10/12/2001 Sabbath Meeting Transcript

"Being Holy as Yahweh is Holy"

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Berean - Our Father, ALLMighty YAHWEH
Berean - Thank You for the blessings that You have given us.
Berean - Thank You for the fellowship of brethren and the nurishment of Your Word.
Berean - Thank You for gving us Your Feast days, that we may learn Your will, and grow closer to You.
Berean - Father, we ask that You continue to bring us closer to You, and closer to each other.
Berean - We ask You for cleansing and guidance.
Berean - Protection and strength.
Berean - Father, we ask that You open our eyes continually to the necessity of learning Your will, and Your ways.
Berean - Father, please help us to walk therein.
Berean - We ask that in all things in our lives, that Your will be done, above all else.
Berean - Please give us the healing we desperately need, and a strong thirst for Your Word.
Berean - We ask everything in Your Son's name, Yahshua
Berean - Ahmein

EliYah's message:


In recent weeks, we have been examining what the scriptures have to say in regards to holiness

Last week, we left off with a scripture in the book of Hebrews that gives clear indication of Yahweh's requirement of Holiness/separateness.

In context, the scripture indicates that we are chastened by Yahweh so that we may be partakers of His holiness:

Hebrews 12:7 - If you endure chastening, YAHWEH deals with you as with sons; for what son is there whom a father does not chasten?

Hebrews 12:8 - But if you are without chastening, of which all have become partakers, then you are illegitimate and not sons.

Hebrews 12:9 - Furthermore, we have had human fathers who corrected us, and we paid them respect. Shall we not much more readily be in subjection to the Father of spirits and live?

Hebrews 12:10 - For they indeed for a few days chastened us as seemed best to them, but He for our profit, that we may be partakers of His holiness.

Hebrews 12:11 - Now no chastening seems to be joyful for the present, but painful; nevertheless, afterward it yields the peaceable fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it.

Hebrews 12:12 - Therefore strengthen the hands which hang down, and the feeble knees,

Hebrews 12:13 - and make straight paths for your feet, so that what is lame may not be [dislocated], but rather be healed.

Hebrews 12:14 - Pursue peace with all people, and holiness, without which no one will see YAHWEH:

Notice that we will not see Yahweh without following holiness. Holiness is apparently very important to understand!

We are among the things that are to be holy unto Yahweh. We are to be holy as He is holy. Therefore, our actions must also be holy.

We must be careful not to maintain the standard of holiness He has set for us.

We must be careful to maintain the standard of holiness He has set for us.

For instance, we are to perfect holiness by not being unequally yoked with unclean things:

2Corinthians 6:14 - Do not be bound together with unbelievers; for what partnership have righteousness and lawlessness, or what fellowship has light with darkness?

2Corinthians 6:15 - Or what harmony has the Messiah with Belial, or what has a believer in common with an unbeliever?

2Corinthians 6:16 - Or what agreement has the temple of YAHWEH with idols? For we are the temple of the living Elohim; just as YAHWEH said, "I will dwell in them and walk among them; and I will be their Elohim, and they shall be My people.

2Corinthians 6:17 - "Therefore, come out from their midst and be separate," says YAHWEH. "And do not touch what is unclean; and I will welcome you.

2Corinthians 6:18 - "And I will be a father to you, and you shall be sons and daughters to me," says YAHWEH Almighty.

2Corinthians 7:1 - Therefore, having these promises, beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from all defilement of flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of YAHWEH.

We are a new creation, a new man that is created in true holiness.

Ephesians 4:20 - But you have not so learned the Messiah,

Ephesians 4:21 - if indeed you have heard Him and have been taught by Him, as the truth is in Yahushua:

Ephesians 4:22 - that you put off, concerning your former conduct, the old man which grows corrupt according to the deceitful lusts,

Ephesians 4:23 - and be renewed in the spirit of your mind,

Ephesians 4:24 - and that you put on the new man which was created according to Elohim, in true righteousness and holiness.

We must presented ourselves to Yahweh as a holy, living and acceptable sacrifice:

Romans 12:1 - I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of YAHWEH, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto YAHWEH, which is your reasonable service.

Romans 12:2 - And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of YAHWEH.

Let's put on this new man therefore, and be diligent to be pure by walking in righteousness and obedience, for walking in righteousness and obedience brings a person to holiness:

Romans 6:17 - But YAHWEH be thanked, that ye were the servants of sin, but ye have obeyed from the heart that form of doctrine which was delivered you.

Romans 6:18 - Being then made free from sin, ye became the servants of righteousness.

Romans 6:19 - I speak after the manner of men because of the infirmity of your flesh: for as ye have yielded your members servants to uncleanness and to iniquity unto iniquity; even so now yield your members servants to righteousness unto holiness.

Romans 6:20 - For when ye were the servants of sin, ye were free from righteousness.

Romans 6:21 - What fruit had ye then in those things whereof ye are now ashamed? for the end of those things is death.

Romans 6:22 - But now being made free from sin, and become servants to YAHWEH, ye have your fruit unto holiness, and the end everlasting life.

Romans 6:23 - For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of YAHWEH is eternal life through Yahushua the Messiah our Saviour.

We should not be servants of sin, but rather, servants to righteousness unto holiness.

The Torah/law defines what is righteous and what is not. It defines what is holy and what is not. Sin is transgression of the Torah/law:

1John 3:4 - Whoever commits sin trangresses also the law, for sin is the transgression of the law.

In fact, the Torah is in itself holy:

Romans 7:12 - Wherefore the law is holy, and the commandment holy, and just, and good.

The Torah teaches us what is holy and what is unholy, so that those who do not know might avoid that which is unholy, profane and wrong:.

1Timothy 1:5 - Now the end of the commandment is charity out of a pure heart, and of a good conscience, and of faith unfeigned:

1Timothy 1:6 - From which some having swerved have turned aside unto vain jangling;

1Timothy 1:7 - Desiring to be teachers of the law; understanding neither what they say, nor whereof they affirm.

1Timothy 1:9 - Knowing this, that the law is not made for a righteous man, but for the lawless and disobedient, for the wicked and for sinners, for unholy and profane, for murderers of fathers and murderers of mothers, for manslayers,

1Timothy 1:10 - For whoremongers, for them that defile themselves with mankind, for menstealers, for liars, for perjured persons, and if there be any other thing that is contrary to sound doctrine;

1Timothy 1:11 - According to the glorious gospel of the blessed Elohim, which was committed to my trust.

We must not deny the power of holiness and righteousness:

2Timothy 3:1 - This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.

2Timothy 3:2 - For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,

2Timothy 3:3 - Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,

2Timothy 3:4 - Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of YAHWEH;

2Timothy 3:5 - Having a form of reverence, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.

There are things within us that can defile us too. We are defiled by bitterness within us:

Hebrews 12:14 - Pursue peace with all people, and holiness, without which no one will see YAHWEH:

Hebrews 12:15 - looking carefully lest anyone fall short of the favor of YAHWEH; lest any root of bitterness springing up cause trouble, and by this many become defiled;

Hebrews 12:16 - lest there be any fornicator or profane person like Esau, who for one morsel of food sold his birthright.

We husbands should do well to heed this, for we are commanded to not be bitter toward our wives:

Colossians 3:19 - Husbands, love your wives, and be not bitter against them.

This brings us to another important point.

While it is true that we must each be holy as Yahweh is holy, not all have the same roles to fulfill before Yahweh.

As previously mentioned, priests had a different standard of holiness than the common man.

The High Priest among the sons of Aaron had an even higher standard.

Also, as we discussed last summer in our study on family, women sometimes have a different role to fulfill than men. For instance:

1Timothy 2:11 - Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection.

1Timothy 2:12 - But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.

1Timothy 2:13 - For Adam was first formed, then Eve.

1Timothy 2:14 - And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression.

1Timothy 2:15 - Notwithstanding she shall be saved in childbearing, if they continue in faith and charity and holiness with sobriety.

Notice that a woman must continue in faith, charity and holiness with sobriety (self control).

What are some attributes of holy women?

Titus 2:3 - The aged women likewise, that they be in behaviour as becometh holiness, not false accusers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things;

Titus 2:4 - That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children,

Titus 2:5 - To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of YAHWEH be not blasphemed.

A holy woman will not falsely accuse, nor linger long at the wine. But she will love her husband and her children.

She will be discreet (discerning good and evil), chaste (pure), good, and obedient to her husband, lest the word of Yahweh be blasphemed.

But what if she is led by a husband that is not obedient to the word of Yahweh?

1Peter 3:1 - Wives, likewise, [be] submissive to your own husbands, that even if some do not obey the word, they, without a word, may be won by the conduct of their wives,

1Peter 3:2 - when they observe your chaste conduct accompanied by fear.

1Peter 3:3 - Do not let your adornment be merely outward--arranging the hair, wearing gold, or putting on fine apparel--

1Peter 3:4 - rather let it be the hidden person of the heart, with the incorruptible beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is very precious in the sight of YAHWEH.

1Peter 3:5 - For in this manner, in former times, the holy women who trusted in YAHWEH also adorned themselves, being submissive to their own husbands,

1Peter 3:6 - as Sarah obeyed Abraham, calling him master, whose daughters you are if you do good and are not afraid with any terror.

Holy women will put on holy apparel. The hidden, incorruptible heart, even the adorning of a meek and quiet spirit as the holy women of old adorned themselves because they trusted in Yahweh.

Such a woman, possessing belief and trust in Yahweh, will be sanctified in her behavior, that her husband might be sanctified and her children holy:

1Corinthians 7:14 - For the unbelieving husband is set apart by the wife, and the unbelieving wife is set apart by the husband: else were your children unclean; but now are they holy.

We must all be holy as Yahweh is holy.

Mothers, Fathers and children of Yahweh

We must have a holy seed, not like the exiles of Judah who purposely took in wives who were foreign to the belief in Yahweh:

Ezra 9:1 - Now when these things were done, the princes came to me, saying, The people of Israel, and the priests, and the Levites, have not separated themselves from the people of the lands, doing according to their abominations, even of the Canaanites, the Hittites, the Perizzites, the Jebusites, the Ammonites, the Moabites, the Egyptians, and the Amorites.

Ezra 9:2 - For they have taken of their daughters for themselves, and for their sons: so that the holy seed have mingled themselves with the people of those lands: yea, the hand of the princes and rulers hath been chief in this trespass.

Was the problem that their physical seed was defiled?

Notice that it says the children of Israel took for themselves wives of the Egyptians. But the nations forbidden in the Torah are:

Deuteronomy 7:1 - When YAHWEH thy Elohim shall bring thee into the land whither thou goest to possess it, and hath cast out many nations before thee, the Hittites, and the Girgashites, and the Amorites, and the Canaanites, and the Perizzites, and the Hivites, and the Jebusites, seven nations greater and mightier than thou;

Deuteronomy 7:2 - And when YAHWEH thy Elohim shall deliver them before thee; thou shalt smite them, and utterly destroy them; thou shalt make no covenant with them, nor shew mercy unto them:

Deuteronomy 7:3 - Neither shalt thou make marriages with them; thy daughter thou shalt not give unto his son, nor his daughter shalt thou take unto thy son.

We read here that the seven forbidden nation are the Hittites, and the Girgashites, and the Amorites, and the Canaanites, and the Perizzites, and the Hivites, and the Jebusites.

Why then would Yahweh be displeased that the people of Israel took wives of the Ammonites, Moabites and Egyptians?

Let's remember the purpose of the commandment:

Deuteronomy 7:4 - For they will turn away thy son from following me, that they may serve other elohim: so will the anger of YAHWEH be kindled against you, and destroy thee suddenly.

Yahweh knew the tendency here, that their children would turn away from Yahweh. Yahweh seeks righteous, holy offspring, children of Elohim:

Malachi 2:13 - And this have ye done again, covering the altar of YAHWEH with tears, with weeping, and with crying out, insomuch that he regardeth not the offering any more, or receiveth it with good will at your hand.

Malachi 2:14 - Yet ye say, Wherefore? Because YAHWEH hath been witness between thee and the wife of thy youth, against whom thou hast dealt treacherously: yet is she thy companion, and the wife of thy covenant.

Malachi 2:15 - And did not he make one? Yet had he the residue of the spirit. And wherefore one? That he might seek a seed of Elohim. Therefore take heed to your spirit, and let none deal treacherously against the wife of his youth.

Malachi 2:16 - For YAHWEH, the Elohim of Israel, saith that he hateth putting away: for one covereth violence with his garment, saith YAHWEH of hosts: therefore take heed to your spirit, that ye deal not treacherously.

Therefore, it is not so much the genealogy of a person that Yahweh is concerned about, but a believer marrying an unbelieving and idolatrous spouse. Otherwise, Joseph was wrong for marrying an Egyptian (Gen 41:45) and Boaz was wrong for marrying Ruth, the Moabitess (Ruth 4:13).

This is not in contradiction to the earlier scripture, which is discussing a situation where someone became a believer while already being married to an unbeliever:

1Corinthians 7:10 - And unto the married I command, yet not I, but YAHWEH, Let not the wife depart from her husband:

1Corinthians 7:11 - But and if she depart, let her remain unmarried, or be reconciled to her husband: and let not the husband put away his wife.

1Corinthians 7:12 - But to the rest speak I, not YAHWEH: If any brother hath a wife that believeth not, and she be pleased to dwell with him, let him not put her away.

1Corinthians 7:13 - And the woman which hath an husband that believeth not, and if he be pleased to dwell with her, let her not leave him.

1Corinthians 7:14 - For the unbelieving husband is set apart by the wife, and the unbelieving wife is set apart by the husband: else were your children unclean; but now are they holy.

1Corinthians 7:15 - But if the unbelieving depart, let him depart. A brother or a sister is not under bondage in such cases: but YAHWEH hath called us to peace.

1Corinthians 7:16 - For what knowest thou, O wife, whether thou shalt save thy husband? or how knowest thou, O man, whether thou shalt save thy wife?

1Corinthians 7:18 - Is any man called being circumcised? let him not become uncircumcised. Is any called in uncircumcision? let him not be circumcised.

So we see an encouragement by Paul to try and remain in the situation we were in while called, for Yahweh has sanctified the spouse and made the children holy... and it may be that the spouse will be saved.

But if a person married an unbeliever while being a believer (who is to be holy as Yahweh is holy), this would be wrong and it is likened unto giving that which is holy to the dogs!

Matthew 7:6 - Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.

We are to be holy unto Yahweh; we should not give ourselves in marriage to the dogs!

According to scripture, the whole earth is defiled when there is a disregard for Yahweh's covenant:

Isaiah 24:4 - The earth mourneth and fadeth away, the world languisheth and fadeth away, the haughty people of the earth do languish.

Isaiah 24:5 - The earth also is defiled under the inhabitants thereof; because they have transgressed the laws, changed the ordinance, broken the everlasting covenant.

Isaiah 24:6 - Therefore hath the curse devoured the earth, and they that dwell therein are desolate: therefore the inhabitants of the earth are burned, and few men left.

Indeed, we see today that the earth is truly defiled. Men have transgressed the laws of Yahweh (they say what matters is the heart), changed the ordinances of Yahweh (like keeping Easter rather than Passover) and broken the everlasting covenant (they say it is abolished).

But we must rightly discern what is holy and what is not, what is clean and what is not.

We must keep ourselves unspotted from the world

But we must rightly discern what is holy and what is not, what is clean and what is not.

James 1:27 - Pure and undefiled religion before YAHWEH the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and to keep oneself unspotted from the world.

Yahushua, when disputing with the Pharisees over whether it was lawful to eat with unwashed hands, commented:

Matthew 15:17 - Do not ye yet understand, that whatsoever entereth in at the mouth goeth into the belly, and is cast out into the draught?

Matthew 15:18 - But those things which proceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart; and they defile the man.

Matthew 15:19 - For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies:

Matthew 15:20 - These are the things which defile a man: but to eat with unwashen hands defileth not a man.

So we see that evil thoughts defile a man. Murders, adulteries and fornications, thefts, false witnesses and blasphemies also defile a man.

This should be a lesson also for us, that we not go beyond the word of Yahweh in discerning the clean and unclean.

The Pharisees had gone to the extreme in their understanding of what is unclean. They were quite particular not only in when to wash their hands, but even how. There were ordinances that said you had to wash up to the third joint of the finger with a certain measure of water, etc etc etc.

They focused so much on what might cause them to be impure, they forgot that Yahweh would rather have them focus on what IS pure.

1Timothy 1:15 - This is a faithful saying, and worthy of all acceptation, that the Messiah Yahushua came into the world to save sinners; of whom I am chief.

wrong book :)

Titus 1:15 - Unto the pure all things are pure: but unto them that are defiled and unbelieving is nothing pure; but even their mind and conscience is defiled.

We should not treat clean/uncleanness like people treat germs. For instance, some believe that a woman who is in her monthly impurity (Niddah) should not cook a meal, lest she make the meal unclean

But scripture does not say that any food she touches is unclean. Neither does scripture say that eating with unwashed hands makes you unclean. We should not add to His word, neither should we take away:

Proverbs 30:5 - Every word of Eloah is pure: he is a shield unto them that put their trust in him.

Proverbs 30:6 - Add thou not unto his words, lest he reprove thee, and thou be found a liar.

Therefore, we need to make our words like His words, for the tongue can also defile a man:

James 3:3 - Indeed, we put bits in horses' mouths that they may obey us, and we turn their whole body.

James 3:4 - Look also at ships: although they are so large and are driven by fierce winds, they are turned by a very small rudder wherever the pilot desires.

James 3:5 - Even so the tongue is a little member and boasts great things. See how great a forest a little fire kindles!

James 3:6 - And the tongue is a fire, a world of iniquity. The tongue is so set among our members that it defiles the whole body, and sets on fire the course of nature; and it is set on fire by hell.

"Even so, the tongue is so set among our members that it defiles the whole body!"

James 3:7 - For every kind of beast and bird, of reptile and creature of the sea, is tamed and has been tamed by mankind.

James 3:8 - But no man can tame the tongue. It is an unruly evil, full of deadly poison.

James 3:9 - With it we bless YAHWEH our Father and with it we curse men, who have been made in the similitude of YAHWEH.

James 3:10 - Out of the same mouth proceed blessing and cursing. My brethren, these things ought not to be so.

James 3:11 - Does a spring send forth fresh water and bitter from the same opening?

James 3:12 - Can a fig tree, my brethren, bear olives, or a grapevine bear figs? Thus no spring yields both salt water and fresh.

James 3:13 - Who is wise and understanding among you? Let him show by good conduct [that] his works are done in the meekness of wisdom.

Our conversation is to be holy:

1Peter 1:15 - but as He who called you is holy, you also be holy in all your conduct,

1Peter 1:16 - because it is written, "Be holy, for I am holy."

2Peter 3:10 - But the day of YAHWEH will come as a thief in the night, in which the heavens will pass away with a great noise, and the elements will melt with fervent heat; both the earth and the works that are in it will be burned up.

2Peter 3:11 - Therefore, since all these things will be dissolved, what manner of persons ought you to be in holy conduct and reverence,

Let us heed Yahushua's warning:

Matthew 12:35 - A good man out of the good treasure of the heart bringeth forth good things: and an evil man out of the evil treasure bringeth forth evil things.

Matthew 12:36 - But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment.

Matthew 12:37 - For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned.

Truly this is a powerful saying!

Can we stand before the Son of Man?

He will be seeking that bride that He purified. Not only should we beware not to defile our whole body with our tongue, we should shun such profane and idle babblings.

2Timothy 2:15 - Study to shew thyself approved unto YAHWEH, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

2Timothy 2:16 - But shun profane and vain babblings: for they will increase unto more wickedness.

2Timothy 2:17 - And their word will eat as doth a canker: of whom is Hymenaeus and Philetus;

2Timothy 2:18 - Who concerning the truth have erred, saying that the resurrection is past already; and overthrow the faith of some.

Therefore, let's bring our thoughts and words into the subjection of Messiah and if any man speak, let it be as the oracles of Yahweh:

1Peter 4:11 - If anyone speaks, let him speak as the oracles of YAHWEH. If anyone ministers, let him do it as with the ability which YAHWEH supplies, that in all things YAHWEH may be glorified through Yahushua the Messiah, to whom belong the glory and the dominion forever and ever.

Ephesians 4:29 - Let no corrupt word proceed out of your mouth, but what is good for necessary edification, that it may impart favor to the hearers.

Yahweh's oracles are holy, may our speech be also

But how do we let no corrupt word proceed out of our mouth?

Battle away the corrupt thoughts that lead to corrupt speech:

2Corinthians 10:4 - for the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh, but divinely powerful for the destruction of fortresses.

2Corinthians 10:5 - Destroying speculations and every lofty thing raised up against the knowledge of YAHWEH, taking every thought captive to the obedience of the Messiah,

Take captive every thought to the obedience of Messiah.

2Corinthians 10:6 - and we are ready to punish all disobedience, whenever your obedience is complete.

If our thoughts are unclean and are not in accordance with obedience to Yahweh, ask Yahweh to cast it out! He who is holy and has His Holy Spirit in us desires to do so!

One day, all these unholy and temporary things will not be tolerated. In the future kingdom, holiness will be the rule:

Isaiah 35:3 - Strengthen ye the weak hands, and confirm the feeble knees.

Isaiah 35:4 - Say to them that are of a fearful heart, Be strong, fear not: behold, your Elohim will come with vengeance, even Elohim with a recompence; he will come and save you.

Isaiah 35:5 - Then the eyes of the blind shall be opened, and the ears of the deaf shall be unstopped.

Isaiah 35:6 - Then shall the lame man leap as an hart, and the tongue of the dumb sing: for in the wilderness shall waters break out, and streams in the desert.

Isaiah 35:7 - And the parched ground shall become a pool, and the thirsty land springs of water: in the habitation of dragons, where each lay, shall be grass with reeds and rushes.

Isaiah 35:8 - And an highway shall be there, and a way, and it shall be called The way of holiness; the unclean shall not pass over it; but it shall be for those: the wayfaring men, though fools, shall not err therein.

Isaiah 35:9 - No lion shall be there, nor any ravenous beast shall go up thereon, it shall not be found there; but the redeemed shall walk there:

Isaiah 35:10 - And the ransomed of YAHWEH shall return, and come to Zion with songs and everlasting joy upon their heads: they shall obtain joy and gladness, and sorrow and sighing shall flee away.

Therefore, let's give thanks at the remembrance of His holiness:

Psalms 30:4 - Sing unto YAHWEH, O ye saints of his, and give thanks at the remembrance of his holiness.

Psalms 97:12 - Rejoice in YAHWEH, ye righteous; and give thanks at the remembrance of his holiness.

We will continue next week, may Yahweh bless you and may Yahweh be praised for His holiness!


