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Followers Of Yahweh & Yahshua Who Keep The Sabbath
Name or Organization name : Les Austin & Family
Description : We know Yahweh wrote the commandments with his finger. We know that the Bible runs in pairs. We follow the Sabbath & Keep The Holy Days. We know there\'s a replica of the......
Jefferson City, Missouri, United States
Sar Shalom Hebraic Studies
Name or Organization name : Sar Shalom Hebraic Studies
Description : Classes: Ancient Hebrew, Biblical Hebrew, Hebraic Circle Dance
Torah Studies, Sacred Name Observant

Travel to Israel (see TOBIM Travel weblink)
Bonners Ferry, Idaho, United States
Seventh-Day Apostolic Pentecostals
Name or Organization name : Seventh-Day Apostolic Assemblies, Inc.
Description : We are an Apostolic-Pentecostal fellowship organization of commandment-keepers who believe and teach the Sacred Names(Yahweh/Yahshua Messiah) and the observance of Yahweh......
Atlanta, Georgia, United States
12 Gates Messianic Assembly
Name or Organization name : 12
Description : We open our home fellowship to both Jews who hold that Yeshua is the Son(Begotten) of Yah, is fully Elohim and that he is our high priest for forgiveness of sins, and For......
Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States
Congregation of Yahweh (Independence, LA)
Name or Organization name : Congregation of Yahweh
Description : My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge..."" (Hosea 4:6 )

We understand that Yahweh is our Fathers in Heaven & Yahshua the Messiah is ......
Independence, Louisiana, United States
Beit Shalom Messianic Congregation
Name or Organization name : Beit Shalom Messianic Congregation
Monroe, Louisiana, United States
Invatation to fellowship
Name or Organization name : Sharon Kaster
Description : I am new to Torah and Yahweh has led me to a place to Worship that I feel led to be and every teaching has been tought straight from the word. I Would like to invite you ......
Yellville, Arkansas, United States
New to this

Description : personal relationship with YHWH is my purpose of life. JAH IS SALVATION< YAHSHUWAH, as best I can pronounce it. thankyou
Huron, South Dakota, United States
Looking for others
Name or Organization name : Catherine
Description : I was a roman catholic and didn't belive in the trinity. I new that there was other people out there that felt the same way I do, but I know no one who does personally ex......
Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
YAHWEH's Congregation at Jefferson
Name or Organization name : Pastor
Description : We are a community of saint living together. Our purpose are to glorify the name of YAHWEH the Faher and the Son YAHSHUA the Messyah, to speak the truth in love to the sa......
Jefferson, South Carolina, United States
Mashiach's ingathering
Name or Organization name : Mashiach's
Description : A few things that I had previously mentioned before, have changed based on the ongoing study of YHWH's word, blessed be his name. Looking more deeply into the Torah,Nevi......
Yakima, Washington, United States
Allowing the Ruach Ha Qodesh to lead .
Name or Organization name : John
Description : Following the faith to it's truest form has lead us to be classified as Messianic Nazarenes, in essence everything that Yahshua did , he inturn instructed his Yahudim (fo......
Huntersville, North Carolina, United States
To Help Righteous Ones Negate Evil
Name or Organization name : Lighthouse of Yahweh
Description : Greetings Brothers and Sisters in the name of Yahshua Messaih. Lighthouse of Yahweh is located in Connecticut. We are believers of Yahweh and Yahshua Messaih. We believe ......
New Britain, Connecticut, United States
Looking for torah observers
Name or Organization name : Melody xiong
Wauchula, Florida, United States
Assembly of Called-Out Believers - Messianic Congr
Name or Organization name : Assembly of Called-Out Believers
Description : Come discover your Divine Identity, Purpose, and Destiny in a Loving Fellowship where Eternal Torah Truths are taught upon a Foundation of Selfless Love and Unity!
Wenatchee, Washington, United States
The Rohrer\'s
West Branch, Michigan, United States
Name or Organization name : Katan Geevah
Description : ISRAELITE
Salem, Oregon, United States
Peace to you

Description : I believe in Yahuah and Yahusha. I like to study biblical hebrew. My favorite parts of the bible are the 10 commandments and the sermon on the mount. I am a 70 year old w......
Kannapolis, North Carolina, United States
Nazarene Yisrael Assembly in Marianna, AR
Name or Organization name : Nazarene
Description : Once an ordained minister for a oneness pentecostal organization, pastored, etc; for over ten years, but in the organization since I was 1 years old, baptized at 12. I am......
Hot Springs, Arkansas, United States
Remnant Fire Fellowship
Name or Organization name : Remnant
Description : We are a group of believers with a heart to learn and obey Torah. We believe, and use, the true Names for the Father & Son. A relaxing fellowship of dedicated believers.<......
Lakes Region, New Hampshire, United States
Would you like to fellowship on the Sabbath?
Name or Organization name : Yeshiva
Description : Yeshiva HaNateev's ministry is spreading across the country. Because of this, we recently have been made aware that many people would like to study with us, but they are ......
Fort Worth, Texas, United States
Name or Organization name : Samuel Winton
Description : I believe in YHWH ,yeshua hamashiach.I want to enlarge my territory.
Big Spring, Texas, United States
Beth Tephillah
Name or Organization name : Pastor Jerry Baker
Description : We are a two house messianic congregation newly formed.We are in the process of affiliating with AIM
We Believe -
In the verbal inspiration of the scriptures, that......
Tyler,, Texas, United States
Southern Arizona Torah Fellowship
Name or Organization name : Southern Arizona Torah Fellowship
Description : http://www.satf.us

We subscribe to the following statement of faith:

The Bible

Southern Arizona Torah Fellowship fully affirms that the Holy Scriptur......
Tucson, Arizona, United States
Desperate for fellowship of like minds
Name or Organization name : Helene
Description : well,been from baptist to assembly member to examining jehovah's witnesses and listening to mormons a couple times. cried my face off when realization came to me that &qu......
Lyons falls, New York, United States

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