Strong's Greek Lexicon Search Results

Strong's Greek Lexicon Search Results

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443. anthropoktonos anth-ro-pok-ton'-os from 444 and kteino (to kill); a manslayer:--murderer. Compare 5406.

4607. sikarios sik-ar'-ee-os of Latin origin; a dagger-man or assassin; a freebooter (Jewish fanatic outlawed by the Romans):--murderer. Compare 5406.
5406. phoneus fon-yooce' from 5408; a murderer (always of criminal (or at least intentional) homicide; which 443 does not necessarily imply; while 4607 is a special term for a public bandit):--murderer.
5407. phoneuo fon-yoo'-o from 5406; to be a murderer (of):--kill, do murder, slay.

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