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Strong's Greek Lexicon Search Results

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1264. diamachomai dee-am-akh'-om-ahee from 1223 and 3164; to fight fiercely (in altercation):--strive.

2314. theomachos theh-om'-akh-os from 2316 and 3164; an opponent of deity:--to fight against God.
2341. theriomacheo thay-ree-om-akh-eh'-o from a compound of 2342 and 3164; to be a beast-fighter (in the gladiatorial show), i.e. (figuratively) to encounter (furious men):--fight with wild beasts.
2371. thumomacheo thoo-mom-akh-eh'-o from a presumed compound of 2372 and 3164; to be in a furious fight, i.e. (figuratively) to be exasperated:--be highly displeased.
3054. logomacheo log-om-akh-eh'-o from a compound of 3056 and 3164; to be disputatious (on trifles):--strive about words.
3156. Matthaios mat-thah'-yos a shorter form of 3164; Matthaeus (i.e. Matthitjah), an Israelite and a Christian:--Matthew.
3163. mache makh'-ay from 3164; a battle, i.e. (figuratively) controversy:--fighting, strive, striving.
3164. machomai makh'-om-ahee middle voice of an apparently primary verb; to war, i.e. (figuratively) to quarrel, dispute:--fight, strive.

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