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VictoryYAH - I know when to be silent though
tewey - Have you ever considered that the "new testament" was oly written to the "chosen" and to none other
Yahuwdiyth - Lot of people out there are mad at this "god" they talk about from time to time. They just don't know Yahweh, nor do they want to know him. You can't "explain the way more clearly" to those who do not want it.
VictoryYAH - No, tewey I never thought that
tewey - thinkk about the prayer spoken by the Messiah in John 17th chapter
tewey - +john 27 6
tewey - +john 17 6
VictoryYAH - My husband told me last night that when his father died over 25 years ago, that was when he stopped believing in G_d. He told me that G_d took his father from him.
tewey - +john 17 7
tewey - +john 17 8
Yahuwdiyth - Does not the scripture tell us that the "preaching of the tree is foolishness to them that perish?" Vicky that random scripture didn't come up by accident. It was brought up to console you.
Yahuwdiyth - + cor 1 18
Yahuwdiyth - + corin 1 18
tewey - shalom everyone
VictoryYAH - So what do you think that scripture means Judy?
Yahuwdiyth - well dung!
Yahuwdiyth - give me corinthians!
Yahuwdiyth - + corinthians 1 18
Yahuwdiyth - + 1 cor 1 18
Yahuwdiyth - + 1cor 1 18
Yahuwdiyth - Halleluyahweh!
Yahuwdiyth - finally!
Yahuwdiyth - shew!
Yahuwdiyth - Your brother in law is perishing in his disbelief. He does not want to hear the foolishness of the Yahuwshu'a on a stake.
VictoryYAH - So what you are saying is that if you believe then you won't die
VictoryYAH - ?
Yahuwdiyth - Physical death or spiritual death?
Yahuwdiyth - Seems he is already spiritually dead.
VictoryYAH - Well we all are appointed to die a physical death
Yahuwdiyth - I'm not saying he is perishing because of his disbelief.
VictoryYAH - I talked to him last week and he does believe in G_d and Jesus. And he knows why the Son came here.
Yahuwdiyth - But he doesn't want to hear anything other than jesus or god?
VictoryYAH - Right
Yahuwdiyth - I just don't understand peoples thinking about that! When I heard my Savior's real name I rejoiced!
Yahuwdiyth - I love his real name!
VictoryYAH - So did I :-)
Yahuwdiyth - I love the real name of the Father!
VictoryYAH - Me too
Yahuwdiyth - It is beautiful!
VictoryYAH - \o/ praise YHWH \o/
Yahuwdiyth - Baruch haba bashem Yahuwshu'a HaMashiach!
VictoryYAH - It is His memoriel Name "Forever" :-)
VictoryYAH - sorry about the spelling
Yahuwdiyth - My eyes tear up with joy over his name!
VictoryYAH - Oh, so do mine
VictoryYAH - :-)
Yahuwdiyth - Revival must come the prophets reveavled!
VictoryYAH - I am feeling very nervous and anxious now
Yahuwdiyth - Bless your heart!
VictoryYAH - I know I have to be going up to hospital and face all my husbands family
Yahuwdiyth - Be anxious for nothing sister Vicky.
VictoryYAH - I know, but I can't seem to shake it
VictoryYAH - Shabbat Shalom mekhal
Yahuwdiyth - Maybe you need a real good time of praise and shouting and rejoicing before you go to the hosp?
VictoryYAH - My husband's family is a very rough family, if you know what I mean
Yahuwdiyth - Are you home alone?
VictoryYAH - Ever other word out of their mouth is F___
Yahuwdiyth - Shabbat Shalom, Mekhal!
Yahuwdiyth - I understand.
VictoryYAH - No, my huasband just came home from seeing his brother. We are going up a little later this afternoon.
VictoryYAH - I don't fit in with them
VictoryYAH - They call me Miss pris and righteous
VictoryYAH - Miss goody two shoes etc
Yahuwdiyth - I know the feeling....a callous bunch and your refinement makes then feel shame.
VictoryYAH - Could be
Yahuwdiyth - Well, you don't have to spend every moment with them do you?
VictoryYAH - Please keep praying for me and my husband to have the strength during this time of sorrow. :-)
VictoryYAH - I try not too
VictoryYAH - I am taking my own car and my husband is not happy about that
Yahuwdiyth - I'm sure BROinLaw doesn't want everybody there fawning over him all the time.
VictoryYAH - Actually, he does. He is scared
Yahuwdiyth - I think you should drive with him.
Yahuwdiyth - OH, I see.
VictoryYAH - He called my husband at 5:30 am for him to come up
Yahuwdiyth - Well, if he "really" knew his redeemer then he would not be scared.
VictoryYAH - So true
Yahuwdiyth - OH, death will come with no sting!
Yahuwdiyth - I will rejoice if my death comes.
VictoryYAH - I can't, I have to take my own car because my husband will stay till the wee hours of the morning and we have a dog that has to be let out, and we live quite a ways away from the hospital.
Yahuwdiyth - I know who my redeemer is and death will be a time of rejoicing for me because I know within moments I will see him!
Yahuwdiyth - oh, I see
VictoryYAH - :-)
Yahuwdiyth - Yes, you are correct in taking your car then.
VictoryYAH - But I will stay as long as my husband needs me
Yahuwdiyth - yes, let the dog out just before you leave
Yahuwdiyth - How old is your dog?
Yahuwdiyth - Shabbat Shalom Ruth!
Yahuwdiyth - My dogs have been rained well over the years and they ONLY go out twice a day.
Ruth - Shabbatt Shalom VictoryYAH
Ruth - Shabbatt Shalom Yahudiyth
VictoryYAH - Shabbat Shalom Ruth
VictoryYAH - Our dog is almost 4 years old
VictoryYAH - (((((((((Ruth)))))))))))
Yahuwdiyth - Mine are 12 and they have been trained well and never have trouble.
Ruth - ((((((((((((((((((Vicky)))))))))))))))))
Yahuwdiyth - Blessed is the man who fears Yahweh.
Yahuwdiyth - What song is being played?
VictoryYAH - Yes, to fear Yahweh is Wisdom :-)
VictoryYAH - Ruth what is the name of this song?
VictoryYAH - Can you hear any songs played Judy?
Yahuwdiyth - no, I can't.
VictoryYAH - awwww
VictoryYAH - Are you on mIRC?
Yahuwdiyth - Tiff told me I have to download sumthin to hear them
Yahuwdiyth - yes
VictoryYAH - When I have the time, and when you are here, I can send you some wav's
Yahuwdiyth - Well, thanks, but wav files are usually rather distracting to me and can cause me to crash.
VictoryYAH - The ones with EliYah's children are so wonderful
Yahuwdiyth - I don't have an integrated system so only one sound program runs at one time.
VictoryYAH - Oh, ok
Ruth - what did I play!!!???
Yahuwdiyth - I have listened to some of the music from this site.
VictoryYAH - I don't know the name of it Ruth
Yahuwdiyth - Do you all know the scripture..."forsake not the gathering of yourselves together" in Hebrews?
VictoryYAH - Yes
Yahuwdiyth - what chap verse?
VictoryYAH - The JW's tell me of that verse all the time
Ruth - I can only have one sound sytemplat at one time also
VictoryYAH - Hold on let me check for you
Yahuwdiyth - What do the JW's think that verse means?...mandatory church attendance?
VictoryYAH - Yes
Yahuwdiyth - oh please...
Yahuwdiyth - ha!
Yahuwdiyth - All those churchy places wanna use that scripture to beat us over the head.
Yahuwdiyth - If they get us in the door then they beat a unlawful tithe out of us.
Ruth - Judy, you are on mirc
Yahuwdiyth - yes, Ruth
VictoryYAH - +Hebrews 10:25
Yahuwdiyth - The Day...
Yahuwdiyth - The Day of Atonement, Paul was speaking of...
Yahuwdiyth - The whole book of Hebrews is about the Day of Atonement.
VictoryYAH - It is?
Yahuwdiyth - Yes, and people do not understand Pauls writings so often (as Peter said) because Paul was writing to those who already knew what he was talking about without saying "day of Atonement"...Paul didn't think that dumbed down church people would be reading his writings 2000 years later...the apostles felt that Yahuwshu'a was gonna be returning in their lifetime.
Vicky - I just got disconnected
Vicky - ty :-)
Yahuwdiyth - That is why the church is such scattered sheep dumb before the shearers....they do not read the Brit Chadasha as a Jewish book and many don't even read the Torah or the Prophets at all thinking "we don't need that Jewish stuff"....oh, what a deception... :(
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - !rm
Yahuwdiyth - Back in 1992 my soul cried out for my Jewish Savior and not this marketable jesus they all preach...truely they are worshipping a "creature" more than the creator. A creature they have made up...a goodlooking, blondish man. Not as the scripture has told that he was not a comely man that any should want him.
Vicky - Yes, you know I just read that scripture in Isaiah two months ago about Yahushua.
Yahuwdiyth - I stook in the middle of a church of hundreds of people and in my soul I cried, "Why are we not celebrating the feasts that were to be forever? Why do we not have a Menorah?" Why? Why have we been stripped of everything scriptural?
Vicky - Wow
Ruth - how we had been blinded for so long!!!
Yahuwdiyth - Then I began to find out how it all happened...Constantine was no Christian. He was a smart pagan who saw a great business move. He stripped the faith of all the Jewishness."
Yahuwdiyth - Constantine, Hitler, bin Laden.... all the same types
Vicky - Yes
Vicky - When I found out the truth, I was so angered by all the lies I had been taught
Yahuwdiyth - me too
Yahuwdiyth - And I'm still angry
Vicky - Yes, me also
Yahuwdiyth - and my heart breaks for those who are involved in the deception
Vicky - And especially when you see your loved ones still believing all the lies
Yahuwdiyth - but, my silly heart can only break so far....I know that no man can come to the Father expect by Yahuwshu'a....only my foolishness of preaching may help some be guided by the call that is there, but they don't want to hear.
Yahuwdiyth - They don't want to understand what the scripture means.
Yahuwdiyth - + 2tim 2 15
Vicky - I have tried so hard to reason with my husband and my family, but now I am trying to win them over without a word. But that can be hard to do, when you have the knowledge of the truth. You want to share it with them.
Yahuwdiyth - If they know the English bible came from Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek why don't they study?
Yahuwdiyth - They want to trust the English?
Vicky - Because most of them are
Vicky - "Too" comfortable with their lives
Ruth - so true
Yahuwdiyth - To me it only seems logical to study the original's to make sure the translation is correct.
Vicky - It would disrupt them to go and study and prove all things
Yahuwdiyth - With many preachers of churchanity slipping a little jewel in now and then by saying the underlying Hebrew, Aramaic or Greek word and it's truer meaning you'd think that would inspire people to study!
Vicky - But.....I also have to remember I was where they are at one point in my life.
Yahuwdiyth - I was too.
Yahuwdiyth - I was steeped in sin.
Yahuwdiyth - I didn't care.
Ruth - yeah, and not so very long ago either
Vicky - Right Ruth :-0
Vicky - :-)
Yahuwdiyth - Oh, not so long for me!
Yahuwdiyth - In 1997 I was swinging naked on a pole for $1000 a night.
Vicky - I always believed in the Father and the Son, but not the way I do now.
Yahuwdiyth -
Yahuwdiyth - Have I shocked you all off your chairs?
Yahuwdiyth - anybody there?
Yahuwdiyth - hello?
Yahuwdiyth - lol
Vicky - No, I heard you say that last night in paltalk remember?
Yahuwdiyth - Oh, I didn't know you were there dear.
Ruth - Praise Yahweh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vicky - But at least now, you know you were sinning and have repented :-)
Vicky - HalleluYAH!
Vicky - \o/ Praise YHWH \o/
Yahuwdiyth - It's a shameful past...much more scarlet than some and I've hesitated to speak about it because people see the new me and would never believe I was some wild sex symbol.
Vicky - Bless His Name, lift up His Name :-)
Yahuwdiyth - At least I never did adult films! Praise Yahweh! He kept from that shame that would have haunted me.
Vicky - Praise YHWH!
Vicky - BRB
Yahuwdiyth - BRB too...gotta check on Grannie.
betzer - shabbat shalom!
betzer - anybody here??
Ruth - ok, you both have a Shalom on this Sabbath, and see you later tonight !!! ...
VictoryYAH_BRB - Hi, I am back
Vicky - !rs
Vicky - +Hebrews 10:34
Yahuwdiyth - back
Yahuwdiyth - sort of
Yahuwdiyth - caught in "cooking mode"
Vicky - wb Judy :-)
Vicky - I am kind of back also
Yahuwdiyth - made some homemade spazel
Vicky - Getting ready to go to the hospital
Vicky - what is spazel
Yahuwdiyth - umm....
Yahuwdiyth - german
Yahuwdiyth - Well
Yahuwdiyth - like noodles?
Yahuwdiyth - I put flour in the food processor
Yahuwdiyth - about a cup
Yahuwdiyth - two egg yolks
Yahuwdiyth - and trickle water in till it all balls up
Yahuwdiyth - then roll out thin on a floured board
Yahuwdiyth - and use a pizza cutter to zip, zip, zip into little squares
Yahuwdiyth - and then fry in butter
Yahuwdiyth - saute in butter
Eli - shalom
Vicky - oooooh sounds good
Vicky - Shabbat Shalom Eli
Yahuwdiyth - the butter browns and the spazel is cooked and yummy
Yahuwdiyth - Shabbat shalom all!
Vicky - Shalom ChildofYah
ChildofYa - Shabbat Shalom
Eli - in one out in Canada
Eli - is anyone living in Cananda?
Yahuwdiyth - almost burned the spazel!
Yahuwdiyth - Oy!
Vicky - I live in Upstate New York Eli
claudia - hello watchman
claudia - !rs
claudia - !last seen BrBob
claudia - I guess I don't know how to do that
claudia - ok, thanks
Vicky - Don't put a space between lastseen :-)
claudia - I haven't seen him for a long time
claudia - thank you
Vicky - your welcome :-)
claudia - what are your plans for the day...everyone?
claudia - is there a lesson here on the sabbath?
Vicky - I am going to the hospital to see my brother-in-law, who is dying :-(
claudia - oh so sorry
Vicky - ty
Vicky - !rs
claudia - well..we all should rejoice at death...because it is the end of the testing of the flesh......
Vicky - Yes :-)
choosenam - Sandman
claudia - and then rather than be joyous at a birth...we should contemplate the struggle that the little life will be facing
claudia - last year EliYah had a great study about being joyous in the word of Yahweh
claudia - Count your trials as with joy, let patience have its timely work
Vicky - Yes, EliYah has great studies :-)
claudia - that one in particular made me stronger.....
Vicky - :-)
claudia - +1Corinth 4 13
claudia - +1corinth 4 14
claudia - +1 corinth 4 15
Vicky - I have to go get ready
Vicky - YHWH bless you all
claudia - ok
Vicky - Have a blessed Sabbath
claudia - and I will be thinking of you
claudia - thankyou
Vicky - ty claudia
ChildofYa - Yahweh bless you vicky
Vicky - yw sister :-)
claudia - and may Yahweh bless you and your family
Vicky - Thank you all very much
ChildofYa - :-)
Vicky - I love you all :-)
claudia - +2corinth 4 13 14
claudia - that is the one I wanted for vicky
ChildofYa - morning and a Shabbat Shalom to you claudia ;-)
claudia - and to you Child
claudia - +Psalms 33 1
claudia - +Psalms 28 12
claudia - +Psalms 28 12
ChildofYa - claudia is going to be very difficult to get that book America B.C.
Yahuwdiyth - If anybody said anything to me in the last 10 minutes please say again.
Yahuwdiyth - Grannies, medical practitioner is here
claudia - sabbath greetings
claudia - ok
Yahuwdiyth - was in the other room
Yahuwdiyth - Did I miss anything good? :)
claudia - I was trying to post some scripture from an old lesson of eliYah
Yahuwdiyth - Hallelu Yahweh!
claudia - +Psalms 28 12
Yahuwdiyth - no watchman
claudia - I guess he is gone
claudia - again
claudia - : )
Yahuwdiyth - no
Yahuwdiyth - wait
Yahuwdiyth - what is that watchman down at the bottom of the screen?
Yahuwdiyth - ha
Yahuwdiyth - funny watchman
claudia - it was working before
claudia - anyway......
claudia - how are you today Yahu
claudia - I wonder at the spelling of your name
claudia - and what it means
claudia - Judith?
claudia - right?
choosenam - nice shoot
claudia - hahaha
claudia - it is really you?
claudia - I have not spoken with you for quite a long time
claudia - I like your new name
claudia - anyone there?
claudia - I guess i should go and get ready for Sabbath meeting
choosenam -
claudia - Hi sandman
choosenam - aren't we saturday ?
claudia - well.....actually it is the 7th day
claudia - according to the scriptures
choosenam - Hi Claudia, thanks to regonize me
claudia - saturday is a recent name
choosenam - yes english :)
claudia - well I am not sure people with choosename like to be talked to
claudia - actually, saturday is from the name of the planet Saturn...not english
choosenam - I went to quickly but i'm here with the name Sandman as always
claudia - do you not recognize the 7th day as a day of rest?
claudia - oh ok
choosenam - Yes i do
claudia - nice to meet you
claudia - and what do you call it
choosenam - starting friday
claudia - I suppose you can call it what you want.....
claudia - actually timekeeping is such an interesting study
claudia - when a day begins
claudia - when a month begins
claudia - when a year begins
claudia - and what manages those times
claudia - the egyptians started their new day with the rising of the orb of the sun
choosenam - Sorry i got lost,now_Shabbat it's from fridaY NIGHT to saturday night. Samstag ist Zaturn ?
claudia - I agree with you that the 7th day begins when the orb of the sun is out of sight....sets
choosenam - ok, here we are
choosenam - Claudia you are speed
claudia - : )
claudia - sorry
claudia - I talk even faster
claudia - haha
choosenam - Lol
claudia - did you read what I posted?
choosenam - Haven't seen the postman
Nicole - Shalom!
claudia - sabbath greetings Nicole
choosenam - Sandman is my name lol
Nicole - : )
Nicole - How is everyone today?
claudia - great......
claudia - and you?
choosenam - Shlom!
Nicole - Fine, thank you.
Eli - please could you pray for me . I'm have a haed time with my wife, it looks like it mite be all over and we have three children. I pray to Yahweh that I hope I have done everything besides givind up my Faith that Yahweh has showen me. Please pray that Yahweh will intervene and help me and my family. May Yahweh bless your lifes and keep you in Yahshua's love shalom all
Nicole - I will pray for you Eli.
claudia - Eli! so sorry....
choosenam - Man, look also into yourself
claudia - please do everything you can to keep the family together...have you had counseling?
claudia - are you both people of the scriptures?
Eli - we have and I will
claudia - a mans responsibility is to be the spiritual leader of the family
claudia - have you done that?
claudia - are you doing that?
Nicole - remeber this
Nicole - +psalm 27:1
choosenam - are you open minded?
claudia - have you done something wrong in the marriage that you can repair?
claudia - is there forgiveness between the woman and the man?
claudia - W O W what a counseling session....eli
Eli - we have talked before Claudia
claudia - OH yes....
choosenam - it should
claudia - there are times that one must continue on........
claudia - if the partner will not abide
claudia - just continue to love and comfort the children all your days
Eli - Shalom all
claudia - be a good person
Nicole - Shalom Eli.
Eli - I will
claudia - and yahweh will be helping you
Nicole - Yahweh bless you.
claudia - I must also go
choosenam - can also to go backward where the problem did start,and restart
claudia - I agree sandman
claudia - it is never too late when two people are willing
choosenam - Bye Claudia
Nicole - Praise Yah
claudia - bye sandman, Nicole, eli yahudiytrh and child
Nicole - Bye Claudia
Nicole - Take care
claudia - !rs
Nicole - What do yall want to have a conversation about?
Nicole - Shalom everybody. Take care and Yahweh bless!!!
Sandman - ?
Yahuwdiyth - Halleluyah!
Yahuwdiyth - Forgive me for not talking!
Yahuwdiyth - I was away.
Yahuwdiyth - Giving my grandmother a breathing treatment.
Yahuwdiyth - !rs
Yahuwdiyth - Leaning on the everlasting arms!
Yahuwdiyth - Praise Yahweh!
Yahuwdiyth - !rs
starr - how have you been hello
Yahuwdiyth - Halleluyah!
Yahuwdiyth - Who me?
Yahuwdiyth - !rs
starr - is there no guys here
Yahuwdiyth - I'm a girl.
starr - hello
Yahuwdiyth - hi :)
Yahuwdiyth - 37, Kentucky, single
EliYah - Shabbat Shalom :)
Yahuwdiyth - Well, Shabbat Shalom! :)
Yahuwdiyth - !rs
starr - do you have a boyfriend
Yahuwdiyth - No, boyfriend
Yahuwdiyth - Live out in the country with my grandmother...isolated.
Yahuwdiyth - lol
Yahuwdiyth - !rs
Yahuwdiyth - Hallelu Yahweh!
Yahuwdiyth - Believe!!!!!!
starr - @Watchman hello
Yahuwdiyth - But, not "easy believism"
Sandman - Sound weird
Yahuwdiyth - !rs
Yahuwdiyth - Watchman is not a person Starr
Yahuwdiyth - It is a computer program to bring up scriptures like when I do "!rs" for "random scripture"
Yahuwdiyth - try it
Yahuwdiyth - !rs
Yahuwdiyth - Halleluyah!
Yahuwdiyth - !rs
Yahuwdiyth - Amein
starr - what the hell sandman
Yahuwdiyth - You will know my talmudim by their affectionate love one to another.
Sandman - Strange, ¨
starr - strange
Yahuwdiyth - !rs
Sandman - Paradise
Sandman - Heaven
starr - see ha
Yahuwdiyth - !rs
EliYah - Leviticus 19:18 - Thou shalt not avenge, nor bear any grudge against the children of thy people, but thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself: I am YAHWEH.
starr - hello
Yahuwdiyth - amein
Yahuwdiyth - Shalom Blessing
Blessing - Greetings
Sandman - What's going on here,use to be some order ?
Blessing - How wonderful to be back
EliYah - Informal when there isn't a scheduled meeting, Sandman
EliYah - Shabbat Shalom Blessing :)
Yahuwdiyth - Is there disorder, Sandman?
Blessing - Shabbat Shalom to you also
Sandman - Thanks Eliyah
Yahuwdiyth - That was a good good scripture Eliyah. I'll have to memorize that one.
Blessing - How is every one this beautiful day that the Lord has made.
Yahuwdiyth - I'm on top of the world that Yahweh that made! :)
Yahuwdiyth - Halleluyah!!!!!!
Blessing - Great Yahuwdiyth
Yahuwdiyth - :)
Blessing - Is there any discussion going on at the moment
Yahuwdiyth - + lev 19 18
Yahuwdiyth - No, subject right now Blessing.
Sandman - In my eyes yes,if you say something like i went to drink some milk ,and jump into scripture on milk and honey,cool
Yahuwdiyth - Just us Yahuwdim hanging out.
Yahuwdiyth - !rs
EliYah - Some think that is a new commandment, found only in the "New Testament"
Blessing - Today here in SC it is beautiful. Lovely blue, clear skies and the temperature is perfect
Yahuwdiyth - Which commandment Eliyah?
Yahuwdiyth - the Lev one?
Sandman - SC ?=
EliYah - thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself:
Blessing - South Carolina Sandman
Sandman - just love
Sandman - I C
Yahuwdiyth - Oh, absolutely...most of churchanity does want anything to do with the OT
Blessing - To love ones neighbor is to love oneself.
Sandman - Charleston Heston
Yahuwdiyth - !rs
EliYah - Galatians 5:14 - For all the law is fulfilled in one word, even in this: "You shall love your neighbor as yourself."
Sandman - .....is One
Sandman - The Bibl is One
Yahuwdiyth - You will know my talmudim by the affectionate love they have to one another!
Yahuwdiyth - I love you, Blessing.
Yahuwdiyth - I love you, Child of Yah.
Yahuwdiyth - I love you, Eliyah.
Blessing - I love myself, for I know that I belong unto God, My Father and His Son, Jesus. I do not know how to spell the names that you all use. They are beautiful
Yahuwdiyth - I love you, Sandman.
EliYah - love you too, Yahuwdith\
Blessing - I love you all also
EliYah - Yahweh is the name of the Heavenly Father
Yahuwdiyth - Happy, happy, happy! :)
Blessing - yes, It is a beautiful name. So pleasant to speak it
EliYah - In the scriptures we are told to praise, exalt, bless, love, teach, preach, anoint, assemble, believe, give thanks, honor and call on His name.
EliYah - :)
Blessing - Yahweh, Yahweh, Yahweh. It is beautiful
Yahuwdiyth - Yes, blessing...everywhere you see "LORD" in all caps in the bible, know that underneath in the original Hebrew language is his name, "Yahweh".
Sandman - among
Blessing - How did His name, Yahweh get changed
Yahuwdiyth - It didn't ever get changed.
EliYah - It all started with a Jewish tradition called the "ineffable name" doctrine. Jews, for fear that Yahweh's name be blasphemed, started to substitute His name with the Hebrew title "Adonai".
Yahuwdiyth - It got covered up is what happened.
EliYah - Adonai is the Hebrew word for "Lord". You can verify this information in many Bible dictionaries and various encyclopedias
Blessing - I know that His Name has not changed. But how did man come about changing it
Sandman - Many Names ONE G-D
Yahuwdiyth - And they also substitute by saying "HaShem" meaning "TheName" in English.
Sandman - Barouk
EliYah - Psalms 83:18 - That men may know that thou, whose name alone is YAHWEH, art the most high over all the earth.
Blessing - Spell Jesus true name for me
EliYah - Actually he has one personal name
EliYah - But many titles that describe Him
Yahuwdiyth - Yahuwshu'a
ChildofYa - Shabbat Shalom, Baruch haShem Yahweh
Blessing - Yahuwshua it is like poetry
EliYah - Shabbat Shalom ChildofYa :)
Yahuwdiyth - "Yahuwshu'a" is the best, but sounding the same is "Yahushua".
ChildofYa - :-)
Blessing - You guys, girls, whichever are great
Yahuwdiyth - pronounced like "Yahoo SHOE 'ah"
Yahuwdiyth - I love his name!
Blessing - Not Ya shoe ah, but Yahoo shoe ah
Yahuwdiyth - yes
Sandman - .com
Yahuwdiyth - emphasis on the "shoe" part
Blessing - Yahoo SHOE ah
Yahuwdiyth - Yahuw=contracted form of "Yahweh"
Sandman - Aol
Yahuwdiyth - Yahweh is Salvation
Blessing - How could those names have been lost in translation. The Christian people , do they know of this
Sandman - what a JOB
Yahuwdiyth - People didn't really care, that is why.
Blessing - When I speak to my Father, Yahweh and to my Brother Yahawshu, am I to call them by these names
EliYah - The ineffable name doctrine was then adopted by some of the Christian groups during the early half of the 2nd Century C.E.
EliYah - Few have thought to question it since
EliYah - Yes, scripture says to
EliYah - Shabbat Shalom shmaland :)
Yahuwdiyth - Most people think that it doesn't matter what we call him that he will answer to anything. That is sad.
Blessing - So to call Him Lord, God, or Jesus, would be incorrect?
