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of Christianity
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Downloads of Available broadcasts

Note: Each of the broadcasts contain new material, but do have the same
introduction due to the potential of a new audience each week.

Study Topic Download
"History of the Heavenly Father's Name: Yahweh" MP3
"The Messiah's Use of Yahweh's Name" MP3
"The Messiah's New Name: Yahweh our Righteousness" MP3
"The Messiah's Prophesied Birth Name" MP3
"The Significance of Using the Messiah's Heaven-given Name" MP3
"The Messiah's Name in the Book of Acts" MP3
"The Feast of Passover and Identification of Israel" MP3
"Why the Messiah is called the LAMB" MP3
Hebraic Roots of the 'Communion'" MP3
When Should We Observe the 'Communion'?" MP3
The Feast of Unleavened Bread" MP3
"Easter or the Day of Firstfruits?" MP3
"Pentecost, a Day to Remember and Rejoice" MP3
"Deeper Meanings of Pentecost" MP3
"Pentecost and the New Covenant" MP3
"Pentecost, the Ten Commandments, and Tradition" MP3
"Exploring the Origins of Christmas" MP3
"The Christmas Tradition and its Impact" MP3
"An Hebraic Examination of the Third Commandment" MP3
"Identifying the Sabbath of the Fourth Commandment" MP3
"An Hebraic Perspective of when a Day Begins" MP3
"The First Day of the Week" MP3
"The Sabbath: For Jews only?" MP3
"Does it Matter Which Day the Sabbath is Kept?" MP3
"Does Resting in Messiah Abolish the Sabbath?" MP3
"Did Paul Keep Sabbath and Expect the Same from Others?" MP3
"Were any of the Ten Commandments Nailed to the Cross?" MP3
"The Feast of Trumpets: Fulfilled?" MP3
"The Day and Hour of the Last Trump" MP3
"Deeper Meanings of the Feast of Trumpets" MP3
"The Day of Atonement and it's Significance" MP3

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