How to Donate to this Ministry

Thank you for your interest in contributing.

There are actually 2 separate ministries operating through this web site. The following is a description of each:

Treasures of Yahweh / Bread of Life Giving and Sharing

The Alms Fund, formerly Treasures of Yahweh, is now being conducted as "Bread of Life Giving and Sharing." It is a separate ministry and I'm the Executive Director among 4 board members. You can read more about it at To contribute to the alms fund, visit that page.

The second ministry is that of, which incurs expenses such as the yearly Feast of Tabernacles event, web based email system, web site upkeep, telephones, live broadcast/recording studio expenses, ministry trip expenses, etc. If you have received a free DVD, this would the place to donate.

If you are wanting to donate to, I am guiding it by the following principles:

  • None of the funds contributed will be for personal, non-ministerial use. Contributions are kept in a special account under the name If you prefer to donate to me and my family personally, see the next section.
  • I will not favor the rich man by charging people to hear a sermon or scripture study. Yahushua never practiced it, and neither did His disciples. When Yahushua sent out His disciples, He said, "Freely you have received, freely give.
  • will not be registered as a non-profit organization (501c). Contributions are not tax deductible. Because of this, I may have to pay taxes on contributions.
  • I will be fully accountable to my fellow brethren by making the balance sheet available upon request.
NOTE: PayPal contributions reflect a slightly smaller amount than original donation amount due to PayPal fees.

To contribute online to the work of through PayPal, click the link below.
PayPal fees will be subtracted from your donation in the above ledger.

You can also donate through the regular mail by sending a check or money order made out to:
P.O. Box 1255
Ava, MO 65608

Why it is scriptural for a believer to receive donations for full time ministry

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