Yahuwdiyth - Actually, yes, Blessing.
Sandman - Ok,Respect to you EliYah,Sbat Slom !
EliYah - Shabbat Shalom Sandman :)
Blessing - Oh, how I do want to address Him correctly and bring Honor unto Him and Unto my Savior
ChildofYa - The J--sus came in to the picture around 1544 before that it was Iesous(Yea-Zues)
Tallit - shabbot shalom to you al
ChildofYa - shalom aki
Yahuwdiyth - Just call on His name, Blessing.
EliYah - The original 1611 KJV had "Iesus"
Blessing - What do you mean, Yahuwdiyth
Yahuwdiyth - Just say, "Father Yahweh, I love you!"
Blessing - Where did the name Jesus come from
ChildofYa - yes this name J--sus started with St. Ignatius of Loyala
Blessing - It certainly is a much more beautiful way of calling unto Him
Yahuwdiyth - Where are you from, Blessing?
Blessing - who was St ignatius of Loyala
ChildofYa - Commonly known as the "Society of J--sus"
Blessing - South carolina
ChildofYa - or Jesuits
Yahuwdiyth - Born and raised, Blessing?
Blessing - The Bible Belt of the south, with churches on each corner
Yahuwdiyth - So your just a regular old hayseed American, Blessing?
Blessing - No, I was born in Virginia, Staunton. Came here with my dad, transferred by Dupont
EliYah - "Jesus" is a Greek/Latin/English form
EliYah - But Yahushua was a Hebrew
Blessing - Yes, a regular old haysee American
Yahuwdiyth - I see,...the way you talked you seemed like you might be an immigrant to America.
Blessing - Hebrew is what the scripture was written in correct?
Yahuwdiyth - The Greeks chose not to respect His name and translated it instead of transliterating it.
Blessing - My family is German decent on both sides
EliYah - yes, blessing
Yahuwdiyth - We don't call "Mikhail Gorbechave" Michael do we?
Blessing - I believe that I was told, that names are not to be translated
ChildofYa - yes our Messiah's name is not "J-sus" or "Iesous(Yea-Zues)"
Yahuwdiyth - We don't translate "Saddam" as in Hussein into English as "Destoyer" and call him "Destroyer Hussein" do we?
Yahuwdiyth - no.
Blessing - We are called by our given names, wherever we go, right
Yahuwdiyth - Good or bad we respect people and don't change their proper names.
Blessing - Yet, our Father's name has been changed and His Precious Son's name. There must be a spiritual reason for this.
ChildofYa - the enemy doesn"t want you to know it
Yahuwdiyth - The name "Yahuwshu'a" is a compound name. Yahuw=Yahweh Shua-Salvation. There is no language on the face of the earth that "Jesus" is a compound name. "Je" doesn't mean "Yahweh" in any language and "sus" doesn't mean "salvation" in any language.
mekhal - Shabbat Shalom
Blessing - this is very serious. We must call Him with the Name that He has given unto us
Yahuwdiyth - Yes, if I traveled to Japan they would call me by my name and not translate it.
Yahuwdiyth - Halleluyah Blessing!
Yahuwdiyth - You know how serious it is!
Yahuwdiyth - It is serious!
Yahuwdiyth - Let us not deny his name.
ChildofYa - +Acts 4:12
Blessing - Changing a name, will change the meaning of a person's identy
Blessing - All of these years I have been so blessed that He has answered my prayers and supplications, even tho I knew not His Name
Yahuwdiyth - This is what I try to get across to people all the time. If you know somebodies real name then why don't you use it out of respect?
EliYah - Blessing is a blessing
EliYah - Blessing is blessed
Blessing - I shall from this day forth Honor Him with the name that He has taught me today
EliYah - HalleluYah!
Yahuwdiyth - Yes, Blessing...he is merciful to wink at our ignorence.
Yahuwdiyth - But, when we know the truth we are to act on it or it is sin to us.
Blessing - Yet this day I am no longer ignorant. I have gained great wisdom
Yahuwdiyth - Oh, Blessing! You are making me cry! Halleluyah! I hug you!
Yahuwdiyth - The angels are rejoicing in heaven!
Tallit - Baruch YHVH
Blessing - Yes, I shall ask Him to print this upon my forehead. I will not longer be ashamed to call Him by His Name which is above every name
Tallit - be gentle to teach
ChildofYa - +Psalms 51:6
EliYah - Revelation 14:1 - Then I looked, and behold, a Lamb standing on Mount Zion, and with Him one hundred and forty-four thousand, having His name and His Father's name written on their foreheads.
Yahuwdiyth - Oh, Halleluyah!!!!!
Blessing - Glory to Yawwah, I cannot spell it yet.
EliYah - Yahweh
ChildofYa - Yahweh
Blessing - I will be gentle to teach. I will not bring shame upon Him
Yahuwdiyth - this is beautiful!
EliYah - HalleluYAH means: Hallelu: Praise You | YAH: YAHweh
Blessing - Yahweh, Yahweh, That is the most beautiful name I have spoken
ChildofYa - yes Blessing most people don"t want the truth
ChildofYa - so wait upon Yahweh
ChildofYa - he will lead you in to all truth
Blessing - But the truth sets us free. I want more of Yahweh. I have so much to learn. In this day I want to be a part of what He is doing in the earth
Yahuwdiyth - If we were in an assembly right now you would see me with my hands raised to Him in praise and tears running down my cheeks as I rejoice over someone else who has had eyes to see and hears to hear!
Tallit - what a blessed day
Yahuwdiyth - He has come to set the captive free!
ki7201 - Shabbat shalom room
Yahuwdiyth - To give sight to the blind!
Blessing - Praise Yahweh for His love and kindness. I almost but God, I will learn to overcome my habits
ChildofYa - yes don't be to quick there are many people with the name and this doesn't mean they have the truth
Yahuwdiyth - Shabbat Shalom, Ki
ChildofYa - so wait upon Yahweh he will lead you
ki7201 - : )
Blessing - Who did Yahweh allow to open your eyes
ChildofYa - me
ChildofYa - ?
ki7201 - hmm
Blessing - Please explain ChildofYa
ChildofYa - ok
Blessing - Having the name but not the truth. Please explain some further
EliYah - Shabbat Shalom ki7201 :)
ki7201 - Shabbat Shalom EliYah
ChildofYa - since i have been in the names there are many claiming to have the truth on the web sites
Blessing - Yahweh, I love You with all my heart. Enlarge me heart that I may love you more
ChildofYa - but out of all of them this is one of the few i ever visit
ki7201 - oops
Blessing - Now I understand, yes this site is beautiful. this is my second time. After my first visit, I could hardly sleep
ChildofYa - so just take it slow ad the Father will lead
Yahuwdiyth - Blessing, you have made my day!
Blessing - I was so alive and so aware of Yahweh's presence, that I could not go to sleep
Yahuwdiyth - Halleluyah!
ChildofYa - and remember study too
Yahuwdiyth - + 2tim 2 15
Blessing - Yes, we are impatient and I do desire to depend totally upon Him
Blessing - do you have a quiet time before Him
Yahuwdiyth - Meditate upon the word both day and night.
ChildofYa - +John 5:39
ChildofYa - Watchman, who is the king of kings?
mekhal - It looks like I have found some of my brothers and sisters in Yah. I was here earlier but never was in a chat room and didn't know how to converse. Now, i am rejoicing when i see what I see.
Yahuwdiyth - This is honorable in His sight!
Blessing - You all are wonderful in Yahweh, I rejoice that I have found you
ChildofYa - +Rev 19:16
EliYah - Shabbat Shalom mekhal :)
Yahuwdiyth - And we are rejoicing that you have "been found", Blessing!
Blessing - Glory unto His Name and I rejoice in that we have found a oneness among the Brethren
mekhal - +rev 18:4
Blessing - I do hope that you will not forget me
ChildofYa - :-) = Praise Yahweh Most High
Blessing - My Prayer life will never by the same.
ChildofYa - Blessing do you have yahoo?
Yahuwdiyth - Don't forget us, Blessing....come back and visit often.
Yahuwdiyth - And send email! yahuwdiyth@hotmail.com
Blessing - I have sat here and spoken to Him caling Him by His proper name and it feels so comfortable, like I knew it but had just forgotten
ChildofYa - childoftruthalso@yahoo.com
Blessing - I do believe that I can go to yahoo
Yahuwdiyth - Blessing, do you go to church now? If so, how many years?
ChildofYa - if you would like to voice chat get yahoo it is free and look for childoftruthalso
Yahuwdiyth - Paltalk at www.paltalk.com is a great voice chat too.
EliYah - Anyone here from the Tampa, FL area?
Yahuwdiyth - They have religious groups on there...many that believe the truth of his true names.
Blessing - I do go to a fellowship. We are not any denomination. We just love Yahweh and Yashusa, still cannot spell
Yahuwdiyth - yes
Yahuwdiyth - I lived in Tampa for over 15 years
EliYah - I lived in Lakeland for about 4 years
EliYah - Was in Tampa last summer
ChildofYa - really i am not to far from you Yahuwdyith
Yahuwdiyth - I was last in Tampa in 1997
EliYah - Baptized two people in Bradenton
Yahuwdiyth - I'm in Kentucky, Child of Yahweh
Yahuwdiyth - Used to live in Tampa
ChildofYa - oh ok
ChildofYa - lol
Blessing - I was born again in 1967. But I have learned much about His truths in the past years, I desire to let traditions go
Yahuwdiyth - Yes, let the traditions go...Yahuwshu'a the Messiah said, "Ye transgress the law of Yahweh by your vain traditions".
Yahuwdiyth - Not only do the "christians" need to loose some traditions, but as well I lost some of my Jewish traditions.
Yahuwdiyth - This past Day of Atonement taught me something.....
Yahuwdiyth - We had a back to back Sabbath ....
Tallit - what traditions of judiasim did you lose?
Blessing - I suppose that we all have traditions that cause the word of Yahweh to be of no effect
Yahuwdiyth - Thursday night was a Sabbath
Yahuwdiyth - and then Friday night the regular Sabbath began...
Yahuwdiyth - I had my little traditional Sabbath candles ready to light for the weekly Sabbath....
Yahuwdiyth - I pulled the match from the match pad.....
Yahuwdiyth - Closed up the book of matches....
Yahuwdiyth - Was ready to drag the match across the scratch strip to light it....
Yahuwdiyth - when.....
Tallit - building dRAMA
EliYah - Exodus 35:3 - Ye shall kindle no fire throughout your habitations upon the sabbath day.
Yahuwdiyth - OH!!!!!!!!!
Yahuwdiyth - My tradition was shattered!
Blessing - Is there anything else that you may feel to teach me
Yahuwdiyth - And I praised Yahweh from releasing me from the bondage of tradition!
EliYah - heh
Yahuwdiyth - Toda Eliyahuw!
Blessing - Thanks Yahweh for His revelation
Yahuwdiyth - You were right on time with that scripture
shmaland - Shabbat Shalom everybody......I enjoyed our short talk last evening Tallit :)
Tallit - sorry about the caps
EliYah - yes, I was waiting for the right moment
EliYah - Shabbat Shalom shmaland :)
EliYah - Shabbat Shalom choosenam :)
Tallit - shalom shmaland
Blessing - Well all I must go, Yahweh's Blessings are unto you all I have been greatly blessed.
EliYah - Shabbat Shalom Blessing :)
Yahuwdiyth - and you have been a great blessing, Blessing.
EliYah - You have a fitting name
choosenam - shalom
Tallit - awesome blessing
ki7201 - shalom chooseman
Yahuwdiyth - Come back soon, Blessing! :)
choosenam - yes
Yahuwdiyth - Shabbat Shalom, Blessing!
Tallit - wehave to get ready for fellowship
Blessing - One last question Shabbat, Shlom what do they mean
Tallit - whata great time in chat
EliYah - It means "Peaceful Sabbath"
ki7201 - : )
EliYah - A sabbath greeting.. Shalom means "Peace" Shabbat is Sabbath
choosenam - greeting in the name of the father
Tallit - or shabbos
Blessing - Shalom unto you all
Yahuwdiyth - Yahweh bless you, Blessing!
ki7201 - shalom blessing
Blessing - See you again soon, do not forget me,
ki7201 - : )
Tallit - Shalom shalom
Yahuwdiyth - Shalom to you too Tallit
EliYah - Blessing, we'll remember you in our prayers.
choosenam - tallit do you know wher that name comes from
Yahuwdiyth - Tallit is gone
Yahuwdiyth - What name, Choosenam?
choosenam - tallit
Yahuwdiyth - The prayer shawl
Yahuwdiyth - Did is spell Shawl right?
Yahuwdiyth - Eliyah?
Yahuwdiyth - Talitot
Yahuwdiyth - Is the chat room getting ready to bite the dust again?
Yahuwdiyth - Anybody there?
Yahuwdiyth - hello?
Yahuwdiyth - !rs
ki7201 - hi ya
Yahuwdiyth - Oh, Hi!
ki7201 - hehehe
Yahuwdiyth - I thought everybody fell over
ki7201 - just wispering sorry
ki7201 - lol
Yahuwdiyth - Whispering about what?
Yahuwdiyth - Hello ms :)
Yahuwdiyth - Welcome, MS
Yahuwdiyth - What is your name again, Ki?
Yahuwdiyth - Hello again, MS.
Yahuwdiyth - !rs
ki7201 - ms left Yah
Yahuwdiyth - yeah left again
Yahuwdiyth - What is your name, Ki
ki7201 - HECTOR
ki7201 - opps sorry
ki7201 - hehe
Yahuwdiyth - hector...are you spanish?
ki7201 - ki is my sons name
ki7201 - yeap
Yahuwdiyth - Do live in Illinois?
ki7201 - Fl
Yahuwdiyth - oh, okay
Yahuwdiyth - hello guest
Yahuwdiyth - !rs
Yahuwdiyth - !rs
Yahuwdiyth - !rs
Yahuwdiyth - Watchman, who is the Messiah?
Yahuwdiyth - + rev 19 16
Yahuwdiyth - That is so cute...thanks for showing me that Child of Yahweh
Yahuwdiyth - Well, howdy Russell...shabbat Shalom
Yahuwdiyth - !rs
Russell - Hello and Shalom Shabbat to all
Yahuwdiyth - How are things in your neck of the woods Russell?
Yahuwdiyth - !rs
Russell - Just lovely
Yahuwdiyth - Its been nice and breezy up here in La Grange today.
Yahuwdiyth - All the windows open.
Russell - Did anyone else get disconnected last night from the this room?
Yahuwdiyth - yes
Yahuwdiyth - the chat room bit the dust for about an hour
Yahuwdiyth - loss of electricity Eliyah said
Russell - I couldn't get reconnected, the website was down tool
Yahuwdiyth - + lev 18 19
Russell - Ah, IC
Yahuwdiyth - woops
Yahuwdiyth - + lev 19 18
Russell - Just read the transcript, most excellent EliYah!
Yahuwdiyth - !rs
ki7201 - Shabbat Shalom room
Yahuwdiyth - leaving Hector?
Russell - Hey ki!
ki7201 - ill send you that today EliYah
ki7201 - HI russ
ki7201 - how are you
ki7201 - : )
Russell - Great!
ki7201 - good
ki7201 - talk to you all laters
Russell - It's amazing how YHWH's spirit works isn't it?
Yahuwdiyth - what happened Russel? Do you have a testimony?
ChildofYa - Yea a person came to the names today
ChildofYa - in this roon
ChildofYa - oops room
Blessings - I had to come back and share something beautiful with you all
Russell - I wish I could put it into words, it's just inexplicable
Blessings - After getting off the chat room, I went to find my husband
EliYah - back
Yahuwdiyth - and?
Blessings - who had been working outside most of the day
Yahuwdiyth - yes
Yahuwdiyth - and?
gad - hi
Yahuwdiyth - Hello Gad
Blessings - He loves Yahweh, as I do and is seeking a closer walk with Him
Yahuwdiyth - Halleluyah!
truthful - shalom all
Yahuwdiyth - peace, truthful
truthful - praise yhwh
Yahuwdiyth - Well, what good news, Blessing
Blessings - i share with my husband about the translating of proper names
Russell - excellent
Blessings - I asked him how he would feel if I shared with him that God and Jesus were not the correct names
Yahuwdiyth - and he said?
Blessings - that they had been translated and the correct names were Yahuwshua and Yahweh.
truthful - my
gad - shabbot shalom bye
Blessings - He looked at me and said, he had been in prayer as he was working, just praising and lifting up the Name of the Lord
daze - how is it going
Yahuwdiyth - Blessings... you will find that there will be many people out there that will not receive truth with gladness like you have. They will revile you and say you are trying to cause division in the body.
Blessings - He said that the names Yahuwshua and Yahweh had come into his spirit many times during the day
Yahuwdiyth - Hi daze...peace
truthful - the lord/ /
Yahuwdiyth - WOW!
Blessings - I was so overwhelmed, for surely we have been given this day what Yahweh and willed for us.
EliYah - HalleluYAH!
daze - truth trh lord i thought this was a chat for yahweh and yahshua only
Blessings - Just had to share this with you. My husand and I rejoice that we have both heard from Yahweh this day
Russell - That's awsome
Yahuwdiyth - Oh yes, Blessings!
Blessings - I love you all and my Yahweh's blessings be seen upon you all and your families.
daze - so have any of you in there have the hol,y name bible
Yahuwdiyth - You too, Blessings! Thanks for the testimony!
daze - same here blessing
EliYah - We love you too, Blessings :)
EliYah - and may His blessing be upon you and your family
daze - so when are we going to be accepted as the true believers in the messiah
EliYah - I have the holy name bible
daze - this christians really think there something i just hope they could understand but thats impossible
EliYah - Who are "we", daze?
Yahuwdiyth - What do you mean Daze?
daze - eliyah do you have the guys versions or the girls there are two versions i was wondering if they were different
EliYah - I haven't heard of that
daze - yeah there are two versions they were redone
EliYah - I have the "Holy Name Bible" by A.B. Traina
daze - believers in yahuahshua hamashia
EliYah - And the Rotherham, the "Word of Yahweh", and "The Scriptures"
daze - yeah thats the one i have but theres another one by a man
daze - do you have the book of yahweh
EliYah - And of course the Restored Name King James Version on this site
Yahuwdiyth - You mean Stern's Complete Jewish Bible?
EliYah - I don't have the "book of Yahweh", not interested
daze - restored i thought the king james from 1611 was the only good king james
ishi - hi
EliYah - The RNKJV is the King James Version with the names restored
daze - hey
Yahuwdiyth - There is nothing really good about the KJV since it deny's the names.
Russell - Shabbat shalom ishsi!
ishi - hi shabbot shalom
EliYah - It's similar to the one on this chat room
Yahuwdiyth - Shalom Ishi
EliYah - Shabbat Shalom ishi :)
EliYah - though you aren't my husband
daze - yeah the 1611 has the names just different it start with an i which sounds as a y
Yahuwdiyth - I feel funny calling you "Ishi"
ishi - i believe in yayshua is the messiah
EliYah - HalleluYah Ish
Yahuwdiyth - Yahuwshua the Messiah
tewey - shalom everyone
Yahuwdiyth - Oh, this a very blessed Sabbath!
EliYah - Shabbat Shalom tewey :)
daze - very true
Yahuwdiyth - Believers coming out of the woodwork today!
daze - hey its ment to be
Yahuwdiyth - yep, the time is right.
ishi - any christian here
ishi - s
Yahuwdiyth - He is regathering Israel
Yahuwdiyth - Depends on what you mean by "christian"
daze - he is gathering his choosen he is drwing them out
EliYah - We all believe in Yahushua the Messiah
Russell - HalleluYah!
daze - I don't believe there is a christian in this chat
ishi - chirstians followers of christ jesus
daze - how can a christian believe in a jewish messiah as yahshua
Yahuwdiyth - People may call us "christians", but we don't call ourselves that since "christianity" is so rife with deception and so lawless.
ishi - jesus is god of the gentiles
daze - hey I wonder why that is the jews call me a christian when im following the mosiac sciptures
ishi - christianity is pagan
daze - yahweh scriptures
Yahuwdiyth - You are right, Ishi.
Yahuwdiyth - I came out of Christianity...
Yahuwdiyth - + rev 18 4
ishi - christianity is hellenist
daze - yahu ul shall be glorified
daze - believe it or not i was a catholic not by choice
ishi - you mean yaohu ul in archaic hebrew
Yahuwdiyth - I don't call myself "christian", nor "Jew", but I call myself a "Yahuwthim"....big difference.
daze - whether way you would like to right it
daze - makes the same sound
Yahuwdiyth - There is much paganistic ways going on in Judaism too.
ishi - yahudah mean judah
ishi - yes
Yahuwdiyth - Yahuwthah mean Judah...Yahuwthim is different.
Russell - Yahuwthowt
daze - yahudah means something else also
ishi - im means more than one
Yahuwdiyth - the word "Jewish" is a corruption of "Yahuwthim".
ishi - like baalim mean lords
Yahuwdiyth - yes, Ishi
ishi - any of you use the term hashem or shema
Russell - Bless you
Russell - :)
ishi - please anwers my question please
Yahuwdiyth - No, we do not use hashem
ishi - why
EliYah - baalim = lords
Yahuwdiyth - only if we would want to use it literally as The name
EliYah - "im" is usually a plural ending
Yahuwdiyth - We do not use vain replacement words for his name.
EliYah - masculine
daze - i saw a movie on tuesday a christian apoaclypse movie that shows all christians getting saved but the thing that i didn't understand they say theres no law and they have a picture of the breakers of the law getting sent down to sheol
EliYah - "ot" is feminine
ishi - in the psalms hashem is used
Yahuwdiyth - The Jews say "HaShem" to cover up saying "Yahweh".
EliYah - daze: suicide?
daze - hashem meaning the name
daze - eliyah what
Yahuwdiyth - Yahuwshu'a the Messiah came to declare his Father's name and he did. He spoke it. He brought the speaking of the name back.
EliYah - A christian movie shows breakers of the law going to sheol?
daze - he brought it back in his name also
ishi - hashem is where you get the vowels a , e for yahweh name
daze - yeah but the movie shows the christians getting saved it made no point it makes them look dumb
Yahuwdiyth - Eych korim lecha, Ishi?
Yahuwdiyth - What was the name of the movie, Daze?
daze - yahweh is another form of writing yahuah
daze - which it really shouod be
daze - but thats only paleo
Yahuwdiyth - Ya-hweh
Yahuwdiyth - Ya-who-uh
daze - the w is suppose to be two u's
daze - the eh like yeh is souded as yah
Yahuwdiyth - Ya-who-way
daze - so it would be yahuah
ishi - all names are part of the seven holy name for hashem
Yahuwdiyth - Ya-whowey
Yahuwdiyth - there...that is best... Ya-whowey
daze - there are seven holy names that is true
Yahuwdiyth - get gutteral at the beginning of the "whowey"
ishi - actually the best names are yahuah and yaohu ul older form are better
daze - ishi very true archaic and paleo and negev hebrew are good
Yahuwdiyth - Eych korim lecha, Ishi?
ishi - shabbot shalom daze lets go eat
Yahuwdiyth - reshalom Tewey
EliYah - I know of no evidence to support "Yaohu Ul"
daze - ishi what do you mean
daze - klets go eat were
ishi - kosher food
daze - eliyah there are manuscripts that carry the name yahu ul in negev hebrew also
daze - cool
tewey - We just had kosher hog
Yahuwdiyth - huh, tewey?
tewey - Didnt kill the hog, just cut off the rear leg
EliYah - Where?
daze - hog whats that pig
tewey - Thought I could get a response!!!!!
EliYah - heh
Yahuwdiyth - Please, Tewey...that is not funny to mock Yahweh like that.
tewey - Just joking, I hope you know
daze - hahahh
daze - good one got to go eat with ishi
tewey - Ever hear people talking about using the hair of the unclean if the animal hasnt been killed?
daze - where do you get yayshua from
Yahuwdiyth - Never heard of "yayshua"
EliYah - Not to eat :)
tewey - I see that the fourth case of anthrax has shown up
Russell - Joshua/Yahushua
daze - allright peace out ishi is telling me to eat
daze - shalom
Yahuwdiyth - Daze, what are you talking about "yayshua"...never heard of that spelling.
Yahuwdiyth - hmmm...whats up with Daze and Ishi?
Yahuwdiyth - Weird
Yahuwdiyth - Child of Yahweh...why are you so quiet?
Yahuwdiyth - !rs
Russell - His spelling was off on many words, maybe English is not his primary language
Yahuwdiyth - Yes, I noticed...both of them were off on many words.
Yahuwdiyth - !rs
Yahuwdiyth - !rs
EliYah - Matthew 16:17 - And Yahushua answered and said unto him, Blessed art thou, Simon Barjona: for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee, but my Father which is in heaven.
tewey - Has anyone heard that one of the Missouri groups is teaching that Yahweh's people can wear pigskin shoes, etc.
EliYah - I think YAIM says it is okay
tewey - I personally cannot accept such a teaching!
Russell - Why not?
tewey - I do not think John wore camel hair raim
ChildofYa - i have a testimony
tewey - rainment
Yahuwdiyth - hmmm...yes..the camel was unclean
Yahuwdiyth - for eating?
Yahuwdiyth - but they rode them?
Yahuwdiyth - Did anybody ever ride a pig?
Russell - Oh, not to touch an unclean carcass.
tewey - Nor do I think th e skins of the unclean badger was used in the temple, etc.
tewey - I think these are mistranslations
Yahuwdiyth - hmmmmm?
tewey - the camel was a "beast of burden"
Russell - !search carcass
tewey - might have been hair from an ox
Yahuwdiyth - Tewey, that is interesting...never thought of the camel and badgers.
Yahuwdiyth - What is your testimony Child of Yahweh?
ChildofYa - the Father just blessed me with someone in my area to fellowship with HalleluYah
Yahuwdiyth - How did that happen, Child?
ChildofYa - thru EliYah's room
ChildofYa - chat room that is
tewey - We have to be careful of what is being taught even among Sacred Name believers
Yahuwdiyth - Eliyah.....
EliYah - HalleluYah, childofYah
Russell - + lev 5 2
ChildofYa - yea one of the people that was in this room lives in tampa not to far from me
EliYah - I know of some other brethren in the Tampa area
ChildofYa - and they have been in the faith about as long as i have
EliYah - They meet in a park
EliYah - on Shabbat
Yahuwdiyth - When the apostles confired and said they should abstain from things strangled, blood and fornication then they said "they will do well" meaning they will progress well if they start there and then the scripture went on to record that "they will do well" and then in all the synagogues are those who preach Mosheh, meaning preaching the Law, so little by little they would come into the full accordance with the law instead of all at once?
EliYah - Yes
ChildofYa - where ? ;-)
EliYah - That was the intention, that they learn the Torah in the synagogues (Acts 15)
EliYah - Acts 15:21 - For Moses of old time hath in every city them that preach him, being read in the synagogues every sabbath day.
Yahuwdiyth - Thanks Eliyah...I was listening to my scripture tapes the other day and heartthat.
Yahuwdiyth - heard that
Yahuwdiyth - and it proves that the keeping away from things strangled, blood and fornication was only a start, milk, till they could take on meat.
Yahuwdiyth - The church don't wanna hear that.
Russell - That's very interesting, putting the important aspects first. Immersing and bringing them into the body of Yahushua, were they can enter an environment where the Rauch HaKodesh can transform them.
