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Amanda Boyd 
Ariel, Israel
3-7-2010 01:26 PM  Write a comment Send E-mail

Hi there...remember Carolyn and I during the pruning on Har Bracha in 2009? Well, we have launched a very exciting new program called "Study In The Land". It is a one-year intensive Hebrew language course being offered by Ariel University for English speakers. It will prepare those who want to continue academic studies, but non degree seekers are welcome as well. We are so excited! It is just a little piece of the restoration of Israel and of course it is very significant that this is happening in Ariel, the heartland of Israel. I would like to send you a brochure that you can post somewhere or send out at will. Will you please contact me if you are interested in this program in any way? The website is being overhauled, but has some info on it as well at www.studyintheland.com.

Blessings, Amanda