Feast of Tabernacles / Sukkot - 2019  Steelville, MO

Hebrew: "Sukkot"
'September 13th to 23rd'

  • Fellowship
  • Baptisms
  • Music / Praise
  • Family Togetherness
  • Hebrew Learning
  • Community Campfire
  • Spiritual Challenges & Lessons
  • Wilderness Tabernacle
  • Float Trips & Horseback riding


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We will be again be hosting the Feast of Tabernacles at a large campground in Steelville, Missouri.

The 270+ acre campground was dedicated to our Father's word over 60 years ago, and we have near exclusive access to all facilities and camp sites. 
Steelville is about 75 miles southwest of St. Louis and is easy to find.


The two holy days will be on September 15th and 22nd.

Arriving on September 13th will ensure you have enough time to set up camp because the weekly Sabbath day will begin that night.

We normally have quite a number of first time feast-goers so if you are new to keeping this feast or new to camping in general, we provide plenty of support. We'll have a team of people available to help you set up and there will be experienced brethren around to help you with any needs throughout the week. We welcome everyone as family (See feedback).


This year we believe Yahweh is leading us to focus on providing more time for general fellowship and getting to know one another, ministry to unmarried believers, parents and children, with an ongoing desire to turn the hearts of fathers to their children, and children to their fathers. We always desire to make the feast accommodating for everyone.

Improvements this year include more time for fellowship, improved cabin/RV accommodations, a "Family Fun and Fellowship Day" with activities like games for young and old, a set place where people can get to know each other better, bible trivia, and more.

We gather for the purposes of rejoicing, learning the word of Yahweh, glorifying Him, and building up the body of Messiah.

Many activities will center around building relationships within families, and between members of the spiritual family that is the body of Messiah. We put a lot of emphasis on family involvement! We always want to see families and individuals walk away from the feast being closer to one another and closer to the body of Messiah.

Again this year, Feast goers will be organized into tribes. When we set apart the camp at the beginning of the feast, everyone will march behind their tribal banner and trumpets will be used to start and stop the advance.

In a desire to remember and better understand the "wilderness experience" of ancient Israel (Lev. 23:43), we will be again be building a full-sized replica of Yahweh's tabernacle in the wilderness.

The replica is for the purposes of teaching and memorializing Yahweh's ways (see Joshua 22:28), not for literal sacrifice or offering. A tour of the tabernacle will be given, with an explanation of the meaning of each element.

(click to enlarge)

Located in the center of camp, the actual length and width of the tabernacle matches what is described in scripture. Only the height will be lower (9ft compared to 15ft). The "holy of holies" section will be a special area for personal prayer and the Torah will be read there 24/7 through a professional recording.

At the place where the altar would normally be, we will have a community campfire where we will have organized gatherings to give praise offerings and testimonies in the evenings. The campfire can also be used by anyone to gather & even cook their food while fellowshipping with others during the day.

The tabernacle will be built before the feast begins. Come early (September 11th & 12th) if you want to assist in the the building effort.

If you have some differences of opinion on the exact feast dates, we still invite you to join us. Seeking the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace, loving one another, respecting each other's walk with Yahweh is emphasized and encouraged, even if some of us may differ in areas of understanding. We know that we all are a work in progress and we are called to humility, "considering one another better than ourselves" as is written in Philippians 2:3.

We also desire to be a light on a hill that cannot be hidden. Sharing Messiah's love and life while being challenged and changed, the feast is a place to get our spiritual batteries recharged so that we can face the modern culture with boldness, strength and conviction.

Part of the Camping area (click to enlarge)


The camping facility is at the Garrison Riverfront Resort in Steelville, Missouri.

The campground has the following facilities/amenities:

  • Campground is large (270+ acres) and next to the Meramec River. You can reserve your accommodations online.

  • Campsites stay relatively dry, and do not have problems with water drainage.

  • Breakfast and Dinner will be made available at the campground restaurant on the non-Sabbath days. All ingredients and equipment will be reviewed to ensure they are biblically clean. We may be offering lunch as well (check back on this page).

  • Full hookup campsites are pull through with 30 amp service (Contact me if you require 50 amp). Each space has a fire ring and picnic table. Tents can be placed on these sites for a reduced price if you just need 120 volt, 15 amp access.

  • Primitive campsites without water and electricity will be available as well. Each primitive site will include a fire ring and picnic table. Primitive campers still have access to the public showers/restrooms/sinks.