EliYah - yet, they themselves admit that we shouldn't steal or murder
Yahuwdiyth - They want the law nailed to their cross they preach.
EliYah - But those aren't among the forbidden things
Yahuwdiyth - They don't understand that only the law of sin and sacrifice or sin and stoning was done away with.
Yahuwdiyth - They think it was all done away with.
Yahuwdiyth - I love the law
tewey - paleotimes.org lists three groups meeting in the Florida area
ChildofYa - + Dan 9:27
tewey - I dont know anything about them
Yahuwdiyth - When you obey the law whether it be Yahweh's law or the Law of the Land then you are free.
Yahuwdiyth - Your not looking over your shoulder.
Yahuwdiyth - If I drive the speed limit I don't have to ever worry about getting a speeding ticket.
Russell - I have to disagree with ministers that will not "baptise into the church" until the person has complied with all rules of the scriptures, what is your view EliYah?
EliYah - The only requirement is repentance and (of course) accepting Yahushua
EliYah - Acts 2:37 - Now when they heard this, they were pricked in their heart, and said unto Kepha and to the rest of the apostles, Men and brethren, what shall we do?
EliYah - Acts 2:38 - Then Kepha said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Yahushua the Messiah for the forgiveness of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.
tewey - No one today is complying to all of the Torah today!
ChildofYa - if you look at all immersions were given after some amount of instruction
Yahuwdiyth - Child of Yahweh, the Jews will rebuild their Temple and begin sacrificing again, but the annointed falsifier (anti-annointed) will cause it all to cease.
Russell - Of course, they needed to know why they needed salvation.
ChildofYa - exatly russel
ChildofYa - instruction
Yahuwdiyth - First you get pricked in your heart.
EliYah - Few mainstream christians know what they are supposed to really have repented of though
Yahuwdiyth - and then the truth causes you to repent.
Yahuwdiyth - and then that faith that makes you repent cause you to do a work...faith without works is dead.
tewey - +luke 14 28
Yahuwdiyth - You arise and get immersed in the name of Yahuwshu'a the Messiah for the forgiveness of your sin.
Yahuwdiyth - Without being immersed in his name your sin is not forgiven.
ChildofYa - but there ( in my belief ) is more that a person should know and that the covenant is very serous and not just a happy "get lucky" kind of oath
tewey - If you intend to be immersed in the Sacred Names, make absolutely sure that you are willing to pay the price
Yahuwdiyth - Those who get immersed in the false names should be willing to pay the price too.
Russell - EliYah, what is your view on immersing children, is it vanity?
tewey - Dont start the tower and quit half way thru its construction!
Russell - For children are under the authority of their parents.
EliYah - I see some wisdom in it, actually. But I'm not 100% sure on it
EliYah - Our wives are under our authority, but they are baptized too
Yahuwdiyth - You cannot repent truly without faith.
EliYah - There are several examples of entire households being baptize
EliYah - d
Yahuwdiyth - You have to be old enough to understand faith and repentance.
EliYah - But it doesn't say whether or not children were involved
Yahuwdiyth - Yahweh knows when a child is ready.
EliYah - Though one would think so
Yahuwdiyth - And the child will know when he or she is ready for faith, repentance, immersion.
Yahuwdiyth - I don't believe in "forced" baptisms.
Yahuwdiyth - I don't think Yahweh does either.
Yahuwdiyth - No one can come to the Son in Faith unless the Father draws him...without faith all is done in vain.
Yahuwdiyth - You praise me with your lips, but your heart is far from me.
Russell - My daughter wants to be batised. She sees here friends making the decision. She knows why, but does she really understand? I knew all the right reasons when I was in fourth grade, but it sure seemed premature for me. Yahushua was a man before he was concecrated.
EliYah - On the other side of the coin, we see that unless one is born of water.. they aren't saved
Yahuwdiyth - Train a child up in the way he should go and then when he is older he will know what to do and shall not depart from that way.
EliYah - And Yahushua said to let the little children come to Him and forbid them not
EliYah - for of such is the kingdom of heaven
Russell - If Yahushua is the perfect example, why was he concecrated not until adulthood?
EliYah - In some ways, they are closer to the kingdom than many of us
EliYah - Baptism is a type of circumcision, and it is done on the 8th day
Yahuwdiyth - hmmmmmmm
Russell - hmm
EliYah - Baptism wasn't in place until Yahushua was older :)
Russell - True
EliYah - Though there were Mikveh's
Russell - Mikveh's?
EliYah - Some food for thought, it has been on my heart for years.. but I'm not to a conclusion yet
EliYah - But I will tell you, both of my children are baptized
EliYah - They are 9 and 10
EliYah - and I baptized them 2 years ago
Yahuwdiyth - I thought you said your daughter wants to be baptised?
Yahuwdiyth - oh no.
EliYah - "Mikveh", a Jewish term for dipping in water..though technically the word should be "Tabal
Yahuwdiyth - sorry
Russell - She's not yet 6
Yahuwdiyth - that was russel
Yahuwdiyth - When I was baptised this Spring I went under the water all by myself with nobody touching me.
Yahuwdiyth - I had witnesses, but nobody touched me.
EliYah - I don't view that as being a scriptural baptism (self-baptism)
EliYah - For instance:
EliYah - Acts 8:38 - And he commanded the chariot to stand still: and they went down both into the water, both Philip and the eunuch; and he baptized him.
Yahuwdiyth - But it doesn't say he laid his hands on him to push him down in the water.
EliYah - Philip went into the water and "he (philip) baptized (dunked/immersed) him (the eunuch)"
Yahuwdiyth - In the Mikvah you are not touched at all.
EliYah - The verbage is consistent with the being the same as "the boy hit the ball"{
EliYah - The subject is the doer of the action
Yahuwdiyth - Well, I know they didn't call it baptism or immersion back then
EliYah - The Hebrew is "Tabal"
Yahuwdiyth - I'm sure Kepha said, "..and be Mikvahed in the name of..."
EliYah - In the Septuagint, the word translated "baptizo" is "Tabal"
Yahuwdiyth - There would have only been one place in Jerusalem were all those thousands could have been Mikvahed on the day of Pentecost.
Yahuwdiyth - that would have been at the Temple where there were many Mikvah's.
EliYah - A Mikveh is a pool of water
Yahuwdiyth - They are made so that one walks down into them, dunks theirselves and then walks out again.
EliYah - But notice that Philip went into the water when baptizing
Yahuwdiyth - He was there to instruct
EliYah - I believe it is something a little different
Yahuwdiyth - He was there to instruct him to repent before going down into the water to wash away his sins
EliYah - Doesn't say he was there to instruct.. it says "He (philip) baptized (dunked/immersed) him (the eunuch)" :)
Yahuwdiyth - Well, if the Eunuch need the scriptures explained to him certainly Philip explained about Acts 2 38
Russell - That would be the way one would cleanse himself, but it seems in Baptism, there is a transference of the Rauch HoKodesh. Like in the laying on of hands, or annoiting.
Yahuwdiyth - In the Temple on Day of Atonement the high priest laid the sin of Israel on the scape goat.
Yahuwdiyth - That laying on of hands transferred sin to the goat.
EliYah - The Eunuch understood what baptism was before they even found water:
EliYah - Acts 8:36 - And as they went on their way, they came unto a certain water: and the eunuch said, See, here is water; what doth hinder me to be baptized?
EliYah - So it must have already been explained
Yahuwdiyth - Guess they left the explaination part out.
Yahuwdiyth - and also left his repentance out?
EliYah - Acts 8:35 - Then Philip opened his mouth, and began at the same scripture, and preached unto him Yahushua.
Yahuwdiyth - We don't see the Eunuch repenting, but SURELY he had to of right?
EliYah - Acts 8:36 - And as they went on their way, they came unto a certain water: and the eunuch said, See, here is water; what doth hinder me to be baptized?
EliYah - Acts 8:37 - And Philip said, If thou believest with all thine heart, thou mayest. And he answered and said, I believe that Yahushua the Messiah is the Son of YAHWEH.
Russell - I was refering to the laying on of hands in recieving healing of the Rauch HaKodesh
Yahuwdiyth - + acts 8 38
Yahuwdiyth - Did the Eunuch ever repent?
EliYah - I believe he did
Russell - Daily, I'm sure.
Yahuwdiyth - I believe he did too
Yahuwdiyth - But did he repent in the Chariot?
Yahuwdiyth - Or at the river bank?
Yahuwdiyth - or in the water before going under?
EliYah - It doesn't say
Yahuwdiyth - Here is what I did:
Russell - Isn't the practice and act of repentance?
Yahuwdiyth - Lew White and his family were present for my baptism...
Yahuwdiyth - I went down into the water of the creek
Yahuwdiyth - Lew stood by me
Yahuwdiyth - he coached me
Yahuwdiyth - It was spring and chilly
Yahuwdiyth - preparation day before Pesach
Yahuwdiyth - I, having repented much in life already like many Jews of old probably already had, but repented again.
Yahuwdiyth - Sort of a coverall repentence
Yahuwdiyth - I called upon the name of Yahweh
Yahuwdiyth - I made a confession of faith that I believed that Yahuwshua was Yahweh in the flesh
Yahuwdiyth - and that he died and shed his blood for my sin
Yahuwdiyth - and asked that his blood cover my sin and that he forgive my sin
Yahuwdiyth - In the name of Yahuwshu'a I pray. Amein
Yahuwdiyth - and I dunked under the water
Yahuwdiyth - and came back up
Yahuwdiyth - afterwards
Yahuwdiyth - Lew laid his hands on me
tewey - Those baptized in the name of Yahushua become the "property" of Yahushua
EliYah - You baptized/immersed yourself then? :)
Yahuwdiyth - and put the name of Yahweh upon me
Yahuwdiyth - She spoke the Aaronic blessing.
Yahuwdiyth - and I felt something I never felt in all my years in the United Pentecostal church
tewey - Yahushua determines whether you will receive eternal life! You become his property and he determines your "future"
Yahuwdiyth - It was like something warm and fuzzy enveloped me
Yahuwdiyth - I felt it come down onto my head
Yahuwdiyth - and like it oozed down over my shoulders and I was filled with peace
Yahuwdiyth - and that was it.
betzer1 - what is the aaronic blessing....?
Yahuwdiyth - You know...May Yahweh bless and keep you...
tewey - +numbers 6 24
betzer1 - make his face to shine upon you...that one?
Yahuwdiyth - + numbers 6 24 27
tewey - +numbers 6 24 -25
tewey - +numbers 6 26
betzer1 - watchman is wonderful!
tewey - +numbers 6 27
tewey - Aaronic blessing
Yahuwdiyth - Do you think I immersed incorrectly, Eliyah?
EliYah - From what I understand from scripture, yes
Russell - interesting, I shall not detract from that.
Yahuwdiyth - Oh!
Yahuwdiyth - Well, I'm still not saved then! Drats!
EliYah - But I don't think that means you aren't saved
Yahuwdiyth - Of course it does!
Yahuwdiyth - I'm lost!
Yahuwdiyth - Baptism doth save us.
EliYah - Be careful\
EliYah - By our words.. Yahushua said
Yahuwdiyth - Must be born again of the water.
Yahuwdiyth - I did it all wrong again! For the third time!
betzer1 - Is there a wrong way to be babtized?
EliYah - Yahweh saves us
Yahuwdiyth - Yes, somebody has to grab hold of you and shove you down under the water or your not saved.
EliYah - And peers into our heart, and knows it
EliYah - Be careful Yahuwdiyth
betzer1 - O.K>....according to what scripture?
Yahuwdiyth - Well, isn't that what you are saying Eliyah?
EliYah - That is what you are mockingly saying, not I
Yahuwdiyth - Then what are you saying?
tewey - I am not convinced that Yahweh saves us, but it is Yahushua that gives to us eternal life
Yahuwdiyth - No, I'm not mocking. I'm mad!
EliYah - but mocking in anger
EliYah - I'm saying that we can not have the method exactly right, but Yahweh knows the thoughts and intents of our heart
tewey - +john 17 1-2
EliYah - We may not even be speaking the name 1000% correctly
EliYah - But it is neither a method of pronunciation, nor a method of baptism that saves us
EliYah - But if we learn that we have done something wrong, it is of a righteous heart to correct it
Yahuwdiyth - I feel depressed now.
EliYah - We will want to walk in the truth revealed to us
Russell - It's the spirit that leads, not the style of the our inperfect actions.
Russell - No matter how hard we want to be perfect, we arn't
Yahuwdiyth - How would I get saved in baptism if I was alone on a desert island with the scriptures?
Russell - You are saved.
betzer1 - Yah does not require MORE of you than you can do....HE only requires what you CAn do
Russell - Probably just how you described
Yahuwdiyth - I don't feel saved if Eliyah tells me that my baptism was incorrectly done.
EliYah - I don't know how the Messianics reconcile the stand-alone Mikveh with scripture
betzer1 - what is the stand-alone mikveh???
EliYah - I'm open minded as to how they do though
EliYah - a self baptism
Yahuwdiyth - None of the other scriptures show where anybody went down into the water with the baptisee.
betzer1 - Permitted only where it is absolutely necessary?
betzer1 - or as a common way of babtising
EliYah - Acts 8:37 - And Philip said, If thou believest with all thine heart, thou mayest. And he answered and said, I believe that Yahushua the Messiah is the Son of YAHWEH.
EliYah - Acts 8:38 - And he commanded the chariot to stand still: and they went down both into the water, both Philip and the eunuch; and he baptized him.
EliYah - Acts 8:39 - And when they were come up out of the water, the Spirit of YAHWEH caught away Philip, that the eunuch saw him no more: and he went on his way rejoicing.
EliYah - There is your scripture
Yahuwdiyth - Like now, I bet people didn't know how to swim and if it was a free flowing body of water they only went in with them so they were not in fear of being swept away.
EliYah - Doesn't say that :)
EliYah - Says "He baptized him"
EliYah - Seems simple to me
EliYah - Jewish tradition makes it hard though
EliYah - Unless I'm missing something
Yahuwdiyth - I was in Bethany beyond Jordan at an archiological dig of three churches in 1999 and it is believed to have been where Yahuwchanon the Immerser immersed Yahuwshu'a.
betzer1 - Why did Paul say "I thank G-d I babtized none of you......."
Yahuwdiyth - It is a very wide river bed there.
EliYah - John 4:1 - When therefore Yahushua knew how the Pharisees had heard that Yahushua made and baptized more disciples than John,
EliYah - John 4:2 - (Though Yahushua himself baptized not, but his disciples,)
EliYah - Does verse 2 mean that Yahushua had to cover his eyes, so He wouldn't be a witness.. and thus "Baptize" them?
Yahuwdiyth - What would the scripture say in Hebrew or Aramaic as we know Philip and the apostles didn't speak Greek.
Yahuwdiyth - I just wish the earth would open up and we would find the original scroll of Acts.
EliYah - That's a thought, let me look at the Hebrew Matthe
EliYah - w
Yahuwdiyth - Who is the baptiser? Yahuwshua or man?
EliYah - brb
Yahuwdiyth - Shem tov Mattityahuw?
Yahuwdiyth - I don't think Shem tov is that reliable since it is not from the time of the Apostles.
Yahuwdiyth - The Shem Tob Hebrew version of Matthew was transcribed by Shem Tob Ben Yitzach Ben Shaprut into his apologetic work Even Bohan sometime around 1380 C.E.
EliYah - Du Tillet
betzer1 - Baptisim......Johns baptisim was a rite of purification and cleansing for the jewish people......
Yahuwdiyth - The DuTillet Hebrew version of Matthew is taken from a Hebrewmanuscript of Matthew which was confiscated from Jews in Rome in 1553. It was brought to Paris by Bishop DuTillet and placed at the Biblioteque Nationale where it remains to this day
betzer1 - even before salvation was available to them
betzer1 - It is not the act itself that brings salvation...salvation is thru faith...just as it was for abraham......
EliYah - Surprise surprise.. it's "Tabal"
EliYah - :)
Yahuwdiyth - and?
EliYah - People call it a "Mikveh"
Ruth - what is Tabal
EliYah - But it isn't a "mikveh"
betzer1 - what is tabal?
llessur - So a mikveh being where the Tabal is performed at times.
Yahuwdiyth - Tabal Hot spring, in which patient immerses for healing. (Ge’ez) Cognate with Hebrew tvila.
EliYah - Tabal is the Hebrew word for baptism
Ruth - thanks EliYah
EliYah - (#2881)
EliYah - B'vakasha :)
Yahuwdiyth - Tvila is the ritual submersion in the Mikvah
EliYah - There are self-tabal's/baptism. For instance:
EliYah - 2Kings 5:14 - Then went he down, and dipped himself seven times in Jordan, according to the saying of the man of Elohim: and his flesh came again like unto the flesh of a little child, and he was clean.
Yahuwdiyth - Tvila and Tabal are the same
EliYah - But no scripture says that baptism is dipping yourself
Yahuwdiyth - But we know that the ritual immersion was done alone in the Mikvah and it has not changed over time.
Yahuwdiyth - If the apostles had to baptise 3000 souls in one day they would have died from exhaustion!
EliYah - nah
EliYah - They would have rejoiced :)
Yahuwdiyth - and then dropped ded
Yahuwdiyth - Doing one hundred in a day is exhausting
EliYah - There are a lot of "I think's" when trying to explain away things
EliYah - It's simple
Yahuwdiyth - After you get past 20 baptisms your are worn out if you are dunking them.
llessur - I could do it easy.
EliYah - There is a ritual self immersion, for when you are unclean
EliYah - But every indication I see in scripture is that "so and so dunked/immersed/tabal'd so and so"
EliYah - when it comes to being baptized/immersed into Yahushua
EliYah - Perhaps this is something that the Pharisees took issue with when arguing with John:
llessur - Like running parts through a machine. (darnd factories)
Yahuwdiyth - Basically, you are looking at doing 300 each
EliYah - (looking for scrip)
Yahuwdiyth - They were at the upper room
llessur - !sound list
Yahuwdiyth - and the only place around Jerusalem where there were such Mikvah's for purification was at the Temple.
EliYah - John 3:25 - Then there arose a question between some of John's disciples and the Jews about purifying.
Yahuwdiyth - In Jerusalem there is a place they call the "upper room"...what a joke.
EliYah - John 3:26 - And they came unto John, and said unto him, Rabbi, he that was with thee beyond Jordan, to whom thou barest witness, behold, the same baptizeth, and all men come to him.
Yahuwdiyth - Purifying is the same as baptism.
EliYah - There were many disciples in the upper room
Yahuwdiyth - Yes, it could only been an upper room at the temple
Yahuwdiyth - Nobody's house could have held all the hundreds that were there.
Yahuwdiyth - In baptism we are purified from our sin.
EliYah - My point is that it didn't have to be the 12 apostles only who baptized
EliYah - There were others there
Yahuwdiyth - Its like unto the laver of water the priests washed in before going into the Kodesh of Kodeshim
Yahuwdiyth - hmmm.
Yahuwdiyth - When the day of Pentecost was fully come....
Ruth - !rm
Yahuwdiyth - They were all assembled at dark when Pentecost had come.
Yahuwdiyth - They had just had an all night prayer meeting till around 9am the next morning.
Yahuwdiyth - If that wasn't tiring enough.
Yahuwdiyth - Then the rushing mightly ruach
Yahuwdiyth - and tongues
Yahuwdiyth - Wonder how long they all spake with tongues?
Ruth - !rs
Yahuwdiyth - That could have began a lot earlier than 9am?
Yahuwdiyth - Wonder if it was light yet when the Ruach HaKodesh came and filled them all?
EliYah - It takes the same amount of time achoti
Yahuwdiyth - Wonder if they all spake with tongues for a few minutes or hours?
EliYah - for one to baptize another, or for them to baptize themselves
Yahuwdiyth - This is all wonderment.
EliYah - yes
EliYah - I need to fellowship with mishpacha
EliYah - my local mishpacha (family) :)
EliYah - Have a blessed remaining Shabbat :)
Yahuwdiyth - See you later..Shabbat Shalom
llessur - Thanks, you too
EliYah - Shabbat Shalom :)
Ruth - Shabbatt Shalom EliYah
Yahuwdiyth - !rs
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - !rm
Ruth - !rm
Yahuwdiyth - Hey, so lets have at it! Let brotherly love continue everybody.
llessur - Amien
Yahuwdiyth - Praise Yahweh!
Yahuwdiyth - Ruth!
Ruth - Praise Yahweh
Yahuwdiyth - We had a wonderful thing happen here today.
Ruth - what was that???
Yahuwdiyth - A new person who had only been here one time before found the truth in the true names and rejoiced.
Ruth - HalleluYah
llessur - wb ki
ki7201 - Shabbat shalom
ki7201 - thank you
Yahuwdiyth - And then she went to her husband who had been working out in the yard and he said he had been being nudged by the spirit all day about the true names and they both rejoiced.
Yahuwdiyth - ReShalom Hector
Ruth - wow, Praise Yahweh
Yahuwdiyth - Oh, it was a wonderful time in here.
ki7201 - lol Yahuwdiyth
Yahuwdiyth - The words that came out of her mouth...her handle was "Blessing".
Yahuwdiyth - I was crying and rejoicing.
Ruth - Great
ki7201 - hehehe
llessur - I think I will follow EliYah's example and see what my little one's doing.
ki7201 - Reshalom Yahuwdiyth
Yahuwdiyth - Yes, ReShalom :)
Yahuwdiyth - sorta like reHi
llessur - Later all, YHWH bless.
ki7201 - hehe
ki7201 - where ya from diyth
ki7201 - Hi Ruth, how are you today?
Ruth - Great, here
ki7201 - Good
Yahuwdiyth - Where do you go to put a message in your quit file?
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - !rm
ki7201 - shalom room bye bye
Yahuwdiyth - I want to put something catchy in mine.
Yahuwdiyth - Ruth?
Yahuwdiyth - You have the Aaronic blessing in your quit file...
Yahuwdiyth - how do you do that?
Yahuwdiyth - oh Ruthie.......
Yahuwdiyth - You whooooooooooo
Yahuwdiyth - lol
Ruth - under top left, file, option, irc, messages, then quit message
Ruth - type it there
Yahuwdiyth - Thanks!
Yahuwdiyth - Praise Yahweh!
Yahuwdiyth - !rs
Yahuwdiyth - !rs
Yahuwdiyth - !rs
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - !rm
Yahuwdiyth - Oh, the scribes!
Ruth - !rs
Yahuwdiyth - + matt 5 20
Yahuwdiyth - Those scribes....
Yahuwdiyth - What about the scribes that translated the KJV...they weren't very righteous now were they?
Yahuwdiyth - Leaving out the names?
Ruth - not at all
Yahuwdiyth - So, I guess it would be safe to say they did not enter?
Yahuwdiyth - Yipes!
Yahuwdiyth - And what about other scribes out there not proclaiming the names?
Ruth - !rs
Yahuwdiyth - What about people in general that are not righteous by not proclaiming his name?
Yahuwdiyth - Scary
Ruth - !sound list
Yahuwdiyth - I thought of all this when I first learned of his real name.
Yahuwdiyth - And instantly I knew it was wrong to use fake names or replacement titles for the most important being of all.
Yahuwdiyth - Out of mere respect and fear I threw out all those incorrect names and titles and clung to his real name.
Yahuwdiyth - How could anybody think differently?
Yahuwdiyth - I don't see how people can fight to keep saying "Jesus, Lord, and God", when they know it is wrong.
Ruth - yeah, so true
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - !rm
Yahuwdiyth - !rs
Yahuwdiyth - Oh, twice.
Yahuwdiyth - This is important.
Yahuwdiyth - + lev 19 18
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - !rm
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - !rm
Ruth - !rm
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - !rm
Yahuwdiyth - Ruth...
Yahuwdiyth - Will you do me a favor?
Ruth - what judy
Yahuwdiyth - cut and paste my quit file when I leave for 2 seconds when I come back in?
Yahuwdiyth - I wanna see how it looks
Ruth - sure
Yahuwdiyth - thanks! :)
Yahuwdiyth - I don't know if it will take..I may have to reboot or reload mIRC
Yahuwdiyth - here goes
Yahuwdiyth - Did it work?
Ruth - did you quit mirc completely
Yahuwdiyth - probably not...let me go out completely
Yahuwdiyth - Did it do it now?
Ruth - *** Yahuwdiyth has left #1MESSIAH
Ruth - *** Yahuwdiyth has joined #1MESSIAH
Ruth - thats all
Yahuwdiyth - will probably have to reboot for it to work.
Ruth - the first time that i see it i will let you know
Yahuwdiyth - thanks...I'm feeling worn out right now...think I will lay down and read a book
Yahuwdiyth - see you later
Ruth - ok see you later
Yahuwdiyth - Didn't hear the sound
Ruth - Yahweh bless you
Yahuwdiyth - Yahweh bless you too.
Ruth - you need to download each one
Ruth - watchman has over a hundred
Ruth - on a sound list
pilgrim - how r u doing?
pilgrim - I have visited here before but usually is quite late so this is the first time I've met someone here but I don't know if you are on line
Ruth - hhmmm, missed them,
Ruth - Well
Ruth - Watchman bye, see you later
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - !rm
Hiswrdnme - hello
Thor-bbl - shalom :-)
Hiswrdnme - what does thor mean ?
Thor - It's my name
Hiswrdnme - oic
Thor - np :-) u r not the first
Hiswrdnme - i bet
Thor - how r u my friend?
Hiswrdnme - do ppl actually come here and chat
Thor - yes, especially on the sabbath meeting friday evening
Hiswrdnme - it always seems empty
Thor - around 9pm eastern time
Thor - to early yet
Hiswrdnme - hmm
Hiswrdnme - I like the web site these guys have made
Thor - yes it's great halleluYah!
Thor - have u been here often?
Thor - !rs
Hiswrdnme - at the web site yes at the chat room a few times but noone to talk with'
Hiswrdnme - who is the watchman?
Thor - oh thats sad, hope u will meet lots of brothers and sisters in here, dont stop coming here :-)
Thor - watchman is a bot
Thor - a computer program
Hiswrdnme - that is what I thought
Thor - u can give him lots of commands and he will do them
