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New in town. Looking for Torah keepers & fun peeps
Name or Organization name : Ms. Patti
Description : Arriving from Colorado Springs. Looking for friendly people & lovers of Torah, Yeshua, and learning.......
Wasilla, Alaska, United States
Torah in palmer alaska

Description : Following Yahuah and Yahusha, keeping 7th day Sabbath.no religious affiliations studying Torah, pict......
Palmer, Alaska, United States
Shalom from alaska
Name or Organization name : Tim & Susan Warner
Description : We follow & love torah,sabbaths,and feasts ,and Yahweh & Yahshua the Messiah.we do not believe in ta......
Palmer, Alaska, United States
Name or Organization name : Edna braganza
Description : I am seeking the truth
Anchorage, Alaska, United States
שֵׁבֶט יְהוּדָה
Name or Organization name : ART
Description : Would like to meet some like minded believers.
Anchorage, Alaska, United States
Yahweh Worship Center
Name or Organization name : David Mathew
Eagle River, Alaska, United States
Hello from Alaska
Name or Organization name : Greta R. and Mike W.
Description : Greta never went to church regular so was not "brainwashed" by "christian churches&qu......
Palmer, Alaska, United States
Test entry
Name or Organization name : TEst frst / last
Description : Test description
Anchorage, Alaska, United States
Shalom from SE Alaska

Description : I am a believer in TORAH and following scriptures, keeping the Sabbaths, and feast days. I believe ......
Juneau, Alaska, United States
Anybody out here?
Name or Organization name : Martina W.
Description : In my search for what is TRUE I have found there is in "christianity" a lot of mistranslat......
Wasilla, Alaska, United States
Looking for like Fellowship in Fairbanks, AK

Description : I've come to believe in Yahuwah and his son Yahushua after being called out of Babylon and shown by ......
Fairbanks, Alaska, United States
Truth Seekers - Netsers Of The North
Name or Organization name : Brayton Long
Description : Torah and Feast of YHWH observers who get together for fellowship. Seeking others of faith in YHWH a......
Haines, Alaska, United States
Desire to Study
Name or Organization name : Regina Feliciano
Nondalton, Alaska, United States
Name or Organization name : Jami & Elijah Thompson
Description : My husband Elijah and I love Yahweh and his son Yahshua and Strive Daily To walk In the Torah as com......
Palmer, Alaska, United States
Fellowship with like-minded believers
Name or Organization name : Rick and Shari Riggins
Description : We are a family of eight looking for other like minded believers that keep the Sabbath and Feasts an......
Copper Center, Alaska, United States
Torah Observant
Alaska, Alaska, United States
Name or Organization name : Christopher
Description : I believe in Torah and Messiah Yashua. I don\'t believe in Lunar Sabbath, head coverings for men or......
Juneau, Alaska, United States
Looking for Fellowship
Name or Organization name : Light in the Wilderness
Description : The light went of and the bell went DING! I get it! LOL Now lets learn more and worship Yahweh toget......
Caswell, Alaska, United States
Torah Believer
Wasilla, Alaska, United States
Torah Pursuer
Name or Organization name : Alison Taylor
Description : We are looking for fellowship with anyone who has rejected the lies and traditions of man and those ......
Craig, Alaska, United States
Rabbi Rami
Name or Organization name : Israel Hope
Description : Our congregation made up of followers of Yahshua HaMashiach who sincerely worship the YAHWEH. We b......
Anchorage, Alaska, United States
Seeking Lunar Sabbath Keepers
Name or Organization name : Bertoldo
Description : We observe ALL the appointed times-including Sabbath-by the moon. Gen 1:14, Psalm 104:19, Lev 23:1-4......
Kenai, Alaska, United States
Seeking Fellowship
Juneau, Alaska, United States
Family newer to Torah seeking fellowship in AK
Name or Organization name : Joshua and Ami McClain
Description : We were both raised non-denominational, and have journeyed with the scriptures as our guide since ge......
Willow, Alaska, United States
Messianic Family looking for fellowship
Name or Organization name : Hank and Alica
Description : We are looking for fellow believers who love the truth more than Christian and Jewish doctrine. Call......
Wasilla, Alaska, United States

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