Music by Tammy Robinson

You can order more professionally recorded songs using His true name! This is truly great music to Yahweh that has blessed me immensely. I believe it will bless you too.


This is from the tape entitled "A Child's Heart"

1. Don't want to be a Judas Man: MP3 | RealAudio
2. Praise Yahvah
3. Song of Praise
4. Oh Give Thanks
5. To Be Like a Child
6. Apply Your Blood
7. Something Special in You
8. Sweep Over Me
9. Yahushua Cried
10. In One Accord:
MP3 | RealAudio
11. Song of Love
12. Use Me Yah

This is from the tape entitled "Sacrifice"

1. Sacrifice
2. Wings of Prayer: MP3 | RealAudio
3. HolyFire 
4. Touch His Robe
5. Born Again
6. HalleluYah
7. Rejoice
8. Wine and Bread
9. The Greatest Story
10. The Spirit Beckons

This is from the tape entitled "Heal Them with Your Love"

1. He Has Risen
2. Like an Eagle
3. Blessed is the Man
4. Table in the Wilderness
5. The Great I AM
6. Peace of the Father: MP3 | RealAudio 
7. Let There Be Hope: MP3 | RealAudio 
8. Yah's Prayer
9. Daddy's Life
10. The Love of My Life 
11. Hail to the King 
12. Heal them with Your Love 


Email here for more information on how to get these tapes!
* Or call 903-473-3376 *

Please note: These tapes are not from EliYah. They are from Tammy Robinson. This page was placed on this website with Tammy's permission. CD's are also now available.

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