The Key to Salvation

"Here is the patience of the saints; 
here are those who keep the commandments of YAHWEH 
and the faith of Yahushua." (Revelation 14:12)

In this verse we have two "religions"

Mainstream Judaism believes in cleaving to the commandments but rejects Yahushua the Messiah

Mainstream Christianity believes in cleaving to Yahushua but believes the commandments of Yahweh have been abolished.

The truth is not to be found in either religion. 

We need to walk right in the center of both of them-- minus the false traditions of men.

Men and brethren, we must cleave to both Yahushua and the commandments! 

It is the narrow path that few find (Matthew 7:14).

We should all accept Yahushua the Messiah and also keep Yahweh's commandments, not just a part!

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