Thor - like if u need a scripture u type..
Hiswrdnme - not real good with computers
Thor - +gen 1:1
Thor - +act 2:20-22
Thor - or a random scripture...
Thor - !rs
Hiswrdnme - have you ever read the Scriptures version of the scriptures
Thor - yes a little of it i have read
Hiswrdnme - I just got one a few weeks ago
Thor - i like it, do u?
Hiswrdnme - yes I do I keep telling my wife she needs to read it
Thor - it's a blessing to see the name of our Elohim being where it shd be
Hiswrdnme - yes its kind of new to me but I'm a firm believer that it must be returned to use
Thor - halleluYah!
Thor - on the website there is a restored name version of king James
Hiswrdnme - do you have a group of ppl to fellowship with
Hiswrdnme - yes i've read some of that one
pjr - !rs
pjr - !rs
pjr - !rs
pjr - !rs
pjr - !rs
pjr - !rs
pjr - shalom
naomi2 - shalom
pjr - !rs
pjr - !rs
pjr - !rs
pjr - !rs
pjr - shalom
pjr - !rs
pjr - !rs
pjr - !rs
pjr - !rs
pjr - !rs
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - !rm
pjr - !rs
pjr - !rs
pjr - !rs
pjr - !rs
pjr - !rs
pjr - !rs
pjr - !rs
pjr - !rs
pjr - !rs
pjr - !rs
pjr - !rs
pjr - !rs
pjr - !rs
pjr - !rs
pjr - !rs
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - !rm
Ruth - HalleluYah
pjr - Praise Yahweh
pjr - !rs
pjr - !rs
pjr - !rs
pjr - !rs
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - !rm
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - !rm
pjr - shalom
pjr - !rs
pjr - !rs
Ruth - Shalom Yahuwdiyth
pjr - !rs
pjr - !rs
pjr - !rs
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - !rm
pjr - !rs
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - !rm
pjr - !rs
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - !rm
pjr - !rs
pjr - !rs
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - !rm
pjr - !rs
pjr - !rs
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - !rm
pjr - !rs
pjr - !rs
pjr - !rs
pjr - !rs
pjr - !rs
pjr - !rs
pjr - !rs
pjr - !rs
pjr - !rs
pjr - !rs
pjr - Praise Yahweh
pjr - !rs
pjr - !rs
pjr - !rs
pjr - !rs
pjr - !rs
pjr - !rs
pjr - !rs
claudia - hello and hello!
pjr - Yahweh bless you both through the blood of yahshua good night
Ruth - Shalom Claudia
claudia - !rs
claudia - goodnight pjr
claudia - !rs
claudia - !rs
claudia - !rs
claudia - !rs
Vicky - Shalom Judy :-)
Yahuwdiyth - hi I"m in the jewish
Ruth - !last seen RuthYah
Ruth - Hi watchman
Ruth - bbl
Vicky - !rs
Vicky - !rs
Vicky - !rs
Vicky - !rs
Vicky - !rs
Ruth - Hello Bostonian
Bostonian - Hi
Bostonian - We are the only two here
Ruth - looks that way
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - !rm
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - !rm
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - !rs
YahJay - ex.6:3
YahJay - Exodus 6:3
YahJay - Shalom and blessings!
Yahuwdiyth - hi
Yahuwdiyth - sorry
Yahuwdiyth - I was away
YahJay - i'm new at this
YahJay - at first i was sceptic
Yahuwdiyth - We all were
Yahuwdiyth - After so much dumbing down in the church's all our lives
YahJay - it will be hard to chage doctrines
YahJay - in the "church"
YahJay - last sunday I actually heard a preacher teach the name YHWH!!!
Yahuwdiyth - amazing
Yahuwdiyth - halleluyah!
YahJay - Amen!
Yahuwdiyth - amein
YahJay - Im in BC Canada her its not well known
YahJay - I learned His name early in my Faith but not the importance(few months ago)
Yahuwdiyth - yes, I was learning some years ago, but I brushed it off.
YahJay - what made you come back?
Yahuwdiyth - but in the last two years I found out I could not brush it off and was ashamed when I found out more truth.
Yahuwdiyth - Oh, that's a long story
Yahuwdiyth - but to shorten it a bit
Yahuwdiyth - I began studying the origins of Easter
Yahuwdiyth - then Halloween
Yahuwdiyth - and christmas
Yahuwdiyth - and was horrorfied
YahJay - the more I learned about His name, the more I got convicted
YahJay - I learned by studying about Yisrael and the Jewish people
YahJay - do you belong to a church?
Yahuwdiyth - no, left my church in April and told them why
Yahuwdiyth - I cried in church because the name Jesus got to me so bad...
Yahuwdiyth - I would not deny his true name, Yahuwshu'a!
YahJay - is there sacred Name churches where you live?
Yahuwdiyth - I'm not a "sacred" name person.
Yahuwdiyth - Sacred comes from Sakra a pagan diety
YahJay - are there churches that uses YHWH?
Yahuwdiyth - I am in Kentucy
Yahuwdiyth - and in louisville there is one so-called "messianic place" but it is run by a ganster
Yahuwdiyth - I won't go there
Yahuwdiyth - I have a friend named Lew White and his family that I fellowship with.
Yahuwthah - peace
Yahuwdiyth - Hello Yahuwthah
Yahuwthah - hi dear sister
YahJay - here in Canada I dont think there are Churches who call on the name of YHWH, do you know any?
Yahuwdiyth - Hello brother dear... :)
YahJay - blessings!
Yahuwdiyth - No, I don't know of any Yah.
Yahuwthah - I don't know of any here in Puerto Rico which have both of the right names
Yahuwdiyth - Do you know of Lew White, YahJay?
YahJay - no
Yahuwdiyth - he put together some good info in a little book he sells on his site...
Yahuwdiyth - www.fossilizedcustoms.com
Yahuwdiyth - check it out
YahJay - for sure
Yahuwdiyth - His book unveils many pagan customs
YahJay - ive been learning a great deal through this chat.
Yahuwthah - try my site too http://members.tripod.com/yahuwthah/
Yahuwthah - it is educational
Yahuwdiyth - another half decent site is www.yourarmstoisrael.com
Yahuwthah - do you like or hate animations, YahJay?
YahJay - like
Yahuwdiyth - You and your animations! shezzzzzzz
YahJay - lol!
Yahuwthah - the yourarms toisrael.com isn't decent Yahuwdiyth
Yahuwdiyth - I didn't say it was decent
Yahuwthah - Yahuwdiyth hates them
Yahuwdiyth - I said it was half decent
Yahuwthah - not half decent either
Yahuwdiyth - my opinion...please allow me to have it
Yahuwdiyth - and your site is more than half decent
Yahuwthah - thank you
Yahuwdiyth - but not so hot
Yahuwthah - too many animations
YahJay - whats it about?
Yahuwdiyth - and things I don't agree with scripturally
Yahuwthah - http://members.tripod.com/yahuwthah/
Yahuwthah - but you can't prove them wrong
Yahuwdiyth - and you can't prove them right
Yahuwthah - they are proven there
Yahuwthah - scripture proves
Yahuwdiyth - I don't think they are proven there...not to my satisfaction and I'm just being fair...
YahJay - thrugh yahweh.com i learned lots heard of it?
Yahuwthah - yes great site
Yahuwdiyth - I can read a scripture all day long, but if Yahweh doesn't confirm it in my spirit then it does nothing for me.
Yahuwthah - Yahu Yahweh is the Son
Yahuwdiyth - !rs
Yahuwdiyth - One Yahweh?
Yahuwdiyth - Guess he was seeing that people would think there was more than one Yahweh?
Yahuwthah - that is when the Son is incorporated into the Father
Yahuwthah - again
Yahuwdiyth - yes...there will no longer be two manifestations of the same being.
Yahuwdiyth - like in Rev 4
Yahuwthah - manifestations?
Yahuwdiyth - the ONE that sat on the throne
Yahuwdiyth - like unto a Sardine stone
Yahuwthah - the Force and His Person
Yahuwdiyth - and emerald
Yahuwdiyth - and in the midst of the throne the lamb
Yahuwthah - I must go I am falling asleep
Yahuwdiyth - a big glowing gleaming thing...his force...and then the lamb...obviously his person
Yahuwthah - Yahweh bless you both
Yahuwthah - and the bot too
Yahuwthah - lol
Yahuwdiyth - goodnight brother Yahuwthah
Yahuwdiyth - Yahweh bless you
YahJay - blessings!
Yahuwthah - peace and Yahweh bless you too
YahJay - what Bible do you use?
Yahuwdiyth - Since I know the KJV I use that and use the Strong's and study from there.
YahJay - Im waiting for the Scriptures by EliYah
YahJay - heard of it?
Yahuwdiyth - You mean a copy of the scriptures sold to you from Eliyah
YahJay - yes
Yahuwdiyth - yes, I have...I don't like it
YahJay - why?
Yahuwdiyth - they are wishy washy about the names
Yahuwdiyth - so they just put them in Hebrew instead of transliterating
YahJay - hard to read?
Yahuwdiyth - Well, its a bit different because it not what we have been used to.
Yahuwdiyth - It does help learn names and places better
YahJay - I also have "The Complete Jewish Bible" I like it a lot!
Yahuwdiyth - I won't knock it as a step on the ladder.
Yahuwdiyth - I have that, but they use "Yeshua" which is wrong.
YahJay - Iknow!
Yahuwdiyth - but I can get past that
Yahuwdiyth - I got past them all and came back to KJV
YahJay - there are others to on Frank's site
Yahuwdiyth - I know where the errors are in the KJV so it is easier to study from a version I already have almost memorized.
Yahuwdiyth - I haven't been to his site lately.
Yahuwdiyth - He is mad at me... hehehehe
YahJay - I'm learning them too
YahJay - do you belong to a church?
Yahuwdiyth - No
Yahuwdiyth - Don't want to
Yahuwdiyth - + rev 18 4
YahJay - yopu think Babylon is the church?
Yahuwdiyth - yes...and they think themselves as replacing Israel...what a joke
YahJay - what about a church that uses the name YHWH?
YahJay - oh sorry gotta go, but i'll definetly talk to you again here! i'm addicted to this site. YHWH bless you richly in all you do for Him!!!
Nicole - Shalom!!
betzer - shalom
betzer - you;re up late....
betzer - I was looking to see if a certain person was in here....sarah...that I talked to earlier....
betzer - guess not.....
Nicole - Yeah, I was spending the night at my grandma's house and my Aunt has a lap top and she came over so we satyed up late.
betzer - So, how old are you, nicole
Nicole - Just turned 12
betzer - congradulations....are you a believer in Yeshua.....?
Nicole - Yes
betzer - Even bigger congradulations....and is your grandma a believer?
Nicole - Thank you. My birthday is August 24.
Nicole - no
Nicole - well yes, but in her own way.
betzer - mine is August 6th......wow...so your grandma does know about yeshua??????
Nicole - yes
betzer - in her own way...what does that mean?
Nicole - She's Catholic
betzer - Ohhhh......well...even catholics can know yeshua...they just might call him JESUS.....do you share your faith with her?
Nicole - But me, my Aunt, my brother, my sister, my mom are not Catholic.
betzer - does she understand forgiveness for sins...and Yeshua dying for her????
Nicole - Not really. I don't feel comfortable saying it though.
betzer - Well, nicole, we can pray for her.....how about that?
Nicole - I think she thinks that you have to work your way to heaven.
betzer - most catholics do......but Yah can reveal mercy and grace to her.....
Nicole - I do pray for her.
Nicole - Maybe something will happen. I doubt it though.
betzer - Father, Yah....we ask you to strength Nicole in your ways...to give her blessings in her life...and we pray for her grandma..,that you will reveal YOURSELF to her...and bring her into your kingdom....
Nicole - Thank you betzer. Praise Yah
betzer - open her eyes to see the Truth of your Words.....and to understand salvation....
betzer - Its wonderful to see a young believer praying for their grandman....I have five kids...and four grandkids....
betzer - i'm old
Nicole - I pray also for my dad.
Nicole - : o , your not old betzer!! lol
betzer - Good for you, nicole....just as timothy was a young believer strong in faith...so can you be! I"m blessed by you!
Nicole - Thank you.
Nicole - You know timothy?
Nicole - I have spoken to him before.
betzer - Oopss....I was talking about timothy in the bible....remember how paul told him not to be ashamed of his YOUTH....but to be an example in all things
betzer - but, yes, I have spoken with the timothy that comes in here sometimes....is that the one you mean
betzer - who is that?
Nicole - oh!! i'm sorry, but i have not read the whole Bible yet.
betzer - understandable........do you know the timothy that comes in here?
Nicole - Yes betzer, timothy that comes in here.
betzer - do you attend the same fellowship? church group.....whatever it's called
Nicole - Yes, I know timothy, he is a really nice person.
betzer - He's not that young, though ,,,....is he?
Nicole - I forgot.
Nicole - :)
betzer - hmmmm......what is your mom's name....does she come in here?
Nicole - Yes
betzer - what is her "screen" name?
Nicole - Her name is, well her nickname for this chat is
Nicole - KiYa
betzer - HMMMMM>......I don't think i've met her.....but she must be great...to have a daughter like you!
Nicole - her real name is Victoria
betzer - do you have brothers or sisters?
Nicole - thank you betzer, your kids have a great dad also.
Nicole - :)
betzer - Thanks.....
Nicole - I have 1 brother and 1 sister
betzer - are you the oldest?
Nicole - I am the yougest
Nicole - My brother is 20, my sister just turned 15 yesterday, and i am 12.
Nicole - I would have had a brother about..... 17.
betzer - Wow....you sound like an oldest child.....maturity level......oh....what happened...to your brother?
Nicole - My mother had a miscarriage
Nicole - I wish to see my brother in heaven some day.
Nicole - I wonder what he looks like....
betzer - OH,,...I"m so sorry.....I guess this one you'lll have to get to know in heaven....sorry for you and your family, though
Nicole - its okay. thanks though.
Nicole - my mom said that if he were alive that she would have named him Christian.
betzer - hmmm......probably very handsome....and happy!
betzer - I like the name Christian!......
Nicole - yeah, my brother is cute and buff!!! well, he gained a little weight.
Nicole - lol
betzer - I have a son named David....he is 23.....married with a granddaughter...and he's putting the weighton, too
betzer - I mean daughter....my granddaughter....
betzer - but...he wears those really baggy jeans....and looks kinda silly
Nicole - yeah, my brother was in that stage when he was 16
betzer - you know.....the really wide legs that make you trip...and rip out at the bottom
Nicole - well, my mom tells me his boxers would sort of show!!!
Nicole - hehe
betzer - he still does that.....he should have outgrown it by now...oh well....
Nicole - most Mexicans have that thang gowing on! well, Hispanics.
betzer - and he wears dumb t-shirts that say things like pizza hut delivery...only really tight and worn out....
Nicole - lol
betzer - with rings around the neck and arms.....and his hair is messed up all the time
Nicole - My brother likes to race on the street alot
betzer - race....as in cars.....???
Nicole - its fun when he has all that music on and hes racing his friend sometimes, but i dont feel its safe.
Nicole - yes
Nicole - just regular racing
betzer - yikes....it's hard being a parent...so much to worry about.....takes lots of prayer!
Nicole - not like profecianls or anything like that. just goofing around.
betzer - even goofing around is dangerous......
Nicole - YES!!! it makes me feel unsafe.
betzer - I have four daughters.....all very nice......and they all love Yeshua....!!!!!which is the best part!
Nicole - i'm sure your proud very much.
betzer - I am, nicole....nothing makes a parent happier than knowing their children have eternal life!
betzer - I'm sure you're a blessing to your mom!
Nicole - Shalom Yahuwdiyth!!!!! I didn't know you were here!!!
betzer - yahuwdiyth......hmmmm....where are you.....sleeping?
Nicole - yes. i'm the one who likes to talk about the Bible more than my brother and sister.
Nicole - lol
betzer - good for you.....! be an example to them!
Nicole - he's falling asleep on the computer.
betzer - lol.....
Nicole - He's proboly looking up some things on the internet.
betzer - i probably better get some sleep, too......maybe well meet again.in here! shalom nicole....blessings!
betzer - thanks for the pleasaant conversation
Nicole - I have this card and it has my name Nicole and it has this scripture on it.
Nicole - + Psalm 27:1
betzer - what does the scripture say....ohhh.....watchman is great....that's a good scripture for you!
Yahuwdiyth - Hey...forgot I had this thing up
Nicole - it says that is what my name means in the Bible
Nicole - hi!!
betzer - what does your name mean?
Yahuwdiyth - mine?
betzer - nicoles
Nicole - + Pslam 27:1
Nicole - that scripture
betzer - very very cool......
Yahuwdiyth - Well, it is time for bed...my studying is over for today...
Yahuwdiyth - Yahweh bless you all! G'nite
betzer - me too...good night nicole!
Nicole1 - where did everybody go???????
Nicole1 - thank you
Nicole1 - Bye Watchman
Leah - hi
Caleb - Hi Ruth
ki7201 - RUTH
ki7201 - Shalom
Ruth - Shalom ki7291
ki7201 - hehehe
ki7201 - i love you
ki7201 - hehehe
ki7201 - soryy tyhats my wife messing around
Ruth - oh i see
ki7201 - lol
ki7201 - she didnt wanna give me the keyboard
ki7201 - so now she'
Ruth - ok
ki7201 - sis laughing
ki7201 - : )
ki7201 - so how you doing today
Ruth - doing great
Ruth - and you
ki7201 - good
ki7201 - how did your Shabbat go?
Ruth - sabbath was restful
ki7201 - heheh like it should be hegh
ki7201 - thats good
Ruth - !sound list
Ruth - hi watchman
Ruth - bbl watchman
choosename - Hello Claudia
claudia - hello
Tiffinie - How are you doing?
claudia - great! how is tiffinie?
Tiffinie - I am doing ok
claudia - me too
claudia - phone cakk brb
Tiffinie - ok
Ruth - Hi Tiffinie and claidua
Tiffinie - Hello Ruth
Tiffinie - How are you today?
Ruth - good and you
Tiffinie - I'm fine
Tiffinie - I could still be sleeping but I have to help my mom milk
Ruth - yeah?
Ruth - what do you have to milk
Tiffinie - a goat she has mastitus
Ruth - what is that
Tiffinie - my mom says in an infection in her tit
Nicole - Shalom!!
Tiffinie - Shalom Nicole
Nicole - How is everybody doing today?
Tiffinie - I am fine
Nicole - Thats good.
Tiffinie - How are you?
Nicole - Claudia, what was that mans name whom I was talking to last night? Just asking because I have never talked to him before and I forgot his screen name.
Nicole - Fine, thank you.
Tiffinie - claudia had a phone call, she hasnt came back yet
Nicole - Oh, okay.
Nicole - I'll wait.
Nicole - How did you do that?
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - !rm
Tiffinie - Ruth when you were in MO for the feasts did you meet ShphrdGrl?
Ruth - no
Ruth - Shalom Yahuwdiyth
Yahuwdiyth - Praiseeeeeeee Yahuwshu'a!!!!!!
Yahuwdiyth - Shalom Ruth!
Yahuwdiyth - What's the latest news?
Tiffinie - Hello Yahuwdiyth
Yahuwdiyth - Hi Tiffinie!
Yahuwdiyth - I'm listening to so Islam group talking about peeing in swimming pools?
Yahuwdiyth - If the pool is big enough it will not effect the purity of the water.
Tiffinie - that is still gross
Nicole - yup, thats him!
Tiffinie - ;-)
Yahuwdiyth - What about Berean?
Nicole - thanks Tiffinie
Tiffinie - your welcome
Yahuwdiyth - Oh, they are saying now that men and women should not bath in the same water.
Nicole - I forgot his name so i asked Tiffinie if she knew him.
Yahuwdiyth - interesting
Yahuwdiyth - I think the subject is water
Tiffinie - yovel are you in paltalk?
Yahuwdiyth - Paltalk: This is a G rated voice group intended for a General Audience including minors. Offensive language is not permitted. To speak, hold the ctrl key down.
Yahuwdiyth - Welcome Msg: Bismillaahir-Rahmaanir-Raheem
Yahuwdiyth - As-salaamu 'alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuhu.
Yahuwdiyth - Today's lecture is on Hadith No.5, Bulugh-ul-Maraam.
Yahuwdiyth - Paltalk: Click banners to visit our sponsors.
Yahuwdiyth - Abu Muaadh: A man who accompanied the Prophet saw narrated, "Allaah's Messenger forbade a woman to bathe with the water left over by a man, and
Yahuwdiyth - and that a man should not bathe with the water left over by a woman.
Yahuwdiyth - Abu Muaadh: and instead they should both take scoopfuls of the water together. (Abu Dawood, An-Nisaa'i - Saheeh)
Tiffinie - !rm
Yahuwdiyth - !rs
Yahuwdiyth - !rs
Yahuwdiyth - Catch you all fine folks later! :)
claudia - hello
claudia - back again
claudia - what was all that?
claudia - Hello Tiffinie.....I am back
claudia - hello Nicole
Tiffinie - Hello again
Nicole - Where did everybody go?
Tiffinie - I dont know
Nicole - they just left?
Nicole - i guess so
Tiffinie - when I came back they werent here
Nicole - oh
Tiffinie - claudia have you talked to pjr lately?
claudia - yesterday
claudia - or the day before
Tiffinie - how is he holding up?
claudia - same old problems....poor guy
claudia - well i tried to give him words of encouragement
claudia - and for him to do the right thing
claudia - always
Tiffinie - :-)
claudia - when there is a divorce
claudia - everyone loses
claudia - and I told him to keep a loving communication with his kids
claudia - and polite and friendly to ex wife
claudia - and keep his nose in the scriptures
Nicole - I have spoken to him before if i know whom you are talking about
Tiffinie - thats the best thing he can do
claudia - I suppose there are many situations like his
claudia - I have seen them
claudia - the man should be the spiritual head of every family
claudia - and IF the wife will not cooperate....and wants to leave...there is nothing he can do
claudia - she leaves many things when she leaves a good man
claudia - I do not know exactly what kind of man he is
claudia - and maybe he is not a strong man
Tiffinie - when I talk to him he is rather quiet
claudia - it seems that she wears the pants
claudia - yes
Tiffinie - that could be
claudia - quiet is not always weak, but he must stand up to her
claudia - or forget a good marriage
claudia - I want my husband to be the spiritual head of our family
claudia - I look to him for good advice
claudia - I think that is my duty to encourage that part of him
Tiffinie - thats good
claudia - to grow
claudia - yes
claudia - sometimes I think I could do a better job...but it is NOT my job...it is his
claudia - that is the secret of the marriage
claudia - each one has their own duties
Tiffinie - sorry but I must go I have to eat then help with chores
claudia - just as the assembly look to Yahweh for advice
claudia - ok
Tiffinie - that is very true
claudia - have a good day tiff
claudia - say hello to mom
Tiffinie - Shalom to you both
claudia - : )
Tiffinie - She says HELLO!
claudia - : )
claudia - Nicole, still there?
Nicole - My dad is Catholic. I do pray for him and i have shown him the Bible but I doubt he will be saved. My mom has tried also but the thing is, you can't force someone into the right way of the Bible. He is stuburn.
claudia - be patient
claudia - to be a good catholic man is not a bad thing
Nicole - I have prayed all my life.
claudia - and Yahweh will bring the truth to all mankind in some way
claudia - eventually your dad will hear the pure truth
claudia - I believe
claudia - you should not be a judge of his salvation
claudia - Yahweh is the only judge
claudia - I have many catholic friends
Nicole - He is not really strong with the bible either. He doesn't really have a religion.
claudia - and when and IF they ask me questions...I am ready with proof of the name and the 7th day
claudia - that is better yet
claudia - : )
claudia - is he a good man
claudia - a good husband and dad
claudia - a good son and brother?
Nicole - That is the better way. Thank you claudia.
Nicole - Praise Yah
claudia - my father died 40 years ago......never having heard the name Yqahweh
claudia - Yahweh
claudia - I believe that even he will have an opportunity to reach salvation
claudia - Yahweh has a way for all mankind to come to him
claudia - I believe
Nicole - so do I
claudia - : )
Nicole - : )
claudia - brb
Nicole - Maybe sme day.
claudia - back
claudia - my mother just called
Nicole - okay
Nicole - How is your mom?
claudia - she has some sinus infection
Nicole - doing?
Nicole - oh, I'm sorry.
claudia - and wanted to know the name of the nasel spray I had
claudia - she is fine
claudia - 86 years old
claudia - she is in good shape..still bowls
claudia - !!
Nicole - Wow. My grandmother was 84 when she died. She died this year in April. My dad took it real hard.
claudia - on her 80th birthday, she bowled a 300 game
claudia - on her league
claudia - : )
Nicole - 300 game?
claudia - yes
claudia - and about 1 month ago..a 241
Nicole - Wow. Big muscles!!!! hehe
claudia - she has a big handicap,
claudia - 60 pins
claudia - but still that is a great game
Nicole - Hopefully she will live past 100.
SisterSun - Shalom
claudia - i think the best thing for you to do with your dad..is to study the bible...and ask him questions about things
claudia - Hello sistersun
SisterSun - hello claudia:) and Nicole:)
Nicole - okay. Shalom sistersun
SisterSun - just stopped by to see if Bro.Bob was here...
claudia - Nicole....that is how I got my husband interested...I would tell him little things that I learned...and then ask him deep questions about life and death
Nicole - He's nice.
claudia - NO I have not seen BR bob
claudia - would like to say hi to him, thought
claudia - I really like Bob
claudia - too
SisterSun - Well, perhaps later... Yes, he is a very understanding person
claudia - yes
claudia - and friendly and loving
SisterSun - and very educated
claudia - yes..,.,
SisterSun - well, have a good day sisters, and Shalom
claudia - well girls...I have chores to do also
Nicole - I do ask my dad questions and i ask him things such as he told me that he believes that you have to work your way to heaven
claudia - Nicole..in a way he is correct
Nicole - how?
claudia - but knowledge and wisdom and understanding of what you are working at is also important
claudia - mankind cannot just sit there and expect salvation..he has to get up and take some sort of action
claudia - remember: knock and the door will be opened
claudia - mankind must KNOCK first
claudia - seek and you shall find
Nicole - You are right but working good does not take you to heaven. But Jesus dieing for our sins.
claudia - but most catholics have not read the bible as we do
claudia - I agree..all the work you do is no good unless you have knowledge wisdom and understanding
claudia - the understanding is about Yahushua
claudia - of course
Nicole - Your right. They usually just read scriptures from it.
claudia - that is what the whole bible is about.....the savior
