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Strong's Greek Lexicon Search Results

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424. anerchomai an-erkh'-om-ahee from 303 and 2064; to ascend:--go up.

565. aperchomai ap-erkh'-om-ahee from 575 and 2064; to go off (i.e. depart), aside (i.e. apart) or behind (i.e. follow), literally or figuratively:--come, depart, go (aside, away, back, out, ... ways), pass away, be past.
1330. dierchomai dee-er'-khom-ahee from 1223 and 2064; to traverse (literally):--come, depart, go (about, abroad, everywhere, over, through, throughout), pass (by, over, through, throughout), pierce through, travel, walk through.
1525. eiserchomai ice-er'-khom-ahee from 1519 and 2064; to enter (literally or figuratively):--X arise, come (in, into), enter in(-to), go in (through).
1658. eleutheros el-yoo'-ther-os probably from the alternate of 2064; unrestrained (to go at pleasure), i.e. (as a citizen) not a slave (whether freeborn or manumitted), or (genitive case) exempt (from obligation or liability):--free (man, woman), at liberty.
1660. eleusis el'-yoo-sis from the alternate of 2064; an advent:--coming.
1831. exerchomai ex-er'-khom-ahee from 1537 and 2064; to issue (literally or figuratively):--come (forth, out), depart (out of), escape, get out, go (abroad, away, forth, out, thence), proceed (forth), spread abroad.
1904. eperchomai ep-er'-khom-ahee from 1909 and 2064; to supervene, i.e. arrive, occur, impend, attack, (figuratively) influence:--come (in, upon).
2064. erchomai er'-khom-ahee middle voice of a primary verb (used only in the present and imperfect tenses, the others being supplied by a kindred (middle voice) eleuthomai el-yoo'-thom-ahee, or (active) eltho el'-tho, which do not otherwise occur) to come or go (in a great variety of applications, literally and figuratively):--accompany, appear, bring, come, enter, fall out, go, grow, X light, X next, pass, resort, be set.
2718. katerchomai kat-er'-khom-ahee from 2596 and 2064 (including its alternate); to come (or go) down (literally or figuratively):--come (down), depart, descend, go down, land.
3801. ho on kai ho en kai ho erchomenos ho own kahee ho ane kahee ho er-khom'-en-os a phrase combining 3588 with the present participle and imperfect of 1510 and the present participle of 2064 by means of 2532; the one being and the one that was and the one coming, i.e. the Eternal, as a divine epithet of Christ:--which art (is, was), and (which) wast (is, was), and art (is) to come (shalt be).
3928. parerchomai par-er'-khom-ahee from 3844 and 2064; to come near or aside, i.e. to approach (arrive), go by (or away), (figuratively) perish or neglect, (causative) avert:--come (forth), go, pass (away, by, over), past, transgress.
4022. perierchomai per-ee-er'-khom-ahee from 4012 and 2064 (including its alternate); to come all around, i.e. stroll, vacillate, veer:--fetch a compass, vagabond, wandering about.
4281. proerchomai pro-er'-khom-ahee from 4253 and 2064 (including its alternate); to go onward, precede (in place or time):--go before (farther, forward), outgo, pass on.
4334. proserchomai pros-er'-khom-ahee from 4314 and 2064 (including its alternate); to approach, i.e. (literally) come near, visit, or (figuratively) worship, assent to:--(as soon as he) come (unto), come thereunto, consent, draw near, go (near, to, unto).
4905. sunerchomai soon-er'-khom-ahee from 4862 and 2064; to convene, depart in company with, associate with, or (specially), cohabit (conjugally):--accompany, assemble (with), come (together), come (company, go) with, resort.

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