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Username : 119129
Location : Gaithersburg, Maryland, United States
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Especially Interested in : Finding other believers

Willing to Travel : 500 miles

Site URL : http://

First & Last name OR Organization name : Romesh Abraham

Description of scriptural understandings, background, affiliation, etc. (HTML allowed) : According to YHWH's word, we believe that we are WATCHMEN. Our aim is to provide a central repository of information for those who seek to return to ancient paths (YirmeYah 18: 15) and walk in the steps of that faith of Abraham (Romans 4; 12) which was reckoned to him for righteousness (Romans 4; 9) so that the Gentiles may receive the blessing of Abraham, which is the promise of the spirit, the anointing of Yahshua (Galatinas 3:14). It is a WATCHMAN that YHWH Elohim has set over the House of Israel who hear His word in obedience and sound the alarm (Yehezqĕl 3: 17; 33:7) and are those that shall arise with one voice and sing together, for our hope is to see eye to eye when YHWH Elohim shall bring again Zion (the mountain of Jerusalem as His capital ) (YeshaYah 52: 8). It is a WATCHMAN that YHWH Elohim has set up as a wall of protection over Jerusalem, that do not keep quiet day nor night, that call YHWH to remembrance, that keep not silent nor give Him rest till YHWH establishes and makes Jerusalem a place of praise in the earth (YeshaYah 62:6). The two central religious institutions that consider the Elohim (blasphemously translated God) of the Bible, to be their Elohim are Judaism and Christianity. In recent years, many like ourselves are coming out of these institutions, having questioned the veracity of their doctrines and practices that is against the scriptures. This remnant falls broadly into two segments of believers whose common desire is to LEARN AFRESH the word of Elohim. 1) One segment patterns itself after the traditional institution. They appoint and empower men; they confer titles such as Rabbi/Pastor; they canvass for tithes and financial support and attempt to bring unity through formal hierarchy, dogmas creeds and organization etc. 2)The other segment is a loosely knit ORGANISM with no dogmas, creeds or organization and unites through their common desire to LEARN the word of Elohim AFRESH. We believe in the second segment of this remnant and view the ASSEMBLY OF ELOHIM (traditionally called “Church”) to be the same ASSEMBLY that was called out by YHWH in the wilderness and given the living oracles (Law of YHWH) (Acts 7:38; Deuteronomy 18:15-16) as a seal of the covenant (Deuteronomy 9:10-11 ). This same ASSEMBLY is that which was divided by Elohim into TWO HOUSES (1 Kings 11:9-35); the same TWO HOUSES to which Messiah brought peace by pulling down the fence that divided the two (JEWS {House of Judah) and NON-JEWS {House of Israel} commonly referred to as Gentiles) to create ONE NEW MAN (Israel) ; having abolished in his flesh the hostile interpretation of the Torah contained in their dogmas (man made doctrines/traditions) that he may reconcile them both unto Elohim and give them access to the Father by one spirit (Ephesians 2:14-19). So that as the Father has called we can worship Him in Spirit and in Truth (John 4:23, 24). To this ONE ASSEMBLY(which is the Body of Messiah) those that gladly receive his WORD are being daily added on (Acts 2:41, 47; 5 : 14) to this day. As an ORGANISM, we have no institutional ties, no man-made headship, no man-made covering, no man-appointed leaders and no man-structured hierarchy and are members of one body of which MESSIAH IS THE HEAD. Interaction and fellowship is as co-equals. Respect for one another is not orchestrated , but allowed to evolve naturally as the out-working of LOVE is experienced through the gifts expressed to the body. Accountability is mutual and we foster fraternal association with both segments of those coming out of the traditional institutions. This ORGANISM aims to provide study and fellowship to like-minded travelers on this narrow and lonely road of learning AFRESH the TaNaK (commonly known as the Old Testament) which contains the principles and practices of the Torah (Law), the Prophets and writings; and the BRIT CHADASHA (commonly known as the New Testament) which contains the Biography of Yahshua the Messiah (traditionally called the gospel of Jesus Christ) the Apostolic writings and Revelation. As it those that keep/observe the commandments of Elohim and have the Testimony/Faith of & in Yahshua (Revelation 12:17; 14:12) that will endure till the end. We advocate that NO person or ministry has ALL THE TRUTH in them; that doctrine is understood precept upon precept, line upon line, here a little, there a little (YeshaYah 28:9-10) and that there is safety in the advice of a multitude of counselors (Proverbs 11:14). We therefore encourage study from other teachings, with the warning that ALL submissions (be it ours or others) be ALWAYS tested and proved with the Word of YHWH, so that one may only be lead by the spirit of Elohim who guides us into all truth. Testing and proving must be through the word by the spirit and not through church doctrines by the Rabbi/Pastor or any human agency. We respects every person’s liberty in Messiah to learn and mature at their own pace and without judgment or condemnation. We DO NOT profess to be elite nor imply to have superior understanding. We DO NOT canvass for tithes or financial support. What little we know and what little we have, we freely have received and we freely give. Blessed be the name of YHWH and His Messiah YAHshua (YAHUshua) Shalom!

Additional Info : We are a home based family fellowship. We welcome all sincere seekers of the Truth of YHWH. We consist of people who formerly were of Catholic, Hindu, and many Protestant backgrounds of faith. Our shabbat fellowship is a place to learn Torah and exercise the fruit of His Ruach ha Qodesh, so that we become true ambassadors of Messiah, who can endure till the end and be worthy to enter His Kingdom on Earth.

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