claudia - the tree of life
claudia - the shepherd
claudia - the cornerstone
Nicole - yes
claudia - I know quite a bit about the catholic religion..I was raised in the luthern church
Nicole - Do you have to leave?
claudia - I should go soon
claudia - do you have to leave?
Nicole - The lutherin church is saved but they are a little off.
claudia - they are a long way off
Nicole - In a minute
claudia - they do not honor the sacred name or the 7th day
Nicole - I can stay on a little longer.
claudia - they do not observe the feast days of Yahweh
Nicole - oh
claudia - rather, they call on false names on the wrong day and celebrate pagan days
claudia - they are not evil people......but they are like sheep
claudia - lead by false shepherds
claudia - my cousin is a retired lutheran pastor
claudia - he knows all about the name the day and the feasts.....but goes along with an accepted religion
Nicole - Do you know what really gets me? When I hear Catholic people saying and talking about people worshiping the statues, what is the first thing Catholics do when they enter the church.
Nicole - ?
claudia - it was his bread and butter for his whole life
Nicole - They bow down to the statue of Christ
claudia - the statue stuff is from ancient times...long before Mary and Joseph and Yahushua
Nicole - I know
claudia - i know
claudia - but that is because of the false teachers and the traditions of men
claudia - at some time in a persons life..they MUST break away from all of that
claudia - and seek pure truth
claudia - it still takes faith and trust, though
Nicole - Who started teaching the word of Christ wrong?
claudia - I do not know
claudia - it started in the 1st century..right after his death..things started going wrong
Nicole - oh.
claudia - remember that Paul constantly criticized the assemblies for their wrong doing?
Nicole - I didn't know that.
claudia - and by 70 ce....the apostles were all dead
Nicole - really?
claudia - there was a man called Polycarp
Nicole - I get it now.
claudia - who studied at the breast of John
Nicole - I have to leave.
claudia - and he continued the Phasekh (passover) correctly..until he was burned at the stake
claudia - ok..me too
claudia - nice chat Nicole
Nicole - I will be on later tonight though.
claudia - may Yahweh bless you and your family
claudia - ok
Ruth - Hi Synnove
Synnove - Shalom Ruth
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - !rm
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - !rs
Synnove - !rt
Synnove - !rt
Ruth - !rt
Ruth - !search faith works
Ruth - +rom 3 27
Ruth - +rom 9 32
Ruth - +gal 2 16
Ruth - HalleluYah
Ruth - +gal 3 2
Ruth - +gal 3 5
Synnove - !rt
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - !rm
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - !rm
Ruth - need to go, Shalom and Yahweh bless you
Synnove - !rt
Synnove - Shalom Frank
FR4YAHWEH - Greeting
FR4YAHWEH - How are you?
Synnove - I'm fine, thank you. How are you?
FR4YAHWEH - I am fine also, Looks like you just got here.
Synnove - yes I did
Synnove - !rt
FR4YAHWEH - +Deut 4 30
FR4YAHWEH - +Deut 4 31-33
Synnove - !rt
FR4YAHWEH - +Matt 13 21
FR4YAHWEH - +Matt 13 20-23
Synnove - !rt
Synnove - !rt
FR4YAHWEH - +2Cor 7 10
Synnove - !rt
Synnove - !rt
FR4YAHWEH - Communicating with Yahweh!
Synnove - yes it is
Synnove - !rt
Synnove - What does that mean?
FR4YAHWEH - wanting
Synnove - ah, I see
Synnove - !rt
Synnove - !rt
FR4YAHWEH - !search Greatest
FR4YAHWEH - +1Cor 13 1-3
FR4YAHWEH - 1Cor 13 4-6
FR4YAHWEH - +1Cor 13 4-6
Synnove - !rt
FR4YAHWEH - !search old man
FR4YAHWEH - !search new man
FR4YAHWEH - !search repent
Synnove - !rt
FR4YAHWEH - "You shall not steal'
Synnove - that is true
Synnove - !rt
Synnove - it seems that there aren't very many topics specially for women
Synnove - welcome back
FR4YAHWEH - Oops! Hit the wrong key.
FR4YAHWEH - Greeting ShphrdGrl
ShphrdGrl - shalom
Synnove - Shalom ShphrdGrl
FR4YAHWEH - Most topic are for both.
Synnove - true
FR4YAHWEH - both
Synnove - !rt
ShphrdGrl - hi
FR4YAHWEH - how are you sG
ShphrdGrl - so so
FR4YAHWEH - Me too!
Ruth - Hello everyone
FR4YAHWEH - Greetings Ruth & shmaland
shmaland - Shalom Alechim
Synnove - Shalom Ruth and shmaland
FR4YAHWEH - +MalakYAH 4 1
FR4YAHWEH - +MalakYAH 4 2-4
Vicky - Shalom everyone :-)
FR4YAHWEH - Greetings Vicky
Ruth - Shalom Vicky
Synnove - Shalom Vicky
FR4YAHWEH - YAHshua 23 6
FR4YAHWEH - +YAHshua 23 6
FR4YAHWEH - +Joshua 23 6
FR4YAHWEH - !search luke warm
FR4YAHWEH - +Revelation 3 16
FR4YAHWEH - +Revelation 3 15-17
FR4YAHWEH - +Revelation 3 18-20
FR4YAHWEH - +Revelation 3 21-22
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - !rs
FR4YAHWEH - +Joshua 23 6
FR4YAHWEH - +MalakYAH 4 4
FR4YAHWEH - +Proverb 21 15
FR4YAHWEH - +Psalm 21 9
FR4YAHWEH - +Psalm 9 5-7
Synnove - !rt
Ruth - !search Praise Yahweh
Ruth - Yahweh is worthy of all our PRAISE
Synnove - HalleluYAH
Ruth - +psa 100 1 3
Ruth - +psa 100 4 5
Ruth - + psa 134 1 3
Ruth - +psa 1 1 3
Vicky - Shalom Patrick :-0
Vicky - :-)
Ruth - +psa 3 1 3
Ruth - Shalom patrick
FR4YAHWEH - +IsaYAH 63 14
pjr - shalom
FR4YAHWEH - +IsaYAH 65 1-3
FR4YAHWEH - +IsaYAH 65 4-6
Ruth - +psa 5 1 3
Ruth - +psa 119 136 138
Ruth - +psa 117 1 3
FR4YAHWEH - +Psalms 1 1-3
Ruth - Yawheh's truth endures forever
FR4YAHWEH - +Psalm 1 4-6
Ruth - +psa 150 1 3
Ruth - +psa 134 1 3
FR4YAHWEH - +Psalm 50 16-18
FR4YAHWEH - +Psalms 50 19-21
FR4YAHWEH - +Psalm 2 1-3
FR4YAHWEH - +Psalm 2 4-6
FR4YAHWEH - +Psalm 2 7-9
Vicky - Shalom and YHWH bless you all
david - !rs
david - !search: tithe
david - tithing
david - !search: tithing
david - Deuteronomy 26
david - +Deuteronomy 2612
david - +deu 26:12
david - ! search:divorce
david - !search: divorce
david - +ma 7:4
david - +mark104
david - +mark 10:4
david - +matt 19:7
david - +matt5:32
david - +matt 5:32
shmaland - Shalom Alechim Dawid
david - SHalom Schma
david - and blessing to you too
shmaland - Pretty quiet isn't it
david - uh yeah..very
david - the calm before the storm
david - I think
shmaland - what part of the "wilderness" are you living in :)
david - wilderness of michigan/babylon
david - and you
david - ?
shmaland - we are living in "sukkots" in east texas , but Yahweh willing we will soon rejoice in eretz yisrael
david - praise YAH ..I just went to a feast ghere in michigan...was my first
shmaland - praise Yahweh
shmaland - !search majestic
shmaland - !search oaks
david - do you have a television?
david - do you watch tv?
shmaland - have not for 11 years...
david - ok
shmaland - why?
david - are you anywhere near nederland?
shmaland - not sure...why?
david - just heard a good teacher there...I used to live in Roswell
david - so we were kinda close
david - hahaha
shmaland - who was teaching
david - a guy named Joe Good
david - Hatikva.org
shmaland - i am famiiar with him
david - ok cool
david - do you like his teaching? or no?
shmaland - honestly....i do not follow his teaching
david - he does alot of Temple research...interesting stuff
david - makes me want to go to Yisrael and see it for myself
shmaland - yes the temple is very important.....i will wait for the land to be cleansed of the idols..
david - works with CHaim Richman of the Temple Institute
david - ya know we were discussing that the other day..do you have any thoughts on idolatry...a definition maybe?
david - !search: idolatry
david - +col 3:5
david - hmm
david - +gal 520
david - +gal 5:20
david - +1cor 10:14
david - it seems like a very broad word...worshipping idols in the way they are worshipped.
david - but there is so much that seems to slip over the edges of that defintion
david - +1sam 15:23
david - rejection of YAHWEH is idolatry
david - +1sam 15:23
david - +1sam 15:22
shmaland - the hebrew word for idol is eliyl which is quite interesting...el means mighty and eliyl means "nothing" or "worthless". when we give something of no value a spiritual significance (make mighty) then we have created an idol
shmaland - did you catch that?
david - yes.
david - that could apply almost anywhere
shmaland - i would love to share more with you on this subject but i must run....my email is h2h_mark@yahoo.com....let's follow up on this subject..
david - ok we will
david - Shalom friend
shmaland - shalom dawid
david - !rs
david - !search:divorce
david - !search: divorce
david - !search: put away
david - YOVI !!!!!
Yahuwdiyth - Shalom David
david - hiya!
david - whats new?
Yahuwdiyth - sorry
Yahuwdiyth - was in the kitchen for a quick slave duty for grannie
Yahuwdiyth - lol
Yahuwdiyth - I'm listening to some guy on Paltalk.
david - !search:inherit
david - oh I hate that
david - !seacrh : inherited
david - !search: inherited
david - where is the scriputre abput inheriting lies?
david - ok found it
david - +jer 16:19
Yahuwdiyth - Thanks for that scripture...I cut and pasted it into the chat group I'm in.
Yahuwdiyth - hi again Ruth
david - hello Ruth
Ruth - Hi Yahuwdiyth
Ruth - Hello david
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - !rm
Ruth - +psa 16 1 3
Ruth - +psa 16 4 6
Ruth - +psa 14 1 3
Ruth - +psa 14 4 6
Ruth - +psa 17 1 3
Ruth - +psa 18 1 3
Ruth - HalleluYah
Ruth - Shalom Faith
Faith - Shalom
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - !rm
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - !rm
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - !rm
Faith - Shalom all...what's the topic?
Yahuwdiyth - + psalms 132 11
Yahuwdiyth - + jer 52 3
Yahuwdiyth - + jer 52 10
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - !rm
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - !rm
pjr - shalo m
pjr - !rs
pjr - !rs
pjr - !rs
pjr - !rs
pjr - !rs
pjr - !rs
pjr - !rs
pjr - !rs
pjr - !rs
pjr - !rs
pjr - !rs
pjr - !rs
RuthYAH_bbl - !rs
RuthYAH_bbl - !rm
RuthYAH_bbl - !rs
RuthYAH_bbl - !rm
pjr - !rs
pjr - !rs
pjr - 1rs
pjr - !rs
pjr - !rs
pjr - !rs
pjr - !rs
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - !rm
pjr - !rs
pjr - !rs
Yahuwdiyth - Acts 4 11 12
Yahuwdiyth - + acts 4 11 12
Yahuwdiyth - !rs
Yahuwdiyth - !rs
Yahuwdiyth - !rs
Yahuwdiyth - !rs
Yahuwdiyth - !rs
Yahuwdiyth - + duet 28 12
Yahuwdiyth - + deut 12 28
Yahuwdiyth - !rs
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - Sons and daughters shall prophesy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ruth - !rs
Yahuwdiyth - !rs
Yahuwdiyth - !rs
Yahuwdiyth - !rs
Yahuwdiyth - !rs
pjr - !rs
Ruth - HalleluYAH
pjr - Praise Yahweh
pjr - !rs
pjr - !RS
Nicole - Shalom!
Nicole - How is everyone doing?
pjr - good Praise Yahweh
pjr - and you
Nicole - fine, thanks
pjr - !rs
Ruth - Shalom Nicole
Nicole - Hi Ruth. How are you doing?
Ruth - fine, thanks
Nicole - Thats goos
Nicole - oops
Nicole - good
Nicole - Are yall having a conversation on something?
pjr - no i have been invited in a paltalk
pjr - !rs
pjr - !rs
Vicky - Shalom mishpacha :-)
Vicky - !rs
pjr - Praise Yahweh
Ruth - Shalom Vicky
Vicky - Shalom Ruth
Vicky - ((((((((Ruth))))))))))))
Ruth - (((((((((((((((((((((((Vicky)))))))))))))))))))))
Grace - Shalom
Ruth - Shalom , welcome back Thor
Thor - Shalom :-) ty Ruth
Vicky - Shalom Thor :-)
Vicky - Shalom Grace
Thor - That is a great website u gave me Ruth :-)
Vicky - What site is that Ruth?
Vicky - +Hebrews 12 1 3
Thor - www.yaim.org
Vicky - ty Thor :-)
Ruth - your welcome, Thor
Thor - yw :-) thank you Ruth , halleluYah!
Ruth - 4 music cds on that site to listen to on the computer
Thor - already started downloading :-)
Thor - !rs
Thor - praise Yahweh!
Ruth - you can click on the top where it say cd3 and listen to the whole cd
Grace - Praise Yah!
Thor - shalom demi
Ruth - or listen to each song separately
Vicky - Shalom demi
demi - Shalom everyone
Ruth - Shalom demi
demi - shalom ruth
Grace - a few weeks ago I sat in on a teaching in this chat room and it blessed me so much1
demi - dWhat
Thor - halleluYah!!
Thor - :-)
demi - oops!
Grace - so I wanted to come back and see you again.
Vicky - Welcome Grace
Vicky - HalleluYAH!
Ruth - Welcome Grace
Grace - is this Christian Jew room( frogive my ignorance)
Grace - forgive, rather
Thor - - Welcome to the private chat network for those who love Yahweh and are seeking the truth.
pjr - !rs
Grace - wonderful
Thor - halleluYah!
Thor - shalom Nicole
Nicole - Shalom again
Vicky - Shalom Nicole
Nicole - I was here just awalogo
Nicole - Shalom everone! :)
Ruth - Shalom Nicole
Nicole - Shalom Ruth
Grace - yes, we need the Lord so much-every day and moment by moment.
Thor - will be back later, Yahweh bless u
pjr - praise Yahweh
Yahuwdiyth - Just so you all don't think I'm asleep...I'm in a Paltalk room learning Torah.
Grace - ic
Grace - what you learning from Torah?
Grace - hello Ruth?
Grace - bye everyone.
Vicky - Shalom Grace, YHWH bless you
Grace - Yahweh bless you
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - !rm
Vicky - HalleluYAH!
Yahuwdiyth - I'm gonna leave...I don't need this chat anymore.. !!!OH! I mean don't need to be here because I'm in paltalk learning Torah...I was in a group where I was grabbing scripture here from Watchman, but don't need to do that anymore. So, all enjoy and have a great night. Yahweh bless.
Vicky - Judy did you see my pm
Vicky - ?
dawid - hello everyone
dawid - !rs
Thor - Shalom dawid
dawid - !seatch: abundant
Thor - Time for bed here, Yahweh bless u all, lylatov
dawid - !search: abundantly
dawid - !rs
dawid - !rs
pjr - Yahweh blessyou all through theblood of Yahshua Good night
Vicky - YHWH bless you Patrick
Vicky - lyla tov
Ruth - Good night Patrick
dawid - hello !
Ruth - Shalom dawid
Vicky - Shalom dawid :-)
dawid - :o)
dawid - !rs
dawid - !rs
dawid - watchman?
dawid - are you awake?
dawid - thanks watchman
dawid - hahaha
dawid - so is there any discussion here tonight?
Vicky - Not really dawid
Vicky - Shalom lost
lost - hello I am new here
Vicky - Welcome to the room lost
dawid - hello lost and welcome
Ruth - Welcome lost
lost - I am really disturbed
Ruth - about what???!!!
lost - about being baptized in the wrong name maybe
Vicky - What are you distrubed about lost?
dawid - Lost, I was just baptized in to the true name this week. I think it matters.
Vicky - Yes, I believe that also dawid
dawid - many years ago I was baptised in a tank in the name of j-c...
Vicky - I was baptized last June in the proper names
lost - who are people worshipping when they call on j-sus
Vicky - Me too dawid ... lol
dawid - an idol I think
lost - where do I go to seek the truth?
dawid - pray for starters
dawid - and you will come to it.
Ruth - this web site is a good start ...
lost - I am so freaked out
Vicky - Oh lost, don't be freaked out
Vicky - :-)
Vicky - You have come to the right place
Vicky - I was very angered when I found out I was being taught lies
lost - well I have children to raise and I need to know what to teach them
dawid - no I do know what you mean Lost....but take it easy...let the spirit guide you, obviously it brought you here...and this is a good place to start
Vicky - Have you read EliYah's Home page?
Vicky - HalleluYAH! dawid :-)
dawid - !search:inherited
lost - I have to retrain myself not to speek the names of idols
dawid - !search: inherited
Vicky - It takes time lost
dawid - +jer16:19
Vicky - Don't beat yourself up over it
dawid - c'mon watchman
Vicky - Just pray to Yahweh
lost - I'm not ....just feel an overwhelming sense of urgency
dawid - +jer 16:19
dawid - yjere we go
Vicky - Yes, I felt the same way
lost - what bible do you read
Vicky - I was over whelmed also
Vicky - KJV
Vicky - and the "Scriptures"
lost - Scriptures?
Vicky - The "Scriptures" you can order from EliYah
Vicky - It has the names restored
lost - ok
Vicky - :-)
dawid - just pray Lost....and do a little bit of substitution when you read...
dawid - it helps
Vicky - Yes, dawid
lost - I have already been doing that
Vicky - I do that when I read my KJV
dawid - good !
dawid - halleluYAH!
Vicky - He knows your heart lost :-)
dawid - me too..I still like the KJV for some reason...nostalgia I think
Vicky - Same here :-)
Vicky - The "Scriptures" takes some time getting used to because of the names being restored :-)
lost - I printed out "what's in a name" and my 9 yr. old read one paragragh and said what do we do
Vicky - awwww
dawid - and we are to bring up our children in the way they should live
Ruth - so true
Vicky - Yes, very true
lost - we are stopping ourselves from speaking jesus
dawid - halleluYAH
Vicky - \o/ Praise Yahweh \o/
lost - I don't think it's me stopping me
dawid - I was looking at that today and the fact that the Hebrew word for idol is eliyl..means some thing like "making something mighty that is nothing
dawid - I think that j word is a nothing
Vicky - When you reason with yourself, why would the Messiah have a Greek name, He was Hebrew :-)
dawid - that people have made into a mighty thing
dawid - thats good to hear Lost...
dawid - makes me happy when the spirit moves in peoples lives
lost - what do I do now about a church
dawid - :o)
Vicky - Yes, and the angels are rejoicing also :-)
Vicky - I don't go to a church lost
Ruth - yes, they are rejoicing
Vicky - I don't have any fellowship here where I live at the moment
dawid - I dont either but we are kinda startinga little something here on sabbth..just a few people
Vicky - So I come here and fellowship with like minded believers until Yahweh will bring more believers to me
Vicky - Or me to them :-)
lost - how is it that I have felt as I was His all my life?
Ruth - because yahweh had chosen you
Vicky - He must be calling you lost
dawid - His spirit keeps leading us into truth Lost...its a process
lost - since 2
Vicky - And the scriptures says that knowledge will be increased in the end times
dawid - yes
Vicky - HalleluYAH!
Vicky - :-)
dawid - :o)
lost - who will listen?
Vicky - If you have the love for the truth
lost - do your families listen?
Vicky - No
dawid - only those that are called will hear it Lost.
Vicky - My husband does not believe
lost - my husband is waiting on me to uncover the truth
lost - he wants to follow Yaweh
dawid - halleluYAH
Vicky - HalleluYAH!
dawid - HE has to seek Him with his whole heart and he will find Him
lost - where did the name of the christ get perverted
dawid - the greeks
dawid - and the romans
dawid - and then the english]
dawid - actaully YAHWEH was hidden long before that
dawid - by some guys called the opherim
dawid - ops sopherim
lost - who can tell me what to do to be saved and what should I say and who will baptize me
dawid - where do you live Lost?
Young - how would he know?
Young - hi all
dawid - lol...
lost - hi young
dawid - hi Young
Young - hey lost
lost - I live in Illinois
dawid - Lost...if you email eliyah he can find someone in your area to help you out
lost - great!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vicky - Shalom Young
dawid - ayep
Ruth - Shalom young
Young - lost, what is it you are looking for?
Young - hi Ruth
dawid - immersion
lost - salvation
Young - how are you tonight?
dawid - halleluYAH!
Young - lost this is simple, stop sining
Young - if you sin, you will die
lost - I know the commandmendts
dawid - her concerns are in being baptized Young
Young - obeying them is them key
dawid - yes halleluYAH !
Young - baptism takes about 3-5 years
dawid - I love his commandments
Vicky - The two commandments that are not being kept by most is: Keeping the Sabbath and taking Yahweh's name in vain
lost - I just can not be washed clean of them if I am not using the correct NAME
dawid - she is talking about water baptism Young
Young - the correct name is Yahoshua
Young - He is our High Priest
Young - His Father's name is YaHVeH
dawid - praise his name !
dawid - haleluyah
Young - +zec 3:1
Young - Yahoshua is the name of the one you need to see if you have siiin to deal with!
Vicky - Why does baptism take 3-5 years Young? I don't understand what you mean?
Young - Vicki, baptism is like forsaking your evil ways, it is a sancitification process
Young - think of it as a pickle
Young - when a cucumber is immersed into the vinagar solutiuon, it still takes a period of time before the character of the cumber changes
Vicky - I have been a believer of the names for over a year now, and I was just baptized by EliYah this past June.
Young - but when it changes it is perserved
lost - I think I've forsaken evil for quit some time now
dawid - baptism in the set apart spirit..yes he said keep my commandments and I will send the comforter..in that order
Young - much like a believer
lost - I observed my first sabbath and it felt right
Vicky - HalleluYAH! lost :-)
Young - lost, the Sabbath is all the waking hours of Saturday
dawid - I was baptised about 12 days ago
dawid - halleuYAH!
lost - then a bunch of christians told me that it was not necessary
Young - the water baptism is only a small part of the over all picture
Vicky - The Sabbath is a sign forever between Yahweh and His people :-)
Young - to keep the sabbath is entering into a covenant with YahVeH
lost - I kept asking and asking about it
Young - much like circ
dawid - a WHAT!!!
lost - I kept saying what about sun down I know there is something about sundown
Young - lost, obey the commands to the degree that Messiah demonstarted them for us
lost - I will
Young - circumcision
dawid - ok
Ruth - asking who, about sundown,
dawid - whew
Ruth - sundown is when a new day starts
lost - other christians, leaders, pastors
Young - we need to be circumsied in three ways
Young - Ruth, you are not well acquainted with holiness, for a new day starts atr sunrise
Young - two half days do not equal one whole day
lost - mercies are new in the morning/ yes or no
Young - the Sabbath is all the waking hours of the seventh day
Young - yes
Young - lost , do not embrace any lies and the Spirit of Truth will guide you
lost - where do you offer tithe?
Young - not to any siners
Young - only to holy men
Young - if you are learning under a sinner, then at best you will graduate a sinner with honors
Young - and yet we know there is no honor with siners in the eyes of God
Young - in fact
Young - +jophn 9:31
Ruth - Page EliYah
Young - +john 9:31
Young - if you are a sinner, you have to come clean
Vicky - Shalom achi :-)
dawid - hello eliyah
EliYah - Shalom :)
Ruth - Shalom achi
Young - Hi eliyah
EliYah - How is everyone this evening?
dawid - its me shofar
Young - welcome here
Vicky - I am tov and you achi?
lost - what is your opinion on the New Living Way bible
Young - holy
Young - never heard of it
EliYah - Great here :)
Vicky - :-)
Young - brb
Vicky - EliYah, when does Yahweh's day begin?
EliYah - At evening
Vicky - Is it sunset or sunrise?
Vicky - Todah, that is what I thought :-)
Young - ahh
Young - so eliyah is the authority???
Young - eliyah is in error
Young - the day begins with the sunrise
Young - ask any holyman
EliYah - verse?
Young - lol
Ruth - what makes you an expert, what holyman
Young - I might ask you the same
Young - I am one with YahVeH
Young - I know His holy ways
Young - I do not sin
dawid - and whats this word "holy" I am thinking its a pagan word ..isnt it?
EliYah - 1Corinthians 10:12 - Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall.
Young - if you are instructe dby a sinner, a sinner you remain
EliYah - Leviticus 23:32 - It shall be unto you a sabbath of rest, and ye shall afflict your souls: in the ninth day of the month at even, from even unto even, shall ye celebrate your sabbath.
dawid - and if you have the names of other elohim on your mouth....tsktsktsk
Young - that is speaking of the day of Atonement and not the weekly Sabbath
EliYah - Nehemiah 13:19 - And it came to pass, that when the gates of Jerusalem began to be dark before the sabbath, I commanded that the gates should be shut, and charged that they should not be opened till after the sabbath: and some of my servants set I at the gates, that there should no burden be brought in on the sabbath day.
Young - it speaks of one abstaining for a 36 hour time preiod from food or dring
Young - k
lost - brb
Young - oh eliyah, by the way, all is being recorded
Young - two half days do not equal one holy day
EliYah - By the way, that includes your words :)
Young - all the waking hours of the seventh day is the sabbath
dawid - hello...holy? again?
EliYah - Nehemiah 13:19 demonstrates that the weekly Shabbat begins at evening
EliYah - And confirms the reasoning behind Lev. 23:32
dawid - hm two witnesses ..works for me
Young - Genesis 1:5 And God declared the light, Day, and the darkness he called Night. And that night till the break of day was, Day One.
EliYah - As well as Genesis 1
Young - ty
dawid - and from one even to another was a day was it not?
EliYah - There is a scripture that calls the night "day"
EliYah - Or Yom
Young - Lev has to do with the day of Atonement and has nothing to do with the sabbath
EliYah - Which can encompass daylight as well as night
Young - if Lev describes the sabbath, then you would have to fast every sabbath
EliYah - Nehemiah 13:19 demonstrates that the weekly Shabbat begins at evening, and confirms the reasoning behind Lev. 23:32. Why is Atonement celebrated on the 10th day of the 7th month, and from evening to evening? Because His days begin at evening
Young - Lev is explicit in that YaHVeH makes sure that no one skips a day's cycle of eating
EliYah - Agreed there
EliYah - :)
Young - we are to deny ourselves three meals if one eats three meals in a day
Young - we need to go hungry one night in a year, at least
Young - by your definituion one could eat after sunset on the 10th day
Young - as if
Young - wow
Young - two meals to deny oneself
Young - Eliyah, do you eat on the 9th till sunset and then again after sunset on the 10th?
dawid - oh you guys are confusing me...thi sbaby needs more milk I think,....LOL
Young - Eliyah?
EliYah - I'll answer you when you answer Neh 13 :)
Young - figures
Young - you have already answered
EliYah - Do you work on Shabbat? :)
Young - is it too much to go to bed hungry one night in a year Eliyah?
Young - as if
Young - I am a holyman
