Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Search Results

Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Search Results

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4885 masows maw-soce' from 7797; delight, concretely (the cause or object) or abstractly (the feeling):--joy, mirth, rejoice.

7797 suws soos or siys {sece}; a primitive root; to be bright, i.e. cheerful:--be glad, X greatly, joy, make mirth, rejoice.
7798 Shavsha' shav-shaw' from 7797; joyful; Shavsha, an Israelite:--Shavsha.
7799 shuwshan shoo-shan' or showshan {sho-shawn'}; or shoshan {sho- shawn'}; and (feminine) showshannah {sho-shan-naw'}; from 7797; a lily (from its whiteness), as a flower of arch. ornament; also a (straight) trumpet (from the tubular shape): lily, Shoshannim.
8337 shesh shaysh masculine shishshah {shish-shaw'}; a primitive number; six (as an overplus (see 7797) beyond five or the fingers of the hand); as ord. sixth:--six((-teen, -teenth)), sixth.
8342 sasown saw-sone' or sason {saw-sone'}; from 7797; cheerfulness; specifically, welcome:--gladness, joy, mirth, rejoicing.

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