohim?

1Peter 4:11 - If anyone speaks, [let him speak] as the oracles of Elohim. If anyone ministers, [let him do it] as with the ability which Elohim supplies, that in all things Elohim may be glorified through Yahushua Messiah, to whom belong the glory and the dominion forever and ever. Amen.

Did you ever notice that the youth often speak a different kind of language, wear a different kind of clothing? I've been around long enough to see that each generation wants to look different or act different or talk different than the one before.

And the purveyors of wickedness from Hollywood and elsewhere, if they can get the youth to speak a different kind of language, to dress different, to act different, then they are driving a wedge between the youth and the older generation that might otherwise lead them to uprightness and holiness.

Music is probably the most powerful because it speaks to the heart.

I've heard it said, you can do anything you want with the youth, but you can't take away their music. When the youth see pop stars, the Brittany Spears, the Lady Gagas, and the Madonnas of this world, the way they carry themselves, their attitudes, their language. They do it all to make it very appealing to the young people.

If they can get a young person to be a fan, they can, in their minds, get him for life, and make more money. It is all about an image with whom the rebels of this age can identify. We have one thing after another.

Every generation has its own things, the droopy drawers syndrome, the dark clothes, the certain way a hat is worn. all these things are an expression of identity.

So who do we identify ourselves with? Your Facebook picture. What is your identity? What identity are you trying to portray. What is the identity of the Messiah? Are the things that we say, the pictures that we post , the way that we portray ourselves, the attitudes we have, are those things the fragrance of the Messiah?

Are our affections man centered or are they heavenly centered?

today there is much confusion over identity. the lines are even blurring between male and female. Men are acting effeminate, while women are acting masculine. Women are joining the battlefield and becoming soldiers. Men are sitting at home with no job trying to care for children.

The number of people turning to homosexuality really is just a symptom of our culture's blur between the lines. Men need to be men. I don't mean physical strength, I mean men of responsibility, of integrity, men who serve. Your identity will make its ultimate appearance through the decisions that you make.

And your decisions will be formed by the condition of your heart and the things that are your affections. The world seeks to make the alternative identity, the identity of worldliness to be as attractive as 18 million dollars or hover much, but they won't tell you the consequences.

What I want to share with you, is that choosing to have an identity in Yahushua haMashiach, in Yahushua the Messiah, has a far far greater opportunity for us, and is based on far greater rewards than any other identity anyone could latch onto. We want to go over some verses, because I feel our identity is so crucial.

It is a major emphasis throughout Scripture.

We see in the Torah that men were often identified with their father. We see something like Baruch, the son of Neriah. We see this carried on into what is called the New Testament. There is over 100 times where we are identified as people who are in Messiah or with Messiah.

Historically men were identified by their trade, their national origin, or maybe their denomination affiliation.

These are all secondary identities. Our first and foremost identity is with Messiah Yahushua, and that needs to supersede all things in this world. As believers we identify with Messiah, so we should be Messiah like. There is no hybrid. We either identify with Messiah and our life with Him, or we identify with the world and what it has to offer.

Where is our heart?

We need to do a heart check. And since we are identified with Messiah we want to be associated with the things that are the aroma of the Messiah, and we will turn our nose up at things that are war with Him, or that are contrary to Him. We won't enjoy them. What does this mean? What do we call ourselves? More importantly, what does Yahweh call us?

There is not one Scripture from Genesis to Revelation where Yahweh ever called a person who believed in Messiah a Christian. To me something is funny about that. Something is amiss about that. I don't mean funny in a good way. I spoke about who Yahushua is. What are we?

Who are we? When someone asks you, 'what are you, what is your identity?', what do you say?

Have we fully accepted our identity as believers in Messiah, or are we holding onto something else? So we are going to talk about this and for some of you, this could rattle you to your very core, because our identity is who we are in our minds, or who we believe we are, who Yahweh says you are.

People might ask you, are you Christian, are you Messianic? Who are you? What are you?

They want to know your identity. What do you tell them? What if you told them, "Well, I am the light of the world." I'm the light of the world. You might seem a little boastful there, won't you? I'm just going by what my Savior told me I was.

Matthew 5:14 - "You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden.

15 - "Nor do they light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a lampstand, and it gives light to all [who are] in the house.

16 - "Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.

Oh, not glorify you, glorify your Father in heaven. So we can say, I am the light of the world. That almost seems boastful to think this way, or to agree with the Messiah here, but understand, it is not because of your own righteousness that you are the light of the world.

Understand that it is because of His promise that He would completely cleanse you.

Cleanse you to the extent that it is as if you never sinned against Him. So when He looks at us, He can say ,'you are the light of the world.' that is a testimony to Messiah and how far reaching His cleansing can go. That means you have the light of Messiah, and to deny this is to deny the Messiah's words to you.

It is to say that He has not done that work in you, even though you have done what is necessary to receive it. To say, well, He might do that for others, but not for me. Are you saying He shows partiality? Are you saying He is a respecter of persons? To deny this, in a way, is accusing Him of not being truthful when He speaks.

