Feast of Tabernacles Camping List

Air mattress/sleeping pad    Food & Drinks (canned and non-refrigerated items are best)
Air pump   Flash lights or head lamps
Alarm clock  

Tiny fan if you bring a tent & weather is warm

Batteries for flashlights/portable items   Hand tools, power tools if desired.
Books/Bibles/notebooks/pens/pencils/paper   Hammer and/or mallet 
Broom and dust pan (for tents)   

Sheets/blankets (for the motel room/cabin or tent)

Camera   Shofar! 
Comb/hair brush   Sleeping bags
Bungee cords   Tablecloths
Cameras and/or Video Camera    Tarp for covering tent or other items you want to keep dry
Camping Chairs    Tents and tent stakes ( if you decided on that)
Camping stove with propane/fuel   Trash bags 
Can opener   Heater (for cold nights) 
Cell Phones/Laptops   Insect Repellant  
Coats and Rain Coats    Instruments  
Coloring books and toys for children   Large jug or cooler (for water)
Cooking oil   Mat for tent entrance 
Cooking utensils such as pots/pans/ladles and large spoons   Matches and/or lighter 
Cooking tent    Music 
Containers for food storage   Pillows
Crock-pot   Pin-knife or multi tool
Coolers   Paper towels
Cutting board   Rain repellent for tents 
Disposable plates/cups/spoons/forks/knives   Soap & Shampoo
Dish soap   Toothbrushes/Toothpaste
Dutch oven   Towels & washcloths
Extension Cords   Two way radios
First-Aid Kit   Umbrella 
Folding table   Vacation Feeders for birds/fish

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