Song Harvest!

You can order professionally recorded songs using His true name! This is truly great music to Yahweh that has blessed me immensely. I know it will bless you too

There are two tapes currently available. You can listen to some of these songs by clicking on the link or if you want to hear more,

Click here for more music and praise to Yahweh

Click here for excellent music by Tammy Robinson!

The first tape is called "Song Harvest"

The songs on this tape are:

No way!
You are my life
You came and rewrote the song
I want to be (all you want me to be)
King of Kings
Voice of an Unborn child
(The lyrics to this song are here. Powerful!)
He who endures
Double-minded man
Death, where is thy victory?
The potter's hand

The second tape is entitled "What is His name?"

The songs on this tape are:

What is His name?
Something to sing about
Walking on holy ground
The seventh's for me
Springs in the Desert
Wonders never cease
The right choice
Hannah's song
The shadow of Your Wing
So onward I will go
The promised land
There's a trumpet

To order these songs please call (don't bother calling on the Sabbath)


COD orders accepted

Please note: These tapes are not from EliYah. They are from the Assembly of Yahweh, 7th Day in Cisco, Texas USA. They are in no way denominationally affiliated with this home page.

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