He did not say go around and tell everyone you are the light of the world. What He did say was:

Matthew 5:16 - "Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.

But within, brothers, can we say this to ourselves, with seeming boastful or prideful, that I am the light of the world? We individually, when you say I, who are you talking about? Are you talking about your own self, your own flesh, your own identity apart from the Messiah? Or are you talking about me as a part of the body of Messiah?

We all are, as part of the body of Messiah, the light of the world. So collectively, we are a city, a city on a hill that can't be hidden, so Yahweh's people consist of numerous small lights that shine into the darkness that this world is, and glorify Yahweh and His ways.

A lot of us identify ourselves by our family. We've got our last name because it is the family we were born into, or in some cases, married into if you are a female. It is not wrong to identify yourself by some extent by the family you are born into. It is Yahweh who chose your parents.

And especially if your husband is a believer, or your wife is a believer, then He is the one who put you two together. So we can identify ourselves in those ways.

But we need to realize there is a lot higher level of identity that we need to consider ourselves to than the wife of this husband, or the husband of this wife, or the children of these parents that Yahweh has given us.

We are now, as we know, the bride of Messiah, and we are now, as we know, the children of Elohim.

John 1:12 - But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of Elohim, to those who believe in His name:

13 - who were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of Elohim.

Because of this, like we shared 2 weeks ago, we are called by Yahweh's name, and Yahweh writes that Name upon us.

Revelation 22:3 - And there shall be no more curse, but the throne of Elohim and of the Lamb shall be in it, and His servants shall serve Him.

4 - They shall see His face, and His name [shall be] on their foreheads.

This is talking about us.

Revelation 17:5 - And on her forehead a name [was] written: MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND OF THE ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.

We are identified by the name on our forehead. The harlots name was written on her forehead. Whose name is written on our foreheads? Are we associating with Babylon and all its disgusting glory, the harlotry that is within it, the hate and the wars that are within it? Or are we identifying ourselves with Yahweh?

You can't identify yourselves with both.

You can't have both names written on your forehead, You cant' claim to be the people of Yahweh, and yet make yourself a spiritual harlot by identifying yourself with things that are contrary to Him. As you can see, a name has a lot to do with identity, doesn't it? So we have no business changing His name to something else.

The name Yahweh is the name which Yahweh chose to identify Himself with. Don't you dare mess with His identity. That effects you. Whose name is on your forehead?

Daniel 9:19 - "O YAHWEH, hear! O YAHWEH, forgive! O YAHWEH, listen and act! Do not delay for Your own sake, my Elohim, for Your city and Your people are called by Your name."

For Your own sake, have mercy on Your people. Yahweh Tzidkenu, as we've shared the last few weeks. Because we are called the righteousness of Elohim.

It is talking about Messiah. That is why He was killed on the tree. So who are we? We are the light of the world. We are a city on a hill that can't be hidden. We are children of the most high. We are a people that are called by His name. We are a part of the city that is called by His name. Doesn't that make a name important?

When others look at you, and you use the name of Yahweh, a lot of times they will say, "There's those Yahweh people over there." I've had that happen to me many times. So we are called by His name.

Scripture also says we are branches of a heavenly vine.

John 15:5 - "I am the vine, you [are] the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing.

Yahweh has all kinds of names for us, doesn't He? All kinds of ways of identifying us.

Ephesians 1:3 - Blessed [be] the Elohim and Father of our Master Yahushua Messiah, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly [places] in Messiah,

4 - just as He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before Him in love,

He chose us in Him. When? Before the foundation of the world. He chose you, He chose me, before He even created the heavens and the earth. He already made His decision. That decision was based on His calling and whether or not we respond to that calling. Is it okay for us to think that? Many are called, few are chosen.

Is it okay for us to say that about ourselves? He chose us?

Apparently. Paul thought so. So did Peter.

1Peter 2:9 - But you [are] a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people, that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light;

10 - who once [were] not a people but [are] now the people of Elohim, who had not obtained mercy but now have obtained mercy.

Wow! Can you believe that? Scripture says we are a chosen generation a royal priesthood, His own special people, the people of Elohim. Do we identify ourselves this way? Can you imagine if someone asked you, "Who are you?", and you told them, "Well, I'm the light of the world, part of a city on a hill that can't be hidden, a child of the Most High.

I'm called by His name.

I'm part of the city called by His name. I'm a branch of the heavenly vine which is Messiah. I am among Yahweh's chosen people, a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a part of a holy nation, one of His special people, the people of Yahweh. I don't know whether or not you identify yourself that way, but Yahweh identifies you that way.

And His Word is final, isn't it?

His opinion is the only one that counts. that is what He calls you, and that is all that really matters. You might think to yourself, well, I don't know, I might not endure to the end. I don't know if I will choose to be His servant to my dying day. I feel like I might be boasting because I don't know if I will endure. You are wise in one respect

1Corinthians 10:12 - Therefore let him who thinks he stands take heed lest he fall.