  • 14 Rentable RV's and 29 Cabins and Cottages are available if that is your preference. Be sure to reserve yours early.

  • Campsites are on flat, smooth surfaces, with grassy areas mixed with trees. Roads are smooth and easy to navigate.

  • Campsites will be close together yet roomy enough for vehicles and placing a tent next to a camper. Measurements of each site are provided in the reservation system.

  • A General store is on site for basic needs such as ice and other camping needs.

  • Laundry facilities are available but very limited. The nearest full Laundromat is about a 5 mile drive from the campground.

  • Free Broadband wireless internet is available and usually accessible at your campsite.

  • Indoor conference room facility which seats 500+. We plan to broadcast the meetings live with full quality video.

  • The closest major airport is in St. Louis, Missouri, about a 95 minute drive from the campground. We will have someone available to pick people up at the airport, bus or train terminals at 2 specific times (see registration page).

  • Red Ribbon Trout area (a state program for developing trophy sized trout) is upstream from the campground. Bring your fishing pole :)

  • Badminton, volleyball and ball diamonds for Wiffle ball, kickball and other activities for everyone throughout the feast. Organized activities for children are planned this year.

  • Canoeing, Kayak and Raft rentals are available. We plan a group float trip.

  • Horseback riding is available on camp for those interested. The horses actually live in a pasture at the campground.

  • A Wal-Mart Supercenter and other major stores are a 25 minute drive from the campground. A mid-sized grocery store is in Steelville, just 4 miles from the campground.

  • Firewood will be provided for a donation.


Group Picture from Sukkot 2016
(click for full picture)
This picture represents just over half the group.


    There will be a scheduled meeting most days in the conference facility. Meetings will typically include musical praise to Yahweh, and scripture studies from various speakers.

   Young children will be provided with things to do with their hands during the study portions of the meetings, typically related to the topic of the study.

    Biblically clean meals (breakfast and dinner) are available for a reasonable cost at the campground restaurant. Meals will not be available on September 14th, 15th, 22nd or 23rd so that the high days and Sabbaths can be observed. Lunch will not be provided this year at the restaurant, but we are trying to secure a food trailer to offer lunch meals. Scheduled communal meals will be planned for the evening of September 15th and 22nd so that we can all sit and have a meal together. You can fix your meals over a campfire if you like, or bring a small propane stove for cooking. We will be providing information on how to make meals at a tent site if that's what you plan to use for accommodations.

CAMPSITE ACTIVITIES-Watch this section for updates!

Some of the planned activities are:

  • Baptism service - For any seeking to be baptized in Yahushua's name, there will be a service during the first and last day of the feast. The river is on camp!
  • Men's meetings - Men will get together and learn from one another on how to be better husbands and fathers, and how to overcome the challenges we have at work and at home. Always a great time of fellowship and developing relationships. Many men consider these meetings to be the highlight of the feast.

  • Daughters of the Light - Similar to the men's meetings, ladies will come together and discuss anything from home schooling ideas to Sabbath preparations to how to be better wives & mothers. This is a luncheon so bring enough food for you and one extra person.

  • Daily Hebrew lessons (9:15am) are offered in the conference facility that will teach everyone how to read the written Hebrew language. Self-graded quizzes will be given and by the end of the feast, most everyone who attends the classes should be able to read biblical Hebrew. Those who attend every class and/or pass the final exam will be given a free book on Hebrew grammar!

  • Prayer time and worship at third hour (10am) in the conference room and the ninth hour (4pm) at the tabernacle.

  • Daily Torah Readings at the Tabernacle (10:30am), read on loudspeaker at 10:30AM for the whole camp to hear.

  • Hebraic/Davidic dancing will be taught during the praise and worship portions of the meetings.

  • Auction for charity - Bring an item to auction off and proceeds will go toward alms and ministry.

  • Youth and Children activities - Story time for children, arts & crafts, Youth & family night with a special event planned, Youth Gathering for teens, Volleyball, organized Kickball, Wiffle ball, Music and more.


Note: If any of the following afternoon activities are not of interest to you, we'll be offering open-forum bible study, scripture Q & A, and group-oriented counseling at the same time as these activities. We missed this last year due to the heat in the tabernacle so we'll be moving the activity to the main pavilion.

  • Special Afternoon Activity for children - To be announced!

  • Singles meeting class on purity and a biblical method of finding a spouse will be offered for unmarried teens and adults still living with their parents. An activity will be included (to be announced).

