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Username : Peasantprincess
Location : Boise, Idaho, United States
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Especially Interested in : Finding other believers

Willing to Travel : 25 miles

Site URL : https://orgsync.com/90459/chapter

First & Last name OR Organization name : Rebekah Garvin

Description of scriptural understandings, background, affiliation, etc. (HTML allowed) : My name is Rebekah Qara\' bat Yahovah and I am the President of the Hebrew Roots Club. I am so excited to be able to invite you to join us! Above all else, the Hebrew Roots Club is a place to find support and come together in Yahshua, our Hebrew Messiah to learn, laugh, obey YHVH and celebrate! Become a member today so you can become ehad (one) with us.

Additional Info : www.teshuvahministries.com ----- https:// www.facebook.com/TeshuvahMinistries ––––– https://www.facebook.com/HebrewRootsClub ––– The point of head knowledge (information) is to move your heart into intimacy and the point of obedience is to force ha\'Satan to release his legal claim on you. To delight in YHVH\'s ways is totally possible. We are Melchizedek priests who are here to serve YHVH and to support and cultivate the Hebrew Roots movement in the community and on college campuses. Through weekly classes, social gatherings and a “Learn-Through-Celebrating” program, our aim is not only to live out the Melchizedek Covenant ourselves, but to also educate college campuses and local communities about the Melchizedek Covenant, the Hebrew Roots movement, who the lost tribes of Israel are, the Prophetic Biblical calendar and the Restored Calendar, the Hebrew Scriptures, the Hebrew God, and to restore the Torah and Israelite culture among the youth. We present a full sensory experience of the Biblical Feasts; from long-standing traditions to unique, spirit-led interpretations. Through unique sights, sounds, and tastes, guests at our events will be able to soak their minds and hearts in these celebrations that honor Israel’s God (YHVH), and awaken the heart of the participant. Our events give people a chance to experience a Hebrew approach to life infused with a belief in the Jewish Messiah, Israel\'s Melchizedek High Priest and King Yahshua. While our outreach is multi-faceted and all are welcome at our feast-table, the specific focus of this ministry is the college-age young person––many of whom are Ephraimites, who need help and support finding and living in their true identity. Our ultimate goal is to lead individuals into the Melchizedek covenant through a genuine firsthand experience of the beautiful ancient Festivals of YHVH. We hope your heart will be awakened through our events and that you will want more––more instruction (da’at); more of Israel’s history; more of The Epic Story; more celebrations so you can have more intimacy with the King! Join us to learn more, find your identity in Israel, come get grafted in to the Bride, find community and support with like-hearts or to just have fun and expand your cultural appreciation. It\'s up to you as to how far you take it!

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