I'm not talking about who you will be one day. I am talking about who you are right now. Are you a repentant believer in the Messiah? In other words, is your heart turned, to doing the Father's will, right now, at this moment?

If you died right now in that condition, it is perfectly acceptable to call yourself those things at this moment because you are doing the things that He asks someone to do that is one of His people. In fact, in Yahweh's eyes right now, you are already seated in the heavenly places. You are already there.

Ephesians 2:4 - But Elohim, who is rich in mercy, because of His great love with which He loved us,

5 - even when we were dead in trespasses, made us alive together with Messiah (by grace you have been saved),

6 - and raised [us] up together, and made [us] sit together in the heavenly [places] in Messiah Yahushua,

You are already there. He made you sit in the heavenly places through Messiah because Messiah lives in you. You are seated where He is . Positionally, Messiah dwells in you, and you are at the right hand of His throne.

Ephesians 2:7 - that in the ages to come He might show the exceeding riches of His grace in [His] kindness toward us in Messiah Yahushua.

8 - For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; [it is] the gift of Elohim,

9 - not of works, lest anyone should boast.

It is not by your own work that you gain that position. You might not see yourselves that way, but Yahweh sees all things, and if it was safe for the believers in the first century to consider themselves this way, why would it be wrong for us to consider ourselves the same way in the twenty-first century?

This is where we presently stand, if we were to die at this moment.

You may not feel like you are seated in the heavenly places right now. We need to understand something. Yahweh calls those things which do not yet exist as though they did. He did this with Abraham.

It is His work isn't it? It is His work that your citizenship is in heaven.

Romans 4:16 - Therefore [it is] of faith that [it might be] according to grace, so that the promise might be sure to all the seed, not only to those who are of the law, but also to those who are of the faith of Abraham, who is the father of us all

17 - (as it is written, "I have made you a father of many nations") in the presence of Him whom he believed -- Elohim, who gives life to the dead and calls those things which do not exist as though they did;

Yahweh called Abraham the father of multitudes before He was ever the father of anybody. Did you catch this, too? It says Abraham is the father of us all. That means Abraham is our father. Everyone has Abraham as their father. Looking for a family to identify with. How about this one?

Romans 4:18 - who, contrary to hope, in hope believed, so that he became the father of many nations, according to what was spoken, "So shall your descendants be."

You must first believe in the promises of Yahweh, and then it will be. You must first believe that you are seated in the heavenly places. You must first believe that you are the chosen people. You must first believe that you are a holy nation. And then it will be.

Galatians 3:29 - And if you [are] Messiah's, then you are Abraham's seed, and heirs according to the promise.

Do you call yourselves Yisrael? You know that identity was purchased at a very weighty cost, and it is that identity that we must treasure in our hearts above all the identities that there are on the earth. You are the seed of Abraham. That means you are the seed of Isaac, of Jacob. Jacob is the other name for Israel.

Yahweh renamed Jacob as Israel. So you are Israel, too.

Not because of your own works, but because Messiah's. We have to accept this. So who are we? What is our identity?

Who are You??

The light of the world

A city on a hill

Children of the Most High

A people who are called by His name

Branches of the heavenly vine

Yahweh's chosen people

Royal priesthood

A holy nation

The people of Yahweh

The people of Israel!

That last one, the gentile church, over the last 2000 years, has rejected, except to say that they are the new Israel. But they have rejected the Biblical identity of Israel. They want to cling to their identity as gentiles, yet still claim to be identified with Messiah.

They don't want to be identified with Jewish things. Sabbath keeping. Feast keeping. Kosher observing.

They weren't raised Jewish so don't understand the value of those things. When you couple that with an anti-Semitic culture, there was a lot of reasons why the church divorced itself with any identity with Yisrael.

This is true, because historically speaking, mainstream wanted to ignore the places where Messiah did exist, such as feast days, the Torah.

They tried to find him where He didn't exist. Pagan festivals and rituals and ways. Then denied paganism where it did exist. And that is how the faith that was once delivered to the saints was able to be assimilated into the culture, and syncretism, which is a mixture of religions, took over.

And it all had to do with the central identity that people sought to hold onto.

They identify themselves, still by the gentile culture that they were a part of. Do we see how important identity really is? It is like a driving force. A driving force. A man wants to become a biker, they like the bikers, so they're going to get the leather outfit on.

They are going to get the shades, and they're going to get the big Harley-Davidson. The driving force. They want that image.

A person wants to be a rock star. They see a rock star is this. They're that. They're the other. They dress this way. They have this countenance on their face. They play this kind of music. A driving force is the identity which you seek to be within you.

So what is our identity in Messiah? Are we identifying ourselves with the gentile culture today, making the same mistake?

Or do we identify ourselves as

The light of the world

A city on a hill

Children of the Most High

A people who are called by His name

Branches of the heavenly vine

Yahweh's chosen people

Royal priesthood

A holy nation

His special people

The people of Yahweh

The people of Israel!?

