Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Search Results

Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Search Results

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356 'Eylown ay-lone' or (shortened) ;Elown {ay-lone'}; or Eylon {ay- lone'}; from 352; oak-grove; Elon, the name of a place in Palestine, and also of one Hittite, two Israelites:--Elon.

358 'Eylown Beyth Chanan ay-lone' bayth-chaw-nawn' from 356, 1004, and 2603; oak-grove of (the) house of favor; Elon of Beth-chanan, a place in Palestine:--Elon-beth-hanan.
363 'iylan ee-lawn' (Aramaic) corresponding to 356; a tree:--tree.
436 'elown ay-lone' prolonged from 352; an oak or other strong tree:--plain. See also 356.

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