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Ralph Taylor 
Ellesmere Port UK
3-24-2010 07:04 PM  Write a comment Send E-mail

Greetings Eliyah - I've just become aware of the importance of using the original and authentic names of God in reading and praying - it's taken along time for the 'penny to drop'! In about a week I should be getting Roth's translation of the Aramaic NT (with Elohim and YHWH although the Aramaic is different). I'm looking for a Tanakh,(Hebrew or the Aramaic Peshitta) again using proper names for God. Your site mentions The Scriptures 2009. I've emailed the 'ISR' but only received a reply from a shop. The sample texts read well but I'd like to find out more about them; can you help? Also do you still sell the ISR Scriptures?

Every Blessing

Ralph Taylor BD MA Cert
Ellesmere Port UK