You know, the Jewish people today, a lot of them, could even be atheist, and yet they still keep Shabbat. They might have no faith whatsoever in Yahweh, and yet they still keep Passover. Some of them. You ask them why, and they say, "Oh, it's cultural. I'm Jewish."

There are people in Europe today who have no faith whatsoever in Messiah, have no desire to be a true believer.

They are atheists , and yet they go to Christian churches. It is the culture. And Jews, even if they don't believe they still identify with being Jewish. In fact, Jewish people who do claim to be people of faith, if one of their own comes and accepts Christianity, accepts the Messiah, they actually hold a funeral for them. Really.

They will hold a funeral for someone who converted to Christianity.

Why? Because when a Jewish person walks away from the Torah and accepts Christianity, they actually change their identity. They stop doing the things that identify them as being Jewish. They start eating pork and shellfish. They stop keeping Sabbath.

They stop keeping feasts and regard the Torah as something from a bygone era that is disposed of and is no longer to be followed.

So the families hold a funeral because their Jewish relative has lost his identity and has been assimilated into the gentile world. And that, brothers, is sad. It is very sad, because the church which claims to identify themselves with the Messiah, that they would reject Messiah's identity as an Israelite so much.

They would reject it so strongly, His identity, that the Jewish family would have to have a funeral for anyone who would seek to identify themselves as one with the Messiah. And that is sad. So the church needs to stop identifying themselves as gentiles and accept the truth that we are no longer gentiles.

We are not a replacement for Israel. We join Israel.

At one time you were a Gentile. What are you now?

Ephesians 2:11 - Therefore remember that you, once Gentiles in the flesh-- who are called Uncircumcision by what is called the Circumcision made in the flesh by hands--

12 - that at that time you were without Messiah, being aliens from the commonwealth of Israel and strangers from the covenants of promise, having no hope and without Elohim in the world.

13 - But now in Messiah Yahushua you who once were far off have been brought near by the blood of Messiah.

Brought near to what? To Israel.

Ephesians 2:14 - For He Himself is our peace, who has made both one, and has broken down the middle wall of separation,

That page in your Bible that says the New Testament is the wall of separation.

Ephesians 2:15 - having abolished in His flesh the enmity, [that is], the law of commandments [contained] in ordinances, so as to create in Himself one new man [from] the two, [thus] making peace,

The word enmity means hatred. Ordinances in the Greek means dogma. Talking about the ordinances of men not ordinances of Yahweh. Ordinances of men provoke hatred and enmity. The ordinances of Yahweh are all about one thing, and that is love. The Jewish people did not want gentiles coming in and causing them to lose their identity.

They wanted to make sure all the gentiles were keeping Torah first. Then they would call them Jews. Then they would call them Israelites. So they set up ordinances and laws. It was unlawful, according to Jewish law, not Yahweh's law, for a Jewish man to keep company with one from another nation. We find that in the book of Acts, chapters 10 and 11.

So they set up these laws and commandments that were not Yahweh's commandments. That is what was abolished, along with all the other sinful behaviors and sinful principles and sinful doctrines.

Ephesians 2:16 - and that He might reconcile them both to Elohim in one body through the cross, thereby putting to death the enmity.

Put to death what? The enmity, not the law. He put to death the things of men, the sins of men.

Ephesians 2:17 - And He came and preached peace to you who were afar off and to those who were near.

18 - For through Him we both have access by one Spirit to the Father.

19 - Now, therefore, you are no longer strangers and foreigners, but fellow citizens with the saints and members of the household of Elohim,

You were strangers and foreigners, but not anymore. Now you are fellow citizens of Israel with the saints, which means holy ones. That is who we are. Brothers and sisters, if you are calling yourselves gentiles, you are not fully accepting the work of Messiah. Plain and simple.

It is not you who live, it is Messiah who lives in you. And many thought it was just the opposite.

When we start keeping Torah, are we rejecting Messiah? No, we are embracing Messiah. We can't substitute the Torah for the Messiah. We are not trying to do that, but it is no longer we who live, but it is Messiah who lives in us and the life which we now live, we live by faith in the Son of Elohim who loved us and gave Himself for us.

We are grafted into the olive tree through Yahushua the Messiah. It is Him we now accept as our identity. Are we willing to accept all that He is, or are we going to try to divorce Him from His heritage as a son of Abraham. Are we going to reject that part of Him and say we are not part of it?

That's not me. I'm a Baptist. I'm a nondenominational. I'm Pentecostal. I'm a church goer.

Whose identity do you want? I want the identity of Messiah. That is the one I'm looking for. Forget the Baptists. Forget the Catholics. Forget the holiness churches. Forget the Mennonites. Forget all that stuff. Forget the Wesleyans, the Methodists. Forget all that. Even Paul mentioned this. I'm of Apollos. I'm of this. I'm of that. Forget that.