  • Singles luncheon will be offered for older unmarried believers so everyone can get to know each other. We'll be sharing a brief teaching on the biblical method of finding a spouse, and doing a group activity to help break the ice and learn what each of us are expecting in a marriage partner.

  • Shofar Making Class. Sand it down, drill the mouthpiece and get ready to blow your own shofar (horn/trumpet) in praises to the King! We'll also have instructors to help you learn how to sound it. Available for a donation or free if you can't afford it (limit one free shofar per family). Larger shofars will be available again this year..

  • Tassel making party - Everyone in attendance will learn how to make tassels (tsit tsiyot), using Numbers 15:38-40 and Deuteronomy 22:12 as a guideline. Tassel-making material is provided.

  • Float Trip - We'll take a 3-5 hour float trip on the river. The campground has canoes, large rafts and kayaks available. The float trip will end at the campground. This year, you'll need to reserve your float trip directly through the campground.

  • Horseback riding will be offered for children, teens and adults (up to 240lb).

There is no pressure to sign up for anything and this feast can be whatever Yahweh wants it to be for you. You can choose to spend all your time just relaxing and fellowshipping with your family and/or other feast goers, or you can choose to sign up for anything that interests you.

There will be musical praise to Yahweh around the campfire every evening, and this is a great time to get to know each other as brothers and sisters in Yahweh. Getting believers connected to the body of Messiah and building up families & individuals is our goal.

Many have described HIS feast as a life changing experience and the spiritual highlight of the year!


Contact me if you need some financial assistance in order to attend. We don't want money to be a reason why anyone is unable to feast with other believers...especially if you want to be baptized in Yahushua's name.

For those who can afford to help others, you can contribute a tax deductible donation toward the feast-going fund to help anyone with costs of attending. This fund is separate from the feast operating expenses of EliYah.com.

To contribute a donation to the Fund,

You can mail your donation to:

Bread of Life Giving and Sharing
Feast-Going Fund 
P.O. Box 642 
Ava, MO 65608.

Please make sure you mention that it's for the feast-going fund.

It's helpful to have contributions done well in advance so that those who otherwise cannot afford to come will know that there are funds available and make plans. If there is any left over, we'll save it for another feast or put it in the open treasury

$5/person per night, children 12 & under free

Camping Cabin (Sleeps 5+)

We do not charge any fees to attend the festival, but the campground does have fees for using their camping facilities. We handle all reservations and collection of funds.

We have been given a significant discount on camping. If you prepay, anyone 13 or older will be charged just $5 per person per night while children 12 and under are free.

If you want Electric/Water/Sewer access, a flat fee of $8.50 per night per campsite (not per person) is added to the bill and you will given a full hookup site instead of primitive camping. This does not include the "per person" fee. If you don't need sewer access, the access fee lowers to $5.50 per night.

Water/Electric and Water/Electric/Sewer Campsite Pricing is capped at $25 per campsite. This means that no one will pay more than $25 per night, regardless of how many persons you have in your family. Primitive camping is capped at $20 per night.

EXAMPLES: A family of 2 adults and 5 teens needing a water/electric/sewer campsite will pay $25 per night. A family with 2 adults and 5 children under 13 in a primitive site will pay $10 per night. A single adult in a Water/Electric campsite will pay $10.50 per night.

All campsites (including primitive) will have a picnic table and fire ring.

Eagles Nest Cabin (Sleeps 8-10)

Our replica of Yahweh's Tabernacle
(Used as a  private prayer room. Click to enlarge)

Cabins/Cottages/RV's - The Rentable RV's, cabins and cottages are in the campground itself and are close to the conference room and camp sites (see map). Bedding/pillows and Bath linens/towels are not provided. Please bring your own.


Average temperature for this time of the year is lower to upper 70's during the day and mid 50's at night. It can get into the upper 80's during the day or lower 40's at night though so dress appropriately. Inclement weather is always possible (likely) so make sure your tent and other equipment is well prepared for wind and rain.

Sundown will occur close to 7:23pm local time (CDT) on the first night. We've found the Mr. Heater Buddy Heaters to be helpful in keeping a tent warm at night and tent fans to help keep things cooler during the day. The heaters use no electricity so they are even more ideal for primitive camping.

A good resource for what kind of things to bring can be found here.


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If you have any questions about the feast, please contact us.

 Feast of Tabernacles / Sukkot - 2019  Steelville, MO


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