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Username : Sprjeff1
Location : Belle Chasse, Louisiana, United States
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Site URL : http://www.torahfamily.blogspot.com/

First & Last name OR Organization name : Jeff

Description of scriptural understandings, background, affiliation, etc. (HTML allowed) : I believe and strive to follow all of Torah, without adding, subtracting, or changing it in any way, as it is meant to be applied.

Each one of us is right in his own mind. But within YHWH's mind, everyone of us is wrong.

Additional Info : Pigs love to roll around in mud puddles, but lambs have no business being near mud puddles! Therefore, if you claim to be a lamb, do what lambs do. Don't act like a pig. Lambs are humble and they like to stay clean. Lambs are most comfortable when th

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I do not necessarily agree with all the doctrines of those listed here. - EliYah.