We are of Messiah. That is who we are part of.

So what is His identity? We take on His identity. It It is Him that we now accept. Are we willing to accept all that He is. Are we willing to walk as He walked? Or are we going to do what the gentile church did, rather be identified with our own heritage, our own culture, and worldly ways.

Do you know the reason we are the light of the world? It is because of the Torah.

It is because the Messiah dwells in us.

Psalms 119:105 - NUN. Your word [is] a lamp to my feet And a light to my path.

This talking about the Torah. If you think otherwise:

Isaiah 8:20 - To the law and to the testimony! If they do not speak according to this word, [it is] because [there is] no light in them.

That is what the Scriptures say. So if Messiah dwells in us, brothers, we are a new creation. We are the light of the world. The Torah observing Messiah is now shining through us, making us a part of the city on the hill that cannot be hidden, making us a part of Yisrael. So we are a new creation

Colossians 3:9 - Do not lie to one another, since you have put off the old man with his deeds,

10 - and have put on the new [man] who is renewed in knowledge according to the image of Him who created him,

We are a new man. Who is that new man? What is that new man? What is that new identity that we have?

He speaks of things that are not as if they are. You may have been told you're a new creation. You may have been told you are a new man, but you have never been told what that new creation is. You may never have been told that you are now part of the nation of Yisrael that Yahweh is building on the earth today.

And it is because you are part of that nation of Yisrael that you are among the named parties in the new covenant.

Jeremiah 31:31 - "Behold, the days are coming, says YAHWEH, when I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel and with the house of Judah --

32 - "not according to the covenant that I made with their fathers in the day [that] I took them by the hand to lead them out of the land of Egypt, My covenant which they broke, though I was a husband to them , says YAHWEH.

33 - "But this [is] the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days, says YAHWEH: I will put My law in their minds, and write it on their hearts; and I will be their Elohim, and they shall be My people.

The new covenant is with the house of Yisrael and the house of Judah. Do we accept that? It was because the Messiah, the Word of Elohim, was made flesh and He dwells among us, that the Torah of Yahweh dwell in us, and that is why we are the light of the world, my brothers and my sisters.

Our light can shine and glorify our Father in heaven as we let His light shine through us before men. So what else are we in Messiah?

1Corinthians 6:19 - Or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit [who is] in you, whom you have from Elohim, and you are not your own?

20 - For you were bought at a price; therefore glorify Elohim in your body and in your spirit, which are Elohim's.

The reason why you are a temple of Yahweh's Spirit is because Messiah dwells in you. Therefore the Holy Spirit dwells in you. Therefore you are part of the body of Messiah.

1Corinthians 12:27 - Now you are the body of Messiah, and members individually.

To the extent that you may not be acting like a part of the body of Messiah. That is a trouble many of us have. We are not yet a finished product. We are not there yet. Oh. you won't be. Not until the corruptible puts on incorruptible. In the meantime, Yahweh has another name for you.

Ephesians 2:10 - For we are His workmanship, created in Messiah Yahushua for good works, which Elohim prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.

Think about that. He is willing to accept you right where you are. Right where you stand right now today.

This moment, as you stand living and breathing, and your heart is beating, He is accepting you, as long as you receive His Son, our Savior, Yahushua haMachiach, and are willing to give up your own ways, the ways of the world which will all perish some day.

And you need to yield yourselves to be renewed and transformed into the image of Yahushua, an image of what it truly means to walk in perfect love. A love for your fellow man and a love for Yahweh. On these two principles, all commands and Scripture hang. You have to desire to take on that new identity.

The one who made you and formed you in the womb, will mold you and form you because you are His workmanship. He will mold you and form you into that beautiful image of love He wants you to be and created you to be.

Ephesians 1:3 - Blessed [be] the Elohim and Father of our Master Yahushua Messiah, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly [places] in Messiah,

4 - just as He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before Him in love,

5 - having predestined us to adoption as sons by Yahushua Messiah to Himself, according to the good pleasure of His will,

If this is our decision, our final decision, we can say, just as the Apostle Paul wrote here about the people in Ephesus, we were chosen before the foundation of the world to be holy and blameless before Him. We set aside our own identity.

Our earthly father's house is not so much our focus, because now we are adopted sons and daughters into the household of Elohim.

Now it is Yahweh's will and good pleasure to give us the things we long for. So if our earthly father's household may be joined with us. HalleluYah! We welcome them into the family, but we put our new identity as a first tier of identity.

Any other identity is secondary, if anything at all. If we identify ourselves by Him, then Yahweh will identify us as His special jewels.

Malachi 3:16 - Then those who feared YAHWEH spoke to one another, And YAHWEH listened and heard [them]; So a book of remembrance was written before Him For those who fear YAHWEH And who meditate on His name.

17 - "They shall be Mine," says YAHWEH of hosts, "On the day that I make them My jewels. And I will spare them As a man spares his own son who serves him."

