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Username : Ms.Birdsong
Location : Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
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Especially Interested in : Finding other believers

Willing to Travel : 50 miles

Site URL : http://

First & Last name OR Organization name : J. Birdsong

Description of scriptural understandings, background, affiliation, etc. (HTML allowed) :

Additional Info : I attended a church for 3.5 years and struggled with my belief for 2.5 of those years until The Heavenly Father finally revealed to me that He was the reason and for that struggle because He was pulling me out, seeing that I was reading the scripture in search for understanding why I was going to church and what it all meant. It felt like breaking free from captivity and it was great, but it seems that no one else is seeking to store their treasures in Heaven as they should and I just want to connect and fellowship with people who are seeking the real truth and are trying to build a real relationship with Elohim and The Messiah. I love to talk about the Father, I just can\'t find anyone who knows Him by His true name and not God or Lord.

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