Re: Tuna, is it clean or unclean?

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Posted by Hannah on February 18, 1998 at 11:48:06:

In Reply to: Re: Tuna, is it clean or unclean? posted by D'vorah on February 18, 1998 at 04:29:49:

To all:

A fisherman friend of ours told us that there are 2 types of Tuna. The regular Tuna is a skin fish, no fins or scales. The only Tuna that is clean is "Albacore Tuna". This has fins and scales, but is more expensive then regular. I loved Tuna, and it was at a time when I was only eating clean meat, that I was told about Tuna.

What was said about Jell-o being kosher because of processing, was told to me by a believer in the Savior back in 1975. I didn't accept it then and I don't accept it now. Man cannot take something that YAH says is unclean and make it clean!

For those of you who like Jello- there is an "Emes Kosher Jel" that you can find in most Health Food Stores. It is from a vegetable source.


: :
: : Be careful Juanita, not all kosher symbols are reliable. Jell-o for instance had a K symbol, but the gelatin is from a pork source. Some deceived rabbis came together with no authority but their own, and decided that since gelatin had undergone so much processing that it could no longer be classified as pork. Yahweh however said that pork is unclean. He didn't say if you cook it well it will become clean or if you process it. He just says it is unclean. Anyway, my point is, don't always rely on Kosher symbols, for some say they are Yahdaim but are not, but are of the Synagogue of Satan. May Yahweh bless your understanding.

: Derrick,

: Do you have any documentation of this concerning the gelatin?

: B'shalom,

: D'vorah

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