We may not have everything right, but if we are like children trying to please our father, Yahweh will spare us.

Malachi 3:18 - Then you shall again discern Between the righteous and the wicked, Between one who serves Elohim And one who does not serve Him.

Deuteronomy 14:2 - "For you [are] a holy people to YAHWEH your Elohim, and YAHWEH has chosen you to be a people for Himself, a special treasure above all the peoples who [are] on the face of the earth.

His great love with which He loved us. Look around you. If Yahweh, the great Elohim was able to look upon all of creation and pick the favorite thing of all He created, the most valuable thing of all He created, He would look at you. He would look at us. He would say, this is my special treasure, one that is so significant, it reflects My own image.

Even though we stop or have stopped reflecting His image, He still loved us and treasured enough that He would send His son to die for us so that we could be restored to that image once again. And if that wasn't enough, Yahushua said the following.

Revelation 3:21 - "To him who overcomes I will grant to sit with Me on My throne, as I also overcame and sat down with My Father on His throne.

Wow! I mean He must place incredible worth and value on us. I look at myself in the natural and say, "How could Yahweh take a pile of yuck, that was all of our lives before knowing Him, and cleanse us to the extent that He would even seat us next to the Messiah on His throne?" Wow! How? That's His power. That is how valuable we are to Him.

To the extent that He says we are seated with Messiah already. He already sees us there. Even above and beyond that, He says, "I'm going to make you a partaker of the divine nature." I'm not saying we are equal to Elohim. I'm only saying what 2 Peter chapter 1 says.

2Peter 1:2 - Grace and peace be multiplied to you in the knowledge of Elohim and of Yahushua our Master,

3 - as His divine power has given to us all things that [pertain] to life and godliness, through the knowledge of Him who called us by glory and virtue,

4 - by which have been given to us exceedingly great and precious promises, that through these you may be partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption [that is] in the world through lust.

We've read a few of those precious promises today, haven't we? We become partakers of the divine nature when we reflect the image of Elohim. Brothers, sisters, when you look at what the world offers, there is just no comparison. We are ambassadors in this world. We are ambassadors for the kingdom to come. Our kingdom is not of this world.

2Corinthians 5:20 - Now then, we are ambassadors for Messiah, as though Elohim were pleading through us: we implore [you] on Messiah's behalf, be reconciled to Elohim.

That is what we are calling out to everyone. Be reconciled to Elohim. As though Elohim were pleading through us, we become these ambassadors calling people to a wedding feast. And we are not like the people of this world who are always fearful, powerless, and walking in hatred and confusion.

2Timothy 1:7 - For Elohim has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

And we are complete in Messiah. If we are thinking we need something more than Messiah, we are just not believing how complete we are. Any possessions, any identities, any things that are of this age.

Colossians 2:9 - For in Him dwells all the fullness of the Divine Nature bodily;

10 - and you are complete in Him, who is the head of all principality and power.

So the One living in us is far greater than he who is in the world.

1John 4:4 - You are of Elohim, little children, and have overcome them, because He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.

Who is the one in the world? The enemy. Believers have taken on Messiah's nature, so whatever this world pursues doesn't appeal to them. It is nothing. It is the kingdom that Yahweh is establishing that really matters.

Colossians 1:13 - He has delivered us from the power of darkness and conveyed [us] into the kingdom of the Son of His love,

14 - in whom we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins.

Conveyed means transferred. So we are ambassadors for this kingdom, the kingdom of the Son of His love. And we are the head not the tail.

Deuteronomy 28:13 - "And YAHWEH will make you the head and not the tail; you shall be above only, and not be beneath, if you heed the commandments of YAHWEH your Elohim, which I command you today, and are careful to observe [them].

Yahushua says we are His friends.

John 15:14 - "You are My friends if you do whatever I command you.

15 - "No longer do I call you servants, for a servant does not know what his master is doing; but I have called you friends, for all things that I heard from My Father I have made known to you.

Well, you say, I don't know, I certainly don't know if I'm doing the things He commanded me. I want to. I want to stop what I've been doing. I want to focus on the real kingdom.

1John 1:9 - If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us [our] sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

So can it get any better than that? If we fail in some way, we can go boldly to the throne of grace to obtain mercy and obtain help.

Hebrews 4:15 - For we do not have a High Priest who cannot sympathize with our weaknesses, but was in all [points] tempted as [we are, yet] without sin.

16 - Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.

We need Yahweh's help.

When we were not a part of His family, when we were once gentiles, our sins separated us from Him. But when we turned our hearts to Him and decided that we wanted to be His children, we wanted to act like His children, we wanted to yield our hearts to love, then any failure to love, any failure to keep His commandments is now a family matter.

It's an in-house issue, and He will deal with us as children. We may get disciplined. That is a sign that He is our Father still, but ultimately, He will spare us as a father spares his own children whose hearts are attentive to His will. And because we do come to the throne of grace, it shows that we really do not want to sin.

We want to find help to overcome in our time of need.