EliYah - Bringing in the wares on Shabbat :)
EliYah - You think you are greater than you are
Young - nite
EliYah - You lack humility and holiness in conversation and works
Young - I will not sit in the seats of scoffers
dawid - well that was fun
EliYah - Every few months or so, he comes in here bragging on himself
EliYah - and condemns others
Ruth - oh really
dawid - do his feet touch the ground when he walks?
EliYah - Yes, I've known him for some time. He used to come in here as "William"
lost - I'm back
lost - what happened
EliYah - But when he came back in here some months ago saying "I am a holy man".. I recognized him and said "William?"
EliYah - He laughed and wondered how I knew
EliYah - Welcome back, Lost :)
EliYah - Or maybe he knew how I knew
lost - my husband is wanting to know what we do now about church
EliYah - Are you attending a sunday church?
dawid - home study is good
lost - yes
EliYah - And you are wanting to keep the Sabbath day?
lost - yes
EliYah - How involved are you in the church?
lost - starting to be very invoved but I fell a need to pull out of some things
EliYah - I see
lost - sunday school for one
EliYah - Do they know what you believe?
lost - not yet
dawid - she also wants to be immeresed in the True Name.
EliYah - HalleluYah
dawid - yes HalleuYAH
EliYah - When did you start keeping Shabbat?
lost - I have a meeting with the pastor on tuesday
lost - I have only observed one about 3 weeks ago and not since
lost - I have been aware of not doing so
EliYah - Do you have many friends there?
lost - at the church?
EliYah - yes
lost - yes and family
EliYah - Are you very convinced of keeping Sabbath?
lost - yes
EliYah - good
EliYah - Well, I would offer a word of warning.. be prepared to lose all of your friends and family members
lost - I feel Gods ways are best
EliYah - Because they will often reject us
EliYah - First they may be interested..
lost - I already had that feeling
EliYah - but then when they count the cost of being different.. only a few are willing to be
lost - my sister thinks I'm being ridiculous
VictoryYAH - So does my sister, she said the same exact thing
lost - I attend Assembly of God and my parents are Roman catholic
EliYah - It is a fine line, ask Yahweh when it is time.. because there may be some others who He will want to bring out with you
EliYah - or He may say go now
EliYah - and then others can come to you
lost - "tongues" is what got me investigating
VictoryYAH - +John 15 20
EliYah - Shalom petecat :)
EliYah - explain, lost
lost - people in the church speak in tongues and I didn't "get"it
EliYah - So you did some scripture study on there?
EliYah - that
lost - My best friend is baptist and I talked with her pastor and he said there weren't tongues anymore
lost - My pastor said there was
lost - studying on how the scriptures have been mutilated brought me to "what else has been changed?'
EliYah - Did you conclude anything?
dawid - shalom all I have to go.
dawid - good bye
EliYah - Shalom dawid :)
lost - first and foremost that my savior could not have a name that begins with a J
Ruth - Shalom dawid
lost - "tongues" kind of went on the back burner at that point
lost - So what is the true teaching on tongues?
EliYah - I believe that there could be a gift of tongues today... but I don't think that a whole lot of what we see in the AOG and other places is the actual true gift
lost - my feeling about it was how could it be a "tongue" given of the Holy Spirit if they are invoking a name that is not the saviors name
lost - besides scripture is clear about keeping quiet in the assembly if an interpretor is not present
lost - I need a mentor
EliYah - You mean a female mentor?
lost - does it matter?
lost - no that is not what I meant
EliYah - Well, your husband should be your male mentor
lost - My husband is just now getting into the word
EliYah - Wonderful
EliYah - You are blessed
ShphrdGrl - shalom everyone
EliYah - There are many wives whose husbands don't care for the truth of Shabbat and other things
Ruth - Shalom ShphrdGrl
VictoryYAH - Shalom ShphrdGrl
lost - He wants to know the truth but he also doesn't know what to do
ShphrdGrl - you guys are great1 :)
EliYah - Shalom ShphrdGrl :)
VictoryYAH - :-)
EliYah - Is he with you?
lost - He has just now found a few male friends who he can talk to about God and now I am telling him that everyone is terribly mistaken
lost - he is
lost - would you like to speak with him?
EliYah - sure :)
lost - I am the lost ones husband Raymond
EliYah - Greeting Raymond, nice to meet you
VictoryYAH - Shalom Raymond :-)
Ruth - Shalom Raymond
lost - And you as well
EliYah - I rejoice to hear that you and your wife are learning about the Sabbath and His name
EliYah - There are many more like you, and we have found the Sabbath to be a great blessing
EliYah - And calling upon His name is too.. there is much to learn and discover
EliYah - We have decided to set aside 2000 years of tradition, and just look at scripture
EliYah - and when you do that, there are many lost truths that can be revealed
lost - We are egar to take our walk to the fullest and to learn as much as we can
EliYah - HalleluYah!
EliYah - You wife tells me that you both have a meeting with the Pastor this week?
lost - No just my wife my work scedule is very hectic right now
EliYah - oh I see
EliYah - The Sabbath will provide opportunity and time for you both to seek His word together
lost - the word together is a beautiful thing
EliYah - Yes
VictoryYAH - Shalom btao
EliYah - I just want to encourage you to continue in that, and also remember that there is a cost to be counted.. when we are different than the mainstream
VictoryYAH - Shalom shmaland
Ruth - Shalom shmaland
shmaland - Shalom Alechim y'all :)
EliYah - But there is great reward also
EliYah - Shalom shmaland :)
lost - One of the most fufilling things about my walk is having my best friend go with me on it and we are ready to uncover al the truiths possible
EliYah - Awesome
lost - the wife is back
EliYah - If there is anything I can do to help, feel free to email me or come here
lost - my husband is going to need some encouragers
lost - how do I get the address
EliYah - my email address is linked from the main page. It's servant@eliyah.com
EliYah - You could call me too if you like.. 866-4ELIYAH (free)
lost - thankyou
EliYah - Shalom desiretru :)
EliYah - Welcome
VictoryYAH - Shalom desiretru :-)
shmaland - shalom desiretru
desiretru - shalom all
Ruth - Shalom desiretru
lost - I must go and spread the good news .......thankyou so much for your help........do you cat every night?
lost - chat
EliYah - Usually
desiretru - can someone share what your beliefs (statement of faith)
EliYah - My statement of faith is written all over this site
EliYah - :)
EliYah - Though ultimately it is the scriptures
EliYah - hmm ?
EliYah - Welcome back, desiretru :)
shmaland - welcome back
VictoryYAH - wb desiretru
desiretru - didnt mean to leave
desiretru - trying to see website
EliYah - I see
Ruth - open another browser
EliYah - We believe in loving our neighbor and loving Yahweh
VictoryYAH - HalleluYAH!
EliYah - Loving Yahweh includes keeping His Sabbaths and Torah
Ruth - HalleluYah
EliYah - And accepting His Messiah, Yahushua (commonly called Jesus)
desiretru - For the past 6-7 months i have struggled with what i believe. I have been a christian for 13 years
desiretru - my mother in law started to attend a messianic church and the quetions started
EliYah - What are you having struggles with?
desiretru - Whether what i have been taught about believinr Jesus(Yahweh) is that far off based
EliYah - I'm not sure what you have been taught, but there are a number of errors in mainstream Christian teaching
desiretru - Different interpretations of scripture concernig the practice of our faith.( Torah observance, Sabbath, eating Kosher, Festivals
desiretru - I believed that before, the error part
EliYah - Do you have particular questions on these issues?
desiretru - I have seen the importance of the festivals and how they point to The Messiah
desiretru - I just want to knoe what God expects of each of us as believers and the best way to start to understand the Messianic movement
EliYah - Well, what Yahweh expects of us is written in His word
EliYah - But some believe that parts of His word no longer apply, and that is where trouble begins
EliYah - If we just believe and accept His word, then we only need to walk in it
EliYah - And He teaches us as we do
EliYah - It isn't something one can learn in a few days, but rather, a lifetime :)
shmaland - +john 14:15
shmaland - +matt 5:17-20
EliYah - 1John 2:4 - He who says, "I know Him," and does not keep His commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him.
EliYah - It can be simplified if we just think of this:
EliYah - 1John 2:4 - He who says, "I know Him," and does not keep His commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him.
EliYah - 1John 2:5 - But whoever keeps His word, truly the love of YAHWEH is perfected in him. By this we know that we are in Him.
EliYah - 1John 2:6 - He who says he abides in Him ought himself also to walk just as He walked.
EliYah - Walk as Yahushua walked
EliYah - He kept all of Yahweh's commandments, we need to just do as He did.. this is evidence of Him abiding in us
EliYah - If He is in us, then He will do the things He did while on earth "in us"
EliYah - And as shmaland noted, He didn't destroy/abolish/take away the standard of righteousness found in the Torah/law
desiretru - I know Yehweh's expectations are in the Bible(Torah). Understanding what was meant 2000+ years ago is the hard part
EliYah - What part do you find difficult?
desiretru - brb
desiretru - Acts 15, Acts 10:9-16 for starters
desiretru - Galations
EliYah - I cover many those scriptures at http://www.eliyah.com/law.html and http://www.eliyah.com/clean.html if you would be interested in reading the studies there
shmaland - +nu 30:11,14
shmaland - +nu 30:11
shmaland - +nu 30:14
shmaland - oops
shmaland - +deut 30:11
shmaland - +deut 30:14
VictoryYAH - HalleluYAH!
shmaland - +matt 11:30
VictoryYAH - \o/ Praise Yahweh \o/
shmaland - As Moses said and our Messiah said....it is wriiten in our hearts
Ruth - \o/\o/\o/ Praise Yahweh \o/\o/\o/
desiretru - Understand I believe God gave us The law for our good. I feel it is very important today.
EliYah - HalleluYah, we agree
desiretru - Maybe im holding on to old ways and dont want to let go unless im sure
shmaland - +jeremiah 16:19-21
EliYah - There is a study going over acts 15, verse by verse at http://www.eliyah.com/transcripts/121198.html
desiretru - The hard ones to let go are Sabbath Observance and Eating Kosher
tribe - what do you mean desiretru? to follow or to stop following?
desiretru - to follow
EliYah - They are both lifestyle changes that are very different than the world
tribe - very true, hence, being set-apart
VictoryYAH - Shalom tribe
VictoryYAH - BRB
tribe - thank you, and Shalom also
VictoryYAH - ty :-)
shmaland - Is it hard to follow them or to look/act different than others??
tribe - In following you will be acting different and may occasionally stand out
desiretru - I just moved here so looking different is not a problem, It is more understanding whether christian or messianic view is right and accepting it
desiretru - I dont want to do anything unless i know and believe it is the truth
shmaland - Jer 6:16..This is what the Yahweh says: Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths,ask where the good way is, and walk in it,and you will find rest for your soul
Ruth - do you believe that scripture is right, then follow that
Ruth - dont look at other so called christian or mesianics
EliYah - Sometimes neither are correct in their mainstream
desiretru - So were in scriptrures would be the best place to start studing to understand these issues
tribe - first prayer, then study
desiretru - Ive been praying for the truth
shmaland - + isa 2:5
shmaland - + isa 2:3
desiretru - Please define
shmaland - He is calling us back to his ancient paths....to his covenant with his people...to the torah.....As David said...It is all together good and nourishing to our soul..
shmaland - + james 1:22-25
shmaland - + james 1:25
desiretru - please define Elohim I forgot what it means
shmaland - Mighty ones........Yahweh told us (israel) to Hear his word....for our good.....to hear intelligently, lest we deceive ourselves
Ruth - !rm
Ruth - !rm
EliYah - "Elohim" means Mighty Ones. It is commonly translated as "God"
desiretru - ty
shmaland - + acts 17:11
shmaland - The scriptures then were torah....they are life when we hear intelligently
desiretru - Please Pray that Elohim will show the truth to me and that I will humble myself and follow his ways in all areas
desiretru - No matter what
EliYah - May it be so, in Yahushua's name
shmaland - your user name is a very important statement........you seem to be on the right path.
desiretru - Ty for your time and answers.
desiretru - It is gettng late and i should go.
desiretru - I will come back soon
shmaland - Shalom Alechim (peace unto you) desire tru
VictoryYAH - Shalom desiretru and Yahweh bless you and keep you
desiretru - Ty all
VictoryYAH - :-)
EliYah - I have some work to do :)
Ruth - lyla tov sound like a tov idea
EliYah - Shaom all
EliYah - Shalom all
VictoryYAH - lyla tov achi
VictoryYAH - Shalom
VictoryYAH - Yes, I am going to get going also, I have to get up for work
shmaland - A humble heart is a true witness...
VictoryYAH - Shalom everyone
shmaland - Shalom
VictoryYAH - HalleluYAH shmaland :-)
VictoryYAH - Yahweh bless you all
Ruth - Shalom and good night
shmaland - Are you there ShphrdGrl
ShphrdGrl - yep
ShphrdGrl - for a little while
shmaland - What do YOU think
ShphrdGrl - bout what?
shmaland - obedience
ShphrdGrl - I havent been reading
ShphrdGrl - sorry
shmaland - no need to apologize
shmaland - I must go.....Shalom..
ShphrdGrl - okay
ShphrdGrl - night
sud - !search
sud - !search faith works dead
sud - +ja 2:17
YahJay - +1 john 5:18-21
YahJay - + 1 John 5:18-21
YahJay - +1 John5:18-21
YahJay - + 1 john 5:18-21
YahJay - +1 john 5:18-21
YahJay - + 1john 5:18-21
YahJay - +1john 5:18-21
david - !rs
david - !rs
david - !rs
david - Qara' shem 'elohiym qara' shem YHWH 'elohiym 'anah 'esh 'elohiym 'am 'anah 'amar towb dabar
david - helloIsm
david - !rs
shofar - shalom all
shofar - !rs
david - !rs
david - !search :yah
david - !search: Jah
Yahuwdiyth - Hola!
Yahuwdiyth - Buenos dias, David!
Yahuwdiyth - Que paso?
Yahuwdiyth - Tu tiene?
Yahuwdiyth - Donde esta, David?
Yahuwdiyth - Asta luego me amigo
david - aw cry cry
david - lol
david - hey watchman
david - what tim eis it
david - what time is it?
david - thanks watchman
david - !rs
david - !rs
david - !rs
Yahuwdiyth - !rs
Yahuwdiyth - !rs
Yahuwdiyth - !rs
Yahuwdiyth - !rs
Yahuwdiyth - !rs
Yahuwdiyth - !search my name is Yahweh
Yahuwdiyth - !search my name is Yahweh. That is my name and my glory I will not give to another
char - have you talk to eliyah
choosenam - is anybody here
Thor - shalom :-)
Thor - be back later
Thor-bbl - Shalom Ruth :-)
Ruth - Shalom Thor
Thor-bbl - I'll be back later, Yahweh bless u
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - !rm
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - !rm
WAYne - shalom :)
Ruth - Shalom WAYne
pjr - Shalom wayne Yahweh bless you
WAYne - ty, may YHWH bless you also pjr :)
WAYne - !rs
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - !rm
Ruth - +psa 134 1 3
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - !rm
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - !rm
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - !rm
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - !rm
WAYne - !rs
WAYne - !rm
WAYne - !rm
WAYne - !rm
Ruth - !rm
Ruth - !rm
WAYne - !rs
WAYne - shalom all I have to go, may YHWH bless
Ruth - Shalom WAYne, YHWH bless you
WAYne - +psa 1 1 3
WAYne - +psa 113 3
WAYne - HalleluYAH!
WAYne - shalom :)
Young - Hi Ruth
Ruth - Hi Young
Young - and all
Young - well,
Young - what is the topic?
Young - hello?
Young - anyone here/
Young - guess not
Thor - shalom
Thor - !rs
tewey - Shalom everyone
Thor - shalom achi :-)))
tewey - shalom, Thor
Thor - how r u brother?
tewey - fine and you?
Thor - fine ty, halleluYah!
tewey - the family is also well
tewey - yours?
Thor - yes doing good :-), yours?
tewey - Where did you keep the Feast?
Thor - I failed to keep the feast as I shd
tewey - We went to Tennessee
Thor - how was it?
tewey - Probably had the best feast that we have ever attended
Thor - praise Yahweh! :-)
tewey - Had some very interesting torah studies and discxussions
tewey - There was approsimately 85 people at one time
Thor - will u wait 2 mins, i need to reboot?
tewey - yes
Thor - ty
Thor - There we r :-)
tewey - Thor, what does the term reboot mean?
Thor - to start the pc
Thor - shutdown and start over
tewey - Why would you have to "start the computer"
Thor - because i had an error and needed to shutdown
tewey - k
tewey - We had a great time at the Feast
tewey - Several people would have a camp fire half of the night
Thor - tell me more :-)
tewey - we roasted hot dogs
tewey - hamburgers, chicken
tewey - One of the families made the best "hot, spicy chili" that I have ever eaten!!!
Thor - did u build a sukkah?
tewey - Every evening we had a feast
tewey - No,we all stayed in cabins, but there was one sukkah
tewey - actually two
Thor - ok
tewey - It is my understanding that only the homeborn in Israel are required to build the sukkah
Thor - why?
tewey - Probably because others have to travel "far"
tewey - brb
Thor - :-) ok
Thor - !rs
Thor - !rs
Thor - !rs
Thor - !rs
tewey - +Leviticus 23 42
Thor - 0249 xr'z>a, 'ezrach {ez-rawkh'}
Thor - Meaning: 1) a native (one rising from the soil) 1a) of man, native Israelites 1b) of tree, native (to Israel)
Thor - Origin: from 02224 (in the sense of springing up); TWOT - 580b; n m
Thor - Usage: AV - born 8, country 5, land 1, homeborn 1, nation 1, bay tree 1; 18
tewey - Thor, I understand that those born in the actual land of Israel are required to dwell in a booth
Thor - it couldn't mean to be of the tree of Israel?
tewey - Perhaps -- meaning that we are the branch arising from the Messiah
Thor - yes
tewey - I dont know -- I will definitely study on the subject
Thor - let me know if u get new info on that
tewey - I did come to a "new" understanding on a subject at the feast
Thor - great! tell me :-)
tewey - What is the difference between the 144,000 and the multitide
Thor - great subject, i know to little about it to say something
tewey - A man brought it to my attention that the "new testament writings about the Messiah's words" seem to "differ" from the Torah. "Why"?
Thor - for example?
tewey - Thor, take note of the Messiah's prayer in John 17th chapter
tewey - notice +john 17 3
Thor - +joh 17:3
tewey - +john 17 3
Ruth_bbl - +john 17 3
Thor - wow!
Thor - wb Ruth :-)
tewey - +john 17 4
tewey - +john 17 2
tewey - Take note that Yahushua has the power to give "eternal life" to those given to him by his Father
tewey - In Revelation 14th chapter, the 144,000 follow the Lamb (Yahushua)
tewey - +rev 14 1
tewey - the 144,000 are the ones that are given to the Messiah
Thor - ok
tewey - the 144,000 are "not judged" as the rest of the world
Thor - scripture on that?
tewey - If they are chosen to become the Messiah's, the Messiah will give them eternal life, not the Father
tewey - +john 17 2
tewey - notice -- the Messiah give eternal life in this instance
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - !rm
tewey - the multitude are not part of the Messiah's
Thor - ok
tewey - Revelation 7th chapter shows us that the 144,000 are all Israelites!!!!
Thor - !search multitude
tewey - +rev 7 4
tewey - "of all the tribes of Isreal"
Thor - yes
tewey - Notice verse 9
tewey - +rev 7 9
tewey - the multitude is composed of nations, tribes, preoples, and tongues
claudia - greetings
Thor - shalom claudia :-)
Thor - ok
tewey - they stand before the throne -- they stand before Yahweh himself
tewey - Thor, I have come to the conclusion that the "nations" are those simply accepting the Torah
pjr - shalom claudia
claudia - : )
Thor - what does that mean?
tewey - whereas, the 144,000 are those who have accepted the Messiah as their King of Kings
tewey - thus, the words of the Messiah are directed to his 144,000
tewey - not to the world
claudia - my understanding is that the Nations are all those who are not Israel....Israel meaning those of the loins of Jacob Israel...of the unconditional promises
Thor - when u say simply accepting the Torah, does that mean they r rejcting messiah?
tewey - no, but they are not called to become the Messiah's personal property
tewey - +John 6 44
claudia - I remember that the apostles of Yahushua were sent to the lost tribes of the house of Israel....and Paul (saul) was not allowed to go to them...he went to the nations
tewey - notice that the Father has to call the person
tewey - and Yahushua will give that person "eternal life"
tewey - Yahushua will raise up the person as John 6 44 says
claudia - the elect..those promised to Yahushua as his own...come out of the house of Israel....and from the assembly of the end of days
Thor - is it important to have the bloodline from one of the twelve tribes?
tewey - Can you distinguish the difference between the 144,000 and the multitide now
tewey - Yes, to be choosen by the Messiah
claudia - it is important for the promise to abraham....only....and those are Messiahs of the promise
claudia - but to be a believer no blood line is important
Thor - ok hang on... ill find a scripture
claudia - the 144,000 are sons
claudia - 12,000 from each tribe
Thor - +mat 3:9
Thor - +luk 3:8
claudia - +psalms 133 1 3
tewey - Thor, the messiah did not come to the entire world
tewey - +matt 10 6
tewey - +matt 15 24
claudia - +gala 3 16
claudia - +gala 3 17
tewey - Notice Thor, that the messiah was looking for the 144,000 from the 12 tribes of Israel lost throughout the world
Thor - ok
tewey - These were his "gift" from his Father
claudia - and his apostles went to them.....the lost house
claudia - they were not lost
claudia - only into paganism
Thor - bbl
claudia - hi Im baaaacccck ; )
claudia - anyone still here?
pjr - shalom
claudia - Hi pjr...how are you doing today?
claudia - I am having problems talking..typing...I have a "trigger thumb" hahahah
pjr - good praise Yahweh and you and your family
claudia - we are all fine
pjr - Praise Yahweh
claudia - I have dinner ready...almost 7 p.m. and no husband yet
claudia - that man is soo busy
claudia - haha
claudia - He bought a little trailer for doing odd jobs
claudia - and he bought it on my birthday....so he said it was my present
claudia - so I told him I wanted it painted red with wood color trim....like an american flyer wagon
claudia - so that what he has been doing.....
claudia - hahjaha
pjr - sounds good to me
claudia - I suppose he will want me to ride in the trailer now
claudia - haha
claudia - yeah..I am so glad to have him doing fun projects
pjr - be right back Yahweh willing
claudia - ok
claudia - bbl
choosenam - shalom
zEbBy - Shalom
Thor-bbl - lylatov, Yahweh bless u, shalom
Ruth_bbl - !rs
Ruth_bbl - !rs
Ruth_bbl - !rs
Ruth_bbl - Hi Watchman
Ruth - Hi ya all
Yahuwdiyth - hi
Ruth - Hi there hudiyth
Yahuwdiyth - Ruth I'm just about ready for bed
Yahuwdiyth - Did you listen to me tonight?
Ruth - only for a few minutes,
Ruth - when he asked that one question about the new testament
Yahuwdiyth - It gets tedious when your one believer against a bunch of mocking, unbelieving Jews.
Ruth - to bed, what time is it
Yahuwdiyth - what time is it watchman
Ruth - are you in central time???
Yahuwdiyth - that means 10:45 EST
Yahuwdiyth - eastern
Yahuwdiyth - what question did he ask?
Ruth - ok, 2 hrs ahead of me
pjr - Yahweh bless you all through the blood of Yahshua good nigth
Ruth - night Patrick
Yahuwdiyth - bye pat
Ruth - about what verse in the new covenant convinced you to beliee in Messiah
Ruth - they are too hard hearted for me
Yahuwdiyth - oh yeah and I said many, but my faith goes back to the OT
Yahuwdiyth - yes, they are hard hearted
Ruth - Shalom drexel
Yahuwdiyth - None of them sound nice.
Yahuwdiyth - Always on the attack
Yahuwdiyth - Making fun.
Yahuwdiyth - insulting
Ruth - I know, I dont listen to them any more ...
Yahuwdiyth - Lets you have a keener appreciation of the battle with pride and intellect that our Messiah had with them when he was on the earth, right?
Ruth - they seem to think that they know it alllll
Ruth - hhmmm, I suppose
Yahuwdiyth - They hurl insults
Yahuwdiyth - man-god
Yahuwdiyth - Yushkee
Ruth - ypper
Yahuwdiyth - Yeshu
Yahuwdiyth - draino
Yahuwdiyth - they are bullies
Yahuwdiyth - just like when I was a kid
Yahuwdiyth - bullies intimidate with taunting and name calling
Yahuwdiyth - I told them if I hear someone say "Yushkee" one more time I'll scream.
Yahuwdiyth - then they guy mockingly said "Yushkee" about 7 times in a row
Yahuwdiyth - that was so dumb
Yahuwdiyth - and disrespectful
Yahuwdiyth - well, I'm tired
Yahuwdiyth - work tomorrow
Ruth - ok, lyla tov
Yahuwdiyth - Love you, Yahweh bless you
Yahuwdiyth - liala tov
Ruth - Well watchman, it is just you and me now
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - !rt
Ruth - ok watchman tell me about the Sabbath
Ruth - !Search sabbath
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - +psa 134 2
Ruth - For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways. Psalm 91:11
Ruth - !search family
Ruth - !search chrildren family
Ruth - !search children family
Ruth - !search lifted arms
Ruth - !search raise arms
Ruth - dont be mean watchman
Ruth - !search joy in Yahweh
Ruth - !psa 119 52 54
gad - hi
Ruth - +psa 119 52 54
Ruth - hi gad
Ruth - +psa 134 1 3
Ruth - +psa 91 1 3
Ruth - +psa 95 1 3
gad - micah chapter it talks about the house of yahweh will be establish in the highest nation
