How to Make Tassels

Making tassels (tsit tsiyot) is actually pretty easy. With a little practice, you can make a full set in 20-30 minutes. Click one of the links below to download a video of one tassel being made very slowly. Once you see how they are made, it is pretty easy to copy and do it yourself. 

For clarification, we've included instructions to accompany the video.

Better quality 
(30 frames per second)
Lower quality 
(15 frames per second)
WMV (Windows Media) format
WMV (Windows Media) format
Zipped WMV file
Zipped WMV file

String material for making tassels can be found at most any department store. The thickness of your string is a personal preference. Take 1 blue string 48” long, and 3 white strings 36” long. Combine the four strings together and make sure they’re lined up evenly one only one side. The blue string will hang lower than the rest.  

Using some kind of hook type surface such as a coat hanger, fold them in half around the hook so that the white strings all match up evenly. Again, the blue string will be longer than the rest.






If you want to store them, we suggest putting one of the strings left over from the cutting through the loops and tying it in a bow at the top. This will help to keep them from getting tangled. 

If for some reason you are unable to make them, click here to request a free set.


Since we began offering free sets of tassels we have been inundated with hundreds of requests for tassels (resulting in hundreds of hours worth of work to be done!). If you want to fulfill an important role in the body of Messiah, we need volunteers who are willing to send us sets of tassels. We are far behind what we are able to make and send out. This is an important need, for it is helping brothers and sisters keep Yahweh's commandments. If you are wanting to help, please send your tassel sets to:
PO Box 1255
Ava, MO 65608 

May Yahweh be magnified as we all work together to help one another walk in His will for our lives. 

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