We, as His children, can remain at peace with Yahweh because of that ongoing relationship He is promising us right now, unlike the world may be when they sin. They don't go to the Father when they sin. They don't seek that relationship. We do, and that is a major difference.

Romans 5:1 - Therefore, having been justified by faith, we have peace with Elohim through our Master Yahushua Messiah,

And that is what the world is really seeking is peace, but there is no peace unless we have made peace with our Maker. So we have made peace with our Maker through our Savior Yahushua Messiah. And to the extent of whatever sins we commit, we don't identify ourselves with our sin. We don't identify ourselves with being the one who sins.

We don't identify ourselves with the sins of the past. You don't want to live there anymore, right? So quit looking in the rearview mirror. Consider yourselves as a people who are dead to sin and alive to Elohim in Messiah.

Romans 6:11 - Likewise you also, reckon yourselves to be dead indeed to sin, but alive to Elohim in Messiah Yahushua our Master.

So we identify ourselves as dead to sin and alive to Elohim.

Romans 8:16 - The Spirit Himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of Elohim,

17 - and if children, then heirs -- heirs of Elohim and joint heirs with Messiah, if indeed we suffer with [Him], that we may also be glorified together.

Joint heirs with Messiah! Sometimes our walk may consist of suffering. It goes with the territory. So what? Your life without Messiah would be suffering, too. And wait until after you die, then you'll really suffer. But we are joint heirs with Him. Joint inheritors. That is why we are seated at the right hand of Messiah.

Could Yahweh have possibly offered us more? Look at all He's done for us.

Every thing He has promised us. So so many words are used to describe Yahweh, so many names and so on. But look how many words He uses to describe who we are. And it's all awesome. And it is all because of one simple decision, to believe in His Son, to obey His voice, and that is available to any one, anywhere, any time.

If you have not entered into those promises, you can, if you choose. And today, the day of salvation, may not always be available to you. It is the enemy that wants to lie to you and tell you, Yahweh holds a grudge, He's going to identify you with the sins of your past. The enemy says, Yahweh identifies you with the struggles you now face.

The enemy wants to tell you to give up with identifying yourself with Messiah because you will never be god enough. This way he can tempt you to form another identity, an identity contrary to Messiah because he wants to steal, he wants to kill and to destroy. He wants to create commit identity theft and take you away from Messiah.

And He will lie to you, saying you'll never make it.

He will lie to you, saying you will never be good enough to be Yahweh's people. Yahweh says just the opposite. It is not about you being good enough. It is whether Messiah is good enough, He is willing to make Messiah your righteousness, if you will just turn to Him. Whose voice are you going to believe? Do you think He came to die for perfect ones?

I thought He came to die for sinners. If you ever walked into a perfect church, you wouldn't be able to attend there, right? Neither would anybody else. Look at the Corinthian assembly in Corinth. They were a mess. They were still Yahweh's people. We are a mess, too. And we are Yahweh's people because our hearts are turned and yearning for Him.

You are either one or the other.

You can't be something in between. We tend to sit between two definitions, between two characters, uncertain as to whether we are one or the other. No matter who you believe you are, one thing is certainly true, you are loved by your Creator. Maybe the more rules you learn about, the more Torah you learn, you realize, wow, I have so far to go.

And maybe the more uncertainty you have, because the standard is so high. Maybe you feel it is too high for you to attain. But brothers, we have it all wrong. We think we have to attain a certain level before we can receive the identity. That is not what the Word of Yahweh says. The Word of Yahweh says, turn your heart to Me, receive My Son, Yahushua.

With that one simple decision, I am giving you a new identity. Immediately, I'm giving you a new identity, and all theses things I've said about who my people are, this will be you. This will be yours. Just turn your heart to Me, and out of that relationship, out of that identity, I will empower you to walk in My commandments by My Spirit.

Ezekiel 36:27 - "I will put My Spirit within you and cause you to walk in My statutes, and you will keep My judgments and do [them].

Why? Because we have accepted the identity that He offered us, and He sent us His Spirit. And you will find help at the throne of grace, and we are able to do all things through Messiah.

Romans 8:37 - Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.

Is that what you want? Do you want to be

The light of the world, Adopted sons and daughters

A city on a hill, Yahweh's jewels

Children of the Most High, Yahweh's special treasure

A people who are called by His name, Partakers of the Divine Nature

Branches of the heavenly vine, Ambassadors for Messiah

Yahweh's chosen people, People of power/love/sound mind

Royal priesthood, Complete in Messiah

A holy nation, Transferred to the Kingdom

His special people, The head and not the tail

The people of Yahweh, Above and not beneath

The people of Israel!, Friends of Messiah

A new creation, Forgiven and cleansed

The temple of Yahweh's Spirit, A people dead to sin

The body of Messiah, More than conquerors

Yahweh's workmanship, A people at peace with our Maker

Brothers and sisters there isn't anything in this world that could possibly compare to the promises we have in Him. There isn't any identity that could possibly compare to the identity that we have available to us in the Messiah. Can you think of anything? There is nothing.

