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 The Dogs:  

Brandy is always first :) She's an old dog, but we still play with her. We have had her since I was 6 mo. old.

Here is a picture of Shalom, or Shalomie. She is the main farm dog around here. We have had her for 6 or 7 years now. She is a sweet and very good dog. 

Here is a picture of Watchman, the male sheepdog. We have had him for almost 2 years. He watches the sheep, but when he is trying to play and get away from duty, the call 'Get back to your sheep!' usually puts him in his place :)


Here is Angel, our female sheepdog. We have had her for almost a year. She is the mother of our new puppies (born on March 7th of this year), which are pictured below her. They were a week and a half old in the first picture.


A  group picture

And here are pictures of them at almost two months

#1 Guardian

#2 Precious

#4 Misty

#5 Brownie

#6 Spot

#7 Snowy

{That's the end of the puppy pictures; we sold them that week. }(#3 and #8 passed away before we got pictures) 

[Brandy is a Poodle/Terrier mix, Shalomie is part lab, and Watchman and Angel are Kommador/Pyrenese mix]