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6256 `eth ayth from 5703; time, especially (adverb with preposition) now, when, etc.:--+ after, (al-)ways, X certain, + continually, + evening, long, (due) season, so (long) as, (even-, evening-, noon-)tide, ((meal-)), what) time, when.

6258 `attah at-taw' from 6256; at this time, whether adverb, conjunction or expletive:--henceforth, now, straightway, this time, whereas.
6261 `ittiy it-tee' from 6256; timely:--fit.
6278 `Eth Qatsiyn ayth kaw-tseen' from 6256 and 7011; time of a judge; Eth-Katsin, a place in Palestine:--Ittah-kazin (by including directive enclitic).