What does the world have to offer us, what does it have to promise us? An identity for a short 70 years or so?

Of pain, turmoil, fighting for supremacy, hatred. No real hope for the future. Temporary life, temporary glory on the earth. Compare that to Yahweh's promises. The Creator of all things offers us great and precious promises, and nothing compares to what we can receive in Him.

There is someone listening to this broadcast today who has been sitting on the fence uncertain about what or who to identify themselves with. Is there anything more honorable than identifying yourself as one who loves? A person who loves their fellow man, honors the One who created him? Is there anything that could possibly be better than that?

Is there anything better than one who is loved and accepted and even considered to be a friend with the most powerful being in the universe, the Creator of all things?

Yahweh wants that relationship with us. He lost it in the garden of Eden, but He has done much to restore us to that relationship again, if that is what we truly want. so we truly want that? Is that our desire?

Is that our hope? Is that what we are going to look for? He offers it to us, and we can receive it. If you want you can pray with me: Father Yahweh, in Yahushua's Name, in Yahushua's awesome Name, Father, we want to be your special treasure, your jewels. we want to be Your friend. Al tira, al tira.

Fear not, fear not. We want you to our exceedingly great reward.

Father, strengthen us as Your people. We receive Yahushua haMashiach. We receive all these promises that you have given us in Your Word. We receive them. We accept them as our identity. We turn away from any other identity, and we cleave, we long for, we accept, we receive, we pursue the identity of Yahushua haMashiach living in us.

Have mercy on us Father Yahweh.

And fill us with Your Ruach haChodesh, Your Holy Spirit, that we might be empowered to walk in Your commandments, in Your statutes, and Your judgments.

And Father, we know there is someone listening or watching today that is struggling with their identity, loaded down with shame and with guilt, partly because they are buried under a pile of negativity.

They have heard hurtful words most of their lives, by parents, by spouses, by friends, by relatives, and Father, they now see it is a choice to identify themselves with You. Free them, Father. Free them to take on the character of Messiah.

Free them to put on Messiah. Abba Yahweh, deliver them from the thought patterns and lies of the enemy that they might be set free.

Set free to worship, set free to praise You and dance in joy before Your throne of grace, to laugh, to sing, to shout before in praise of triumph, that they are Your son or Your daughter, and You love them, and You accept them. And if You accept them, that is all that really matters, that You accept them.

In Yahushua's Name. Blessed be the Name of Yahweh.

Brothers and sisters, you know we can glory in this identity, even in the midst of a generation that mocks it. That's okay. Not like the Pharisee who bragged on his own accomplishments while looking down on a tax collector. We can glory in the identity that is offered to us in Messiah because there is no identity that can possibly compare.

Jeremiah 9:23 - Thus says YAHWEH: "Let not the wise [man] glory in his wisdom, Let not the mighty [man] glory in his might, Nor let the rich [man] glory in his riches;

24 - But let him who glories glory in this, That he understands and knows Me, That I [am] YAHWEH, exercising lovingkindness, judgment, and righteousness in the earth. For in these I delight," says YAHWEH.

Brothers and sisters, when we rejoice in His identity He is offering us, Yahweh delights in us. When we rejoice in that identity, not in a proud way, not in an arrogant way, but in a humble way, in a thankful way, out of that identity we will be strengthened to do all that Yahweh has called us to do.

So let's cleave unto Yahweh, holding onto His hand, the hand that never changes, the One who is the same yesterday, today, forever. He never changes His identity on us. He is our Rock. He is our fortress. The Name of Yahweh is a strong tower that we run to and are safe. (Proverbs 18:10) He is our life. He is our hope, and we now know what to expect.

We always know what to expect with Him. He tells us exactly what is going to happen. And we will reign with him and be with Him forever. 8 trillion years will go by, and oh, eternity has just begun. What awesome promises He has.

So brothers and sisters, let's keep His Word and His promises ever before us as we face the culture around us during the time left to us here on earth.

May we seek to live above the fray with our concerns focused on eternity and the big picture of what is really going on. May we seek to share the way of Yahweh around us, as ambassadors, with the voice of Elohim flowing through us.

Be reconciled to Elohim so they might be compelled to join us on this journey that we all can identify with Messiah together.

May Yahweh strengthen you.

Ephesians 3:16 - that He would grant you, according to the riches of His glory, to be strengthened with might through His Spirit in the inner man,

17 - that Messiah may dwell in your hearts through faith; that you, being rooted and grounded in love,

18 - may be able to comprehend with all the saints what [is] the width and length and depth and height--

Ephesians 3:19 - to know the love of Messiah which passes knowledge; that you may be filled with all the fullness of Elohim.

20 - Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us,

21 - to Him [be] glory in the church by Messiah Yahushua to all generations, forever and ever. Amen.

And may Yahweh bless you, and may Yahweh have mercy on us all.