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Strong's Greek Lexicon Search Results

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534. aparti ap-ar'-tee from 575 and 737; from now, i.e. henceforth (already):--from henceforth.

736. artemon ar-tem'-ohn from a derivative of 737; properly, something ready (or else more remotely from 142 (compare 740); something hung up), i.e. (specially) the topsail (rather foresail or jib) of a vessel:--mainsail.
737. arti ar'-tee adverb from a derivative of 142 (compare 740) through the idea of suspension; just now:--this day (hour), hence(-forth), here(-after), hither(-to), (even) now, (this) present.
738. artigennetos ar-teeg-en'-nay-tos from 737 and 1084; just born, i.e. (figuratively) a young convert:--new born.
739. artios ar'-tee-os from 737; fresh, i.e. (by implication) complete:--perfect.

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