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Posted by Kevin Kamberg on April 01, 1998 at 09:01:23:

In Reply to: Re: Sabbath Resurrection posted by Aharon on April 01, 1998 at 08:24:54:

: Kevin,

: In answer to your question about the meaning of the word "Kodesh", it is simply a word to describe the shape of the moon phase as it appears on first sighting after the dark phase passes. This crescent shaped sliver of light is compared to the highly polished cycle shaped sword or "Kodesh".

: The first of every Hebrew month is determined by the New Moon, however some argue that the dark phase is the new moon and others, like myself, hold to the Hebrew reconing that requires the sighting of the first sliver (Kodesh) to determine the first day of the Month.

: The method you use is extremely important if for instance, you want to know on which day of the week the 14th of Aviv fell in the year 31 CE. If for instance you use the dark moon as your reference point, then the 14th could have fallen on Tue, Wen, or Thu because the moon was dark for three days. If however you calculate from the Kodesh the 14th would have been on Friday. Since there are several years in dispute for the crucifixion you will have to check the moon phases for the year of your preference.

: I appreciate your pointing me to the link dealing with Wen/Sab, however, I already have an extensive library on this subject and have studied every conceivable theory. I reject the Wen/Sab theory for too many reasons to mention, those who embrace this theory do not understand the Law and completely ignore the plain words of Scripture. The Thu/Sun theory has some problems which I have not overcome as yet. The Fri/Sun theory has been my preference until several years ago, this theory has always caused me to make excuses because it did not meet the requirement of three days and nights. Some of those excuses are used in the link you pointed me to. I call them excuses because they are attempts to explain that which is not simply stated.

: My preference at this point is Friday/Monday because it fits all of the criteria and is in harmony with the Scriptures. It does however require a special understanding of Lev 23 and itís relationship as a "type" of the Death, Burial and Resurrection of our Savior. A close study of this feast at the time of the crucifixion will reveal that the presenting and waving of the sheaf of barley directly corresponds to the laying down and raising up of the Savior. The dates involved also agree to a Friday crucifixion, Shabbat Rest and a Second Day (Monday) Resurrection. To fully comprehend this study you must examine the meanings of the words in their original Hebrew tongue and have a thorough understanding of the Feast of Unleavened Bread and itís significance to the event.

: May YAH have power in your study of His Word,

: Aharon
: _________________

: : Shalom Aharon!

: : This is an interesting couple threads you folks have going here. This is also the third forum that I have been to in the last two weeks that is discussing this very topic. One was debating the Wednesday vs. Friday question much like you folks, and the other is still ongoing with two men independantly proposing a Thursday Crucifixion.

: : I would like to leave a link for you to check out. It is to an article examining the Wednesday/Friday Crucifixion question. It is listed below.

: : I am interested in your astronomical evidence! Could you maybe indulge me a little by giving me a brief overview of this evidence? I know a little bit about astronomy but not alot. BTW, please forgive my ignorance... but what is the Kodesh? I assume it is to do with the Passover but I have never heard of that term before.

: : In Christ, Kevin


Thank you for the explanation! I appreciate it. As you can tell from my surname I am a gentile. But as a Sabbatarian gentile I am interested in Messianic Jewish beliefs.

I hope you all won't mind too much if I occasionally come here and ask specific questions regarding the meaning of Hebrew words and how they were used. This is often a major factor in some of the differing doctrines of the various Protestant churches.

I tried to go to a Nazerene message board the other day to ask a question but I found that it is down for yearly maintainance. That is what led me to find this fine forum. Well... actually I knew about this board some time back, but I had only collected the URL for future reference. Yesterday was the first time that I had ever read any of the posts here.

Say, I have a question for you. I used to go to a forum run by a man who goes by Shlomah or something like that. I tried to access my old link to his site and I found that the link is dead. Do you know of this forum and perhaps where it moved to?

As a parting gift, I would like to leave another link. This is to the web site of Samuele Bacchiocchi Ph.D. He has a book out that deals with the Wed/Fri Crucifixion controversy which may be of some interest to you. Dr. Bacchiocchi is also a Sabbatarian. He recieved his Ph.D. from the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome where he graduated summa cum laude. His Doctoral dissertation was on the history of the worship of Sunday by the early Christian Church and is published under the title From Sabbath to Sunday. I have a copy of it and highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to examine the early history of the Church on this matter as well as the related matter of the Roman-Easter. The link is at the bottom.

I don't know if this will interest you or not, but one of the gentleman I mentioned who proposes a Thursday Crucifixion has posted the results of his own study on the matter. It is in two parts. Here is a link to a post that has links to both parts of this study.

May God richly bless you!


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