Ruth - oh yeah
ShphrdGrl - Shalom
Ruth - Shalom shphrdGrl
gad - so the house of yahweh yisrayl hawkins
gad - or something esle
Ruth - +psa 25 1 3
Ruth - Psalms 25:1 - Unto thee, O YHWH, do I lift up my soul.
Ruth - Psalms 25:2 - O my Elohim, I trust in thee: let me not be ashamed, let not mine enemies triumph over me.
Ruth - Psalms 25:3 - Yea, let none that wait on thee be ashamed: let them be ashamed which transgress without cause.
gad - shalom el berit
Ruth - Watchman, You are on slow motion tonight
Ruth - Psalms 25:4 - Shew me thy ways, O YHWH; teach me thy paths.
Ruth - Psalms 25:5 - Lead me in thy truth, and teach me: for thou art the Elohim of my salvation; on thee do I wait all the day.
Ruth - Psalms 25:6 - Remember, O YHWH, thy tender mercies and thy lovingkindnesses; for they have been ever of old.
Ruth - +psa 149 1 3
ShphrdGrl - How are you Ruth?
Ruth - good and you???
ShphrdGrl - good
ShphrdGrl - could be better though
Ruth - yeah???
ShphrdGrl - huh?
Ruth - yeah, could be better
ShphrdGrl - yup
Ruth - but could also be much worst
Ruth - right Watchman
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - !rm
ShphrdGrl - true
ShphrdGrl - It seems to be bad enough
Ruth - in what way?
Ruth - are you ok
Ruth - yaddie, yaddie, yaddie,
Ruth - +psa 134 1 3
Ruth - Lift up your hands and Bless Yahweh
Ruth - HalleluYah
Ruth - !search lift hands
Ruth - +hebr 12 12
Ruth - +luk 24 50
Ruth - +psa 141 2
Ruth - +psa 141 1 3
Ruth - +psa 141 4 6
Ruth - +psa 145 1 3
Ruth - +psa 146 1 3
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - !rm
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - !rm
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - !rm
Ruth - !rm
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - !rm
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - Good night Watchman
Ruth - Watchman bye
ChildofYa - !Nun
ChildofYa - nun
ChildofYa - +nun
ChildofYa - !rs
ChildofYa - 1rs
ChildofYa - 1rs
ChildofYa - !rs
ChildofYa - !rs
ChildofYa - 1rs
ChildofYa - !
ChildofYa - !rd
ChildofYa - 1nun
ChildofYa - !nun
ChildofYa - time?
ChildofYa - !rs
ChildofYa - !rs
ChildofYa - Watchman, how are you?
ChildofYa - Watchman how is the Son of Man
ChildofYa - Watchman who is the Son of Man?
ChildofYa - Watchman, who is the king of kings
ChildofYa - Watchman, who is the King of Kings?
david - !rs
david - !rs
david - !rs
david - !rs
shalomite - hi david
shalomite - is anyone home
ismaelper - Good morning
ismaelper - if possible, do u know any messianic congregation in new york( Brooklyn)
ismaelper - if can please send me any info, please email me at: willg@onebox.com
ismaelper - G-d bless.
david - !rs
desiretru - +hebrews 7:18
david - hello Synnove
Synnove - hello
david - !rs
david - Hey watchman!
david - how are you Synnove?
Synnove - I'm fine, thank you. How are you?
david - doing ok
david - boy that Frank..FR4..he has a million links..hahha
Synnove - yes he has
david - He is a busy guy
david - lol
Synnove - wb
david - well that was fun
david - hahhaha
david - !rs
Synnove - !rt
david - hmm
david - ok ets go there
david - oops brb
Synnove - ok
david - ok lets look at working
Synnove - !rt
david - or not
david - lol
david - !rs
david - Synn?
Synnove - yes
david - how about Yahshuas name being Immanuel?
david - its Hebre wisnt it?>
Synnove - I don't know about that
david - +john 6:42
david - hmmm
david - +Is 7:14
david - +Isaiah 7:14
david - +matt 1:23
david - hmmm
david - any thoughts?
Synnove - not really
david - ok
david - Immanuel means mighty one with us
david - !search: immanuel
david - FRANK !
david - help !
FR4YAHWEH - Greetings ALL
david - +Isaiah 7:14
Synnove - Shalom Frank
david - +matt1:23
david - +matt 1:23
david - http://www.geocities.com/yahwehandtruth
david - check it out Frank
david - this has me reeling.
FR4YAHWEH - Yes, I have Tobiah's site a a link on my site
david - there is an arguement there.between yahshua and immanuel
david - any thoughts?
david - +john 10:25
david - hmm
FR4YAHWEH - Do you know my beliefs concerning El, Eloah, Elohim (PLURAL form)
david - no
david - go on please.
FR4YAHWEH - I believe it is the name of a pagan god.
david - ok
david - what about Immanuel
FR4YAHWEH - Have you read the account when Yahweh sent His people in to the land of Canaan...
david - scripture?
FR4YAHWEH - He Commanded them not to take up the names of the gods that they worshiped.
david - ok
FR4YAHWEH - They did not obey His Commandments.
FR4YAHWEH - The name of their god was El.
david - I kinda belive that
david - I am leaning that way too
FR4YAHWEH - This is the prefix on the end of EmmanuEL.
david - oic
david - so what do we do about this?
david - help me Frank..I am confused
FR4YAHWEH - You have to understand that we do not have the original Words of Yahweh penned by the inspired prophets of old.
david - I should just toss out this bible I have then?
david - I am being silly I know..but I am having ahard time grasping here
david - Emmanuel and Immanuel are pagan names?
FR4YAHWEH - No, Do not do that! His Word has been "added on to" and "taken away from".
FR4YAHWEH - +Revelation 22 18-21
david - ok..this website...the one that spun my head around is teaching that immanuel is his name..this is false becuase it doesnt contain YHWH's name it contains the name El is this correct?
FR4YAHWEH - Do you think they obeyed Yahweh's Commandment in this?
david - ok
david - I hear you
david - El and Eloaha have been bothering me too
david - I have a scripture a new one from the Assembly of YHWH and it has these names in it
david - I read these different els..and Idont get it
david - I guess thats becuase they arent right
david - mighty ones is a better transaltion
david - right?
david - +1king 18:24
FR4YAHWEH - Yes, I have some links on my site that explain about the text found at Ugarit.
david - ok
david - man there is so much to learn..but El has bothered me...I will have to admit that
david - I didnt like the way it looked on paper
FR4YAHWEH - Have you studied on the 'J' (Yahwist sources) 'P' (Priestly sources) and the 'E' (Elohist sources)?
david - um I know about the "J"
david - the"E"..I dont know about
david - or the "P"
FR4YAHWEH - These were different sources that Yahweh's Word was taken from. The 'J' source is the oldest of these.
david - ok maybe I dont know..tell me more
david - are you speaking of the letter "J"?
david - you arent
david - hahahaa
FR4YAHWEH - The letter 'J' refers to the Name Yahweh.
david - I am so small a creature..what is man the YHWH should consider him?
david - ok then I dont know about any of those three
FR4YAHWEH - As in "Jahweh" or JHVH, JHWH etc
david - well I know ther is no J in Hebrew
david - there is no E either
FR4YAHWEH - It is a 'Y' sound as in Hallelujah
david - ok
FR4YAHWEH - There is no Y H W either.
david - there are sounds like that though
FR4YAHWEH - These are transliterations of the Hebrew letters.
david - I understand that.
david - sounds
david - right?
FR4YAHWEH - Great, rigt!
FR4YAHWEH - right! that is
FR4YAHWEH - I would have to direct you to some history of these sources in the Encyclopedia Britannica so you can better understand
david - I need some understanding.
david - but lets get back to the el issue here..can we obtain or create a bible that has all of the proper renderings of names?
FR4YAHWEH - I also have some links on my site. Have you visited my site yet?
david - in your opinion?
david - where my text says elohim-nop capitals..it should read mighty one?
david - Kinda bugs me that this new version I have restoring the true Name f YHWH still has all of this garbage in it
FR4YAHWEH - Yes, or Strength or Power.
david - ok
david - thanks Frank.
david - send me your site agin..I misplaced it ..doesnt seeem to be in my favorites
FR4YAHWEH - For example instead of Yahweh is El.. It should read Yahweh is Almighty or another variations would be Yahweh is my Strength
david - yes
FR4YAHWEH - Keep in mind that the links on my site are of a pros & cons nature.
david - yes I know
FR4YAHWEH - There are those who teach that the Name YAHWEH is the name ofa pagan god.
david - oh c'mon..who do they say is our fathers name then?
david - what rather?
FR4YAHWEH - check out jesus-messiah.com
david - is this the one claiming it is pagan?
FR4YAHWEH - Yes, Pastor Reckart is the teacher there.
FR4YAHWEH - There is also a few more that teach this. I have them linked on my site also.
david - your address again?
FR4YAHWEH - Have you seen Yahweh's Name in the Dead Sea Scrolls on eliyah.com's site?
FR4YAHWEH - http://scroll.to/YAHshua That is my site.
david - ok thanks..yes I have seen the stone in Los Lunas and the name on a moabite stone etc
david - Frank..this guys..Reckart.
david - is buggin me already
FR4YAHWEH - Pastor Rechart uses Eliyah's reference to thie Dead Sea Scroll manuscipt on Eliyah's site to show that the YHWH is a forgerery.
david - I just got his stupid popup
david - what are your thoughts on YHWH?
FR4YAHWEH - I believe His Name was removed from this manuscript and it was later Restored by those who reverenced Yahweh's Name. That is why there is a difference in the scipts that he shows.
david - No wonder they went with lord and god....sheeesh
david - that was a joke Frank
david - hahhaha
FR4YAHWEH - He says that His Name ius ehyeh asher ehyeh
david - and what do you think about that?
FR4YAHWEH - That is what his name means, that is not what it is.
david - is it I AM that IAM?
david - I keep getting the stupid popup
FR4YAHWEH - That is where they get the translation "I AM in the K.J.V.
david - and I am not clicking YAS to that crap
david - ok
FR4YAHWEH - I felt comfortable in doing it. Pastor Recharts words are not a binding contract as he thinks they are.
david - thats just not right
FR4YAHWEH - He isnot right!
david - I see that
david - hahah
david - Frank, what do we teach our children?...the name is yod Hay waw Hay ?..and then re-write the bible as we go?
FR4YAHWEH - Check out my communications with him at: http://maxpages.com/yahshua/Yahweh in the right-hand column.
david - ok I will..answer my question if you please.
FR4YAHWEH - Those are the Hebrew letters, yes.
david - oh yeah I read that..
david - too funny
FR4YAHWEH - My name is not F, R, A, N, K
david - sorry Franklin..I dont like dave much either..forgive me
david - funny about him calling you aliar
FR4YAHWEH - No, that is not what I meant. In other words you don't sound out every letter in my name when addressing me.
david - ok
david - but what do we do with the text?...
FR4YAHWEH - ????
david - do we read it differently as they did in the synagogues..I mean I am talking abot teaching little children the bible here Frank and already I have to come up with a text that leaves out elohim
david - and leaves out all kinds of other pagan words..like glory
david - and grace
david - and all that crap
FR4YAHWEH - I use the Book of Yahweh
david - ok I have the word of Yaweh
david - from assembly of YAHWEH in Michigan
david - does the book of yahweh leave out all the pagan stuff?
FR4YAHWEH - It is published by The House of Yahweh - Abilene, Texas
david - oh Yisrael Hawkins eh?
david - ok
david - so he has the word?...hmmmm
FR4YAHWEH - I do not espouse to all of his teachings.
david - ok wel I will look into it.
FR4YAHWEH - I also use Strong' Concorance as a reference but I do not espouse to everything the James Stong taught either.
david - yes, the El controversy ...the assembly here uses El quite a bit..in songs etc
Yahuwdiyth - + Isaiah 42 8
david - hello Yahuwdiyth
FR4YAHWEH - Yes there are others who do not use El also.
david - I will be right back
Yahuwdiyth - + Isaiah 43 11
david - back
david - !search: immanuel
david - !search:emmanuel
david - ! search: emmanuel
david - !search: emmanuel
david - _isaiah 8:8
david - +isaiah 8:8
Yahuwdiyth - hello David! :) So nice to see you brother!
david - hello my friend !
david - I sent a frantic email to you today..Franklin is helping me out though
david - this immanuel/emmanuel thing started to freak me out a bit...lol
david - bu tas I think about it..it hasnt got the Fathers name on it anywhere
david - so...
david - Karla is home I beter let her use the computer awhile..see you all later.
FR4YAHWEH - OK see you later!
FR4YAHWEH - I was sleeping :^)
FR4YAHWEH - That David was shofar was it not?
david - !rs
david - halleuYAH
david - !rs
david - +num 6:27
david - !rs
david - !rs
david - !rs
david - !ys
david - !rs
david - !rs
pjr - shalom
pjr - !rs
pjr - !rs
pjr - !rs
david - hello Pjr
pjr - hello
pjr - Yahweh bless ypu
david - and you as well pjr
pjr - endure
pjr - ing
pjr - the room is Quite
pjr - !rs
david - halleuYAH
pjr - Praise Yahweh
david - ok Pj I have a question
david - do you have an answer?
pjr - might have to test thescripture go ahead
david - !search:immanuel
david - !search: immanuel
david - +Isaiah 7:14
david - !search: emmanuel
david - +matt 1:23
david - any comments?
david - Immanuel instead of Yahshua?
pjr - praise Yahweh
david - I know his word is lifted above his name
david - maybe this is a good place to interject that ...but a person was telling me today that El is a name of a pagan god
david - thus we have ImmanuEL
david - I am confused brother
david - was the massiahs name Immanuel?
pjr - peoplewill tell you any thing everyday at any time test the scriptur dont let some one pass on something you can test , we all know who the author of confusion is!
pjr - dont be confused Praise Yahweh
david - ok back to the name Emmanuel then
david - yes praise ya YAHWEH!
pjr - if you want to go back
pjr - go ahead
pjr - !rs
david - well no. I am saying that the NAMRE EMMANUEL is in ISAIAH as a prophesy conecernin ghis NAME
pjr - Praise Yahweh and our master Yahshua
david - and we find the ful fillment of the prophesy oin Matthew
david - concerning his NAME
pjr - Praise Yahweh perfect continuity
david - and the name is IMMANUEL
david - is this another name by which we can call him or is it something else?
david - am I picking at straws here?
pjr - test the scriptur ask Yahweh through Yahshua before you read scripture to give you guidance regaring this issue
david - ok
pjr - Praise Yahweh it works for me! Praise Yahweh
david - yes ..halleluYAH
pjr - i love see Yahweh being Praised on this screen
david - yep...praise YAHWEH
pjr - 10 years ago it wasimpossible Praise Yahweh
pjr - !rs
pjr - !rs
pjr - Praise Yahweh
david - halleluYAH
david - I will and I am..praise YAHWEH
pjr - yes sir brother davi thank i neededthat tonight it get wearing at in the world
pjr - so much for spelling and typing, i am actually getting better
david - hahaha
david - me too
pjr - Praise Yahweh
david - can almost read your own typing now eh?
david - hahhaha
david - halleluYAH
pjr - yes
pjr - be back got a phone call
pjr - going to other server Yahweh willing shalom
david - ok
david - !rs
david - !rs
pjr - shalom let hear it for Yahwehs technology
pjr - !rs
david - halleluYAH PRAISE YAHWEH
david - !!!rs
david - !rs
pjr - be right back gone to get water Praise Yahweh
pjr - !rs
david - yes
pjr - !rs
pjr - praise Yahweh
pjr - !rs
pjr - !rs
pjr - !rs
david - praise the name of YAHWEH!
pjr - Praise Yahweh
pjr - !rs
david - HalleluYAH for that !
pjr - yes taht is every thing and then some ,Praise Yahweh
pjr - !rs
david - +luke 14:33
pjr - now back to aol Yahweh willing!
WAYne - shalom :)
WAYne - !rs
WAYne - +psa 100 4 6
WAYne - +psa 119 142
WAYne - !rm
WAYne - !rs
WAYne - shalom :)
WAYne - !rs
Faith - Shalom
Tiffinie - Shalom Wayne and Faith
WAYne - !rs
WAYne - +psa 113 1 3
WAYne - HalleluYAH!
WAYne - +psa 22 22
WAYne - +psa 113 4 6
david - +john 14: 15 16 17
WAYne - HalleluYAH!
david - YES halleluYAH
david - +john 14:23
WAYne - +joh 14 25 26
WAYne - +joh 14 6
david - praise YahweH
WAYne - Hallelu~YHWH
WAYne - !rs
Faith - Do you know any Messianic Scriptures?
WAYne - online?
Faith - I have a question?
david - A question of Faith
david - sorry I just had to say that
Faith - that's ok
david - hehehe
WAYne - :)
Faith - In the old prophecies about the Messiah...
Faith - They seem to only foretell of one coming...
Faith - but obviously this is not so...any comments?
david - John the revelator of Yahshua..his vision was given after Messiah ascended
david - +rev 1:1 2 3
Faith - I mean the Old Testament Scriptures
Faith - If we did not have the NT...
Faith - from reading the OT...
WAYne - +dan 7 9 10
WAYne - +dan 7 13 14
Faith - would you conclude that the Messiah would come twice?
david - what a beautiful day that will be
david - Messiah came once ...next He will come to judge
david - be right back
WAYne - He was to be rejected the first time
WAYne - +yesha 49 7
WAYne - +yesha 52 14
WAYne - +yesha 53 3
WAYne - +psa 22 18
Faith - we know all of this because we are living after the times...
Faith - what I am asking is the people who only had the OT Scriptures...
Way - +psa 22 18
Way - +psa 22 16
Way - +yesha 53 9
Way - +psa 41 9
Way - +yesha 50 6
david - Faith..are you speaking of the "Jews"
david - they rejected Messiah
Faith - from reading the OT does it seem that He would come, leave and come back?
david - they had their eyes covered by YHWH to the truth of Messiah
david - so that they would be made jealous by the Gentiles
david - !search:jealous
david - !search: jealous
david - Wayne help ?
david - !search : jealousy
Faith - if you did not have the NT to read...would you have understood that He was to come twice?
Way - +rom 10 19
david - hmm
david - interesting question
Faith - that's what I have been trying to ask
david - I dont know.
david - lets look at it this way..if Messiah was to come and establish the Kingdom...and then return for the judgement of the nations
david - then it would be twice..but you see...they rejected His first appearance so to them they are still awaiting Him to come and establish the Kingdom
Faith - in the Scriptures...it doesn't seem to divide in time periods...
david - He has established the Kingdom..and gave a renewed covenant...but the men of that day didt see it.
david - His discliples even asked if He was going to establish the Kingdom(Israel)
Faith - exactly
Faith - they didn't get the BIG picture
david - I think there are different levels to this Kingdom
Way - +dan 9 26 27
david - they were looking for the EARTHLY Kingdom of Israel to be re-established
david - with an actual EARTHLY King
david - a leader, a prince a messiah
Way - +joh 18 36
david - they were given that..but it became the stone that was rejected as they werent ready to accept him into their hearts
david - they wanted power and authority to be re-established and IT WAS , but through the spirit and through faith..not an EARTHLY thing
david - He will return and reign though...
david - are you still looking for the Messiah Faith?
david - are you stil waiting for him to return ?
david - or to come I should say?
Faith - Yes, His second returen
Faith - return
Faith - I guess I have been pondering...
david - pondering is good
Faith - so many missed Him the first time...
david - yes
david - they werent allowed to see him
david - when Yahweh blinds you to the truth..you are blind indeed
david - no way out of it until he says so
Faith - the church that I attend teach the rapture
david - 7 years offf to the stars then a return triumpant eh?
pjr - shalom Yahweh bless
david - hello PJ
Faith - I take it that you disagree
david - Yahweh bless you too friend
Faith - shalom pjr
pjr - shalom
Faith - not off to the stars...
pjr - no
david - I think that rapture theory and all of the John Haggees and Left Behind stuff is all a big POP culture rippoff
pjr - !rs
Faith - off with The Star
Way - shalom pjr :)
david - yes and then a triumohant return after all of the tribulation is over right
david - thats the theory right?
Faith - not that simple
Way - +rev 7 14
david - with charts and graphs and circles and arrows and all kinds of cool graphics...
Way - +mat 24 14
Way - +mat 24 13
david - halleluYAH
david - HalleluYAH
david - He he OVERCOMES
Faith - maybe eyes are still blinded
david - oh I am sure
david - lol or are you talking about mine?
david - hahhaha
Faith - hey...I have a call coming in...will be back
david - ok
pjr - !rs
david - !rs
david - I dont really care how or when I am going to be ready though...halleluYAH
david - being an obediant son
Way - +luk 22 36
david - praise Yahweh
david - Well wayne....what do you think
Way - what about David?
david - about this rapture and this 7 years off to the heavens
david - and then back
Way - not a great deal
david - I think it sells alot of books
Way - yes
Thor - shalom :-)
david - hey Thor
david - :o)
Way - notice just after rev 7 14 the 7th trump blasts
Thor - is watchman degraded :-)
Way - shalom Thor :)
david - !rs
david - still works
pjr - sahlom thor
pjr - shalom thor
Thor - shalom achi :-)
Thor - +rev 7:!4
Thor - +rev 7:14
Way - then all the way through to rev 9 4 we see....
Way - +rev 9 4
Way - obviosly we r not floating around in the clouds
david - good night all
david - I have to go
Way - then through to rev 10 7
Way - +rev 10 7
Thor - what is the subject Way?
Way - david was asking iff i belive in the 7 year rapture
Thor - ok
Way - do you achi?
Thor - never heard about it
Way - :)
Thor - ah there u r :-)
WAYne - hehe
WAYne - +psa 113 1 3
Thor - brb need some sparkling water
WAYne - ok, i need a herble tea.....
Thor - back
Thor - !rm
Thor - !rs
pjr - !rs
Thor - !rm
Thor - !rm
Thor - !rm
Thor - do u use mIRC pjr?
Thor - !rm
pjr - havent yet
pjr - my laptop well i just dont knowbrother
Thor - what do u not know achi?
pjr - just havent got to that yet Yahweh willing soon
Thor - !rm
Thor - ok
Thor - have u studied revelation pjr?
pjr - read to my elder many times but have not study yet
Thor - wb pjr
Thor - oops :-)
Thor - wayne i meant
Thor - lol
WAYne - lol, ty achi :)
Thor - I wonder about the 144000 being of each tribe of Israel, what is your understnding of that?
WAYne - YHWH You are so kind to me Praise and Glory be to Thy Name In Yahushua`s Name I Praise Ye HallelUYAH!!!
Thor - halleluYAH!!
pjr - Praise Yahweh
WAYne - brb ph
Thor - ok
Thor - +rev 7:4
Thor - !rm
pjr - !rs
Thor - shalom achoti :-)
Ruth - Shalom Thor
Ruth - Shalom WAYne
Ruth - Shalom pjr
Ruth - !rs
Thor - Wayne is in a phone call
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - ok thanks
pjr - shalom ruth
Thor - !rm
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - !rs
pjr - !rs
Thor - !rm
pjr - !rs
Thor - !rm
pjr - !rs
WAYne - i`m back
WAYne - hii Ruth :) shalom
pjr - !r
pjr - !rs
Thor - did u see my question WAYne?
WAYne - 144 000
Thor - yes
WAYne - I am not well versed on that ....it does say they r from the tribes of Israle though
Thor - yes
WAYne - +rev 7 3
Thor - +rev 7:4
WAYne - it is highly likely that it is a symbolic #
WAYne - not litteral
Thor - ok, it goes on and specifically listing up the twelve tribes
Thor - +rev 7:5-7
WAYne - yes
Thor - +rev 7:8
Thor - +rev 7:9
Thor - would be interessting to find out what that could symbolize
WAYne - yes indeed
Thor - !rm
WAYne - !rs
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - !rs
Thor - something that's coming to mind is the blessing Moshe give to the twelve tribes in deu 33
Thor - +deu 33:1-3
WAYne - +deut 33 29
pjr - !rs
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - !rm
Ruth - !rm
Ruth - !rs
WAYne - nice one
WAYne - +matt 5 16
Ruth - !rm
Ruth - !rs
WAYne - +Yahushua 24 15
Thor - nice :-)
Ruth - hhmmm
Thor - +yohanan 1:1
Thor - :-)
WAYne - yes, that would be a tov one for an entrance on ones gate
WAYne - anyone have anything on there gates>?
WAYne - +deut 6 4 6
WAYne - +deut 6 7 9
Thor - don't know where to go
WAYne - so many errors out there
Thor - I don't want to go where they r not using his true name
WAYne - i understand
pjr - yes
pjr - it isdangerous and exhausting
Thor - shalom Yovi
Yahuwdiyth - + matt 2 12 15
Thor - yes i believe it would be
WAYne - +mat 2 12 15
Ruth - she was toooo impatient
WAYne - +jam 5 7
WAYne - +heb 6 12 13
Thor - ty WAYne for the quotes, halleluYAH!
Thor - have u an assembly to go to WAYne?
WAYne - HalleluYAH! yvw :)
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - !rm
WAYne - not in person no
Ruth - Hope and waitly wait!!!!!!!
WAYne - yes!!!!
Thor - praise YAHWEH for letting us have this room to be in
pjr - praise Yahweh
WAYne - good verse
WAYne - +lam 3 27
Ruth - Praise Yahweh,
WAYne - !rs
WAYne - true true
WAYne - +mat 24 12
pjr - praiseYahweh
Ruth - Praise and thank Yahweh for Eliyah, that he was given the desire to create this web site and CHAT ROOM
pjr - Praise Yahweh
Ruth - and that EliYah listened to Yahweh
Ruth - Praaaaaaaaaaaise Yahweh
WAYne - HalleluYAH!
WAYne - +1pet 3 10 11
Thor - in your son and our master Yahushua messiah, thank you father YAHWEH
WAYne - +luk 12 48
Thor - !rm
WAYne - +eph 5 20
pjr - Praise Yahweh
Ruth - Father not my will but thine be done this day
Thor - halleluYAH!!
Ruth - that is the next line in that song
WAYne - +jam 4 15
WAYne - +luk 22 42
Thor - !rm
WAYne - +psa 143 10
Ruth - !rs
Ruth - !rm
Thor - there is coming so much new music on !rm now, i have never heard it b4 :-))
Thor - cnt remember i have downloaded it either lol
WAYne - HalleluYAH
WAYne - hehe i get that too
Ruth - lol, you have not been playing the rm in a long time
Thor - lol
WAYne - +eph 5 18 19
Thor - !rm
pjr - praise Yahweh
Thor - ah that I know :-)
WAYne - I wonder how anti Torah people explain that
WAYne - Ephesians 5:19 - speaking to one another in psalms
WAYne - they would have to by-pass alot of the Psalms
WAYne - +psa 119 1 3
Ruth - esp psa 119
WAYne - :)))
WAYne - +psa 96 1 3
WAYne - +psa 98 1 3
Thor - did watchman play by himself
WAYne - +psa 33 8
WAYne - im not sure
Thor - or was that because Ruth left :-)
WAYne - +psa 111 10
Ruth - i did a !rm
Thor - ok :-)
WAYne - +pro 8 13
EliYah - Shalom :)
Ruth - does watchman play wav when I leave
Thor - shalom achi :-)
WAYne - +pro 14 16
Ruth - Shalom EliYah
WAYne - shalom EliYah :)