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Kidnapped From A Jewish Woman Add To Favourite   Email To a Friend
Username : Annamelissa
Location : Denton, Texas, United States
Ad Last Modified : 2013-09-12 09:53:16
Especially Interested in : Finding other believers

Willing to Travel : 500 miles

Site URL : http://

First & Last name OR Organization name : Anna Ryan

Description of scriptural understandings, background, affiliation, etc. (HTML allowed) : On August 16, 1964 I accepted Yeshua to be my Messiah. Since then, I have learned that the walk of faith is not a punishment, but a royal priveledge that non-believers cannot know. One of the great rewards of this is his peace that circumstances cann

Additional Info : My birth father often bragged that he hated a Jewish woman because she was allowed to go to a Christian church. So, he had a relationship with her, with the intention of punishing her by kidnapping her child. He told me that